Bill Cosby Declares He’s ‘Far From Finished’
Cosby fans, get excited! Bill Cosby will have a new stand up special on Comedy Central, November 24th called Far From Finished. First, he has a “Cosby sweater” competition for [...]Author informationJazmine HillAssociate Editor at Serial OptimistFuture writer director. 22 year old girl w... [Read More]
Comedy Central to Air Bill Cosby's First Standup Special in 30 Years
by Bradford Evans Comedy Central announced today that they'll be airing Bill Cosby's new standup special, entitled Bill Cosby: Far from Finished, the comedian's first televised special since his wildly influential 1983 release Bill Cosby: Himself. The cable network will air the special on Sunday, No... [Read More]
You Can Listen to Sean Conroy's Debut Standup Album for Free Right Now
by Bradford Evans The very funny Sean Conroy released his first standup album, Pleasure Is My Business, this week, and you can download it for free via his website. You may know Conroy as the host of the excellent podcast The Long Shot, a veteran UCB improviser who's a regular at LA's ASSSSCAT shows... [Read More]
Comedy Central Is Offering Direct $5 Standup Special Downloads Just Like Louis C.K.
by Bradford Evans Following Louis C.K.'s lead, Comedy Central unveiled a new service today that sells standup specials directly to fans for five dollars a piece. Called CC:Stand-Up Direct, the online marketplace makes specials available to fans to download or stream across a variety of devices. 22 e... [Read More]
Chris Rock Is Going on Tour Early Next Year "Maybe with Dave Chappelle, Maybe Not"
by Bradford Evans Chris Rock is getting ready to go back on tour. Rock revealed the news in an excellent, in-depth interview with Aisha Tyler on her podcast Girl on Guy that dropped yesterday. Rock, who performed a couple gigs with Dave Chappelle at New York's Comedy Cellar in February, ha... [Read More]
The Sneaky Smarts of Russell Brand
by Justin Gray Russell Brand is one of those comedians who, despite selling out theaters all over the world and starring in several films throughout the past decade, I have simply not paid much attention to. Perhaps it's due to my American-centric worldview, but Brand never quite jumped on my radar ... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane Tells a Story About How '80s Pop Music Almost Got Him Killed
by Bradford Evans Here's the latest episode of Comedy Central's web series This Is Not Happening, in which standups tell exciting stories about themselves. In this one, the very funny Kyle Kinane does exactly that and regales us with a tale about how his love for The Go-Go's nearly cost him his lif... [Read More]
'Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain' Has the Second Best Opening for a Standup Movie Ever
by Bradford Evans While summer is typically a season dominated by big-budget summer blockbusters, comedian Kevin Hart's standup concert film Let Me Explain became a surprise hit over the holiday weekend. The movie, which followed Hart's worldwide tour and sold-out Madison Square Garden performance, ... [Read More]
Looking for Comedy in Nashville
In different corners of the city – in dive bars, diners, rock clubs and coffeehouses – the comedy community is carving out their own space in the hyper-competitive entertainment landscape. [Read More]