Reviewing a Classic: George Carlin’s ‘Back in Town’
Upon returning home with my date from an extremely lavish dinner I stumble on something that I had left out while packing. It’s a dictionary and it’s open. Something catches Tyrone’s eye and I ask him what it is. His silk baritone voice r... [Read More]
Enter to win a copy of Demetri Martin’s “Standup Comedian” (contest)
We have ourselves some copies of Demetri Martin’s latest comedy special, Standup Comedian and we decided that they are in need of getting into the hands of you, the public. So what are we going to do? We’re going to contest it up like a motherf*cker up in here. To enter, enter your infor... [Read More]
StandUp in Stilettos returns on November 10th
StandUp in Stilettos, The TV Guide network show that features killer all-female comics telling jokes will return on November 10th for a second season. Once again host, Kate Flannery (The Office) This season will boast comics such as Thea Vidale (Thea, The Drew Carey Show), Cory Kahaney (Late Night w... [Read More]
Beth Stelling Gets Her Joke Book Stolen, Makes Comedy Lemonade
To record her debut stand-up album, Beth Stelling wanted to go back to Chicago, where she got her comedy chops and became a local favorite. The trip was somewhat of a homecoming, after moving to Los Angeles and having a very busy and exciting year. C... [Read More]
Comedian Jamie Lee Loves Her Sketcher Shape-Ups & Jewish-Texan Heritage
Jamie Lee is awfully proud of her roots–both Texan and Jewish. With a little help from her Sketcher Shape-Ups, they’ve helped mold (dare we say “shape”?) the funny person she is today. Jamie stopped by Conan last night to do a... [Read More]
Standup Comedian: An interview with Demetri Martin
It’s been six years since Demetri Martin released his last special Demetri Martin. Person. on Comedy Central. During that time he’s starred in his own TV show, Important Things with Demetri Martin, starred in a handful of films, and a published book. But now he’s back where his roots were sown with ... [Read More]
Ben Roy’s ‘I Got Demons’
For years now, Ben Roy has been a fixture in the Denver stand-up scene. His name is becoming recognized throughout the USA and Canada. He is building his brand by touring, performing at festivals and, along with Denver comics Adam Cayton-Holland and ... [Read More]
Adam Norwest Interview
Seattle-based comic Adam Norwest is quick (and hilarious) at putting himself down. Yet no matter how often he points out his alpha-male shortcomings, his comedy remains confident, tight, and focused. Rooftop is thrilled to release One of a Kind, the ... [Read More]