Judd Apatow’s new Pee-wee Herman movie will stream on Netflix
That Pee-wee Herman movie Judd Apatow is producing has finally found a home. Netflix will distribute a new untitled adventure starring Paul Reubens in his iconic bowtie. Reubens confirmed the sequel rumors earlier this year on The Tonight Show and revealed that shooting would begin in February 2015.... [Read More]
Unaired ‘Selfie’ and ‘Manhattan Love Story’ episodes now available on Hulu
This fall, freshman sitcoms Selfie and Manhattan Love Story were the first to get the axe. The two ran back-to-back and struggled mightily in the ratings. While ABC has decided to part ways with both, they have now found a new home over at Hulu. According to Deadline, unaired episodes of Selfie and ... [Read More]
Nick Offerman to release “American Ham” on Netflix December 12th
America’s Sweetheart Nick Offerman is quite possibly the greatest man in the history of man. Why? Because in addition to this, this, this, or even this; he has the greatest headshot pic an actor has ever had. It could also be because, in addition to dispelling great wisdom upon us both as real... [Read More]
FX releases all 552 “Simpsons” episodes available to stream today
FX got a huge bump in ratings and broke records with their colossal “Every Simpsons Ever’ marathon. Since then, the channel has focused on providing a four to six hour block dedicated to the beloved animated series Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Just in case that wasn&rsq... [Read More]
HBO will offer stand-alone streaming service in 2015
Cable is slowing meeting its demise… or at least losing its rank as “top dog.” HBO is caving into the online streaming trend but offering a stand-alone streaming service next year. Unlike it’s current HBO GO online service, this will not require a cable subscription. It is t... [Read More]
HBO Will Offer a Stand-Alone Streaming Service Next Year
by Megh Wright HBO has finally caved to the rising popularity of streaming services like Netflix. In a press release today, the pay-network announced that it'll offer a stand-alone streaming service starting in 2015 that will not require a traditional cable subscription. "It is time to remove all ba... [Read More]
Amazon’s third wave of pilots to premiere on August 28th
Since breaking out into the original programming game, Amazon.com will go through its third pilot season this year. According to Variety, the website will be debuting five new pilots, three of which are comedies, on August 28th. Amazon will try out three half hour sitcoms, Really, Red Oaks, and The ... [Read More]
New Wave Entertainment is launching a comedy channel, Comedy Dynamics, on Hulu
New Wave Entertainment has produced stand-up specials for nearly a decade, and now its launching a brand new comedy channel on Hulu called Comedy Dynamics. Comedy Dynamics is a streaming video on demand service that and will bring its impressive library of stand-up comedy to the masses. Founded in 2... [Read More]
Yahoo in Early Talks to Revive Canceled Fox Comedy 'Enlisted'
by Bradford Evans Last month, Yahoo announced that they're bringing Community back from the dead, renewing the show for a sixth season, and they may be doing the same with another recently-canceled critically-acclaimed network sitcom. Deadline reports that Yahoo is in talks to resurrect the Fox... [Read More]
Season 1 of “The Hotwives of Orlando” available now on Hulu
The Paul Scheer producedreality reality-spoof series, The Hotwives of Orlando, is available now on Hulu. The show parodies Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series of shows about grown women who act like drunk, catty tweens. Kristen Schaal, Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Tymberlee Hill, Andr... [Read More]