10 Reasons We’re Excited About ‘All Jane No Dick’
Portland’s “All Jane No Dick Festival” starts this week and it’s going to be amazing! How do we know it’s going to be awesome? Beautiful city, cool people (because duh [...]Author informationMonique MadridWest Coast Editor at Serial OptimistMonique Madrid is an LA via C... [Read More]
Watch the Trailer for Sarah Silverman's New HBO Special
by Elise Czajkowski Sarah Silverman's new special, We Are Miracles, will premiere on HBO on November 23, and the network has released a little teaser, which she recorded at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles. And she's not self-conscious about it at all. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Watch a Trailer for Comedy Central's New Show 'Adam DeVine's House Party'
by Bradford Evans Here's a promo for Comedy Central's newest show, Adam DeVine's House Party. A standup/sketch hybrid hosted by the Workaholics star, the show debuts Thursday, October 24th at 12:30am. Comedians Asif Ali, Austin Anderson, Ron Babcock, Kevin Barnett, Byron Bowers, Matt Broussard, Pet... [Read More]
Louis C.K. Is Selling an Extended Version of His Special 'Oh My God' for $5 Online
by Bradford Evans Louis C.K. announced last night that an extended version of his latest standup special, Oh My God, is available on his website for $5. The special premiered on HBO in April, but this is the first time C.K. has released it himself. Audio and/or video of the special are available wit... [Read More]
Talking to Hannibal Buress About 'The Eric Andre Show', His Comedy Central Pilot, and 'Broad City'
by Bradford Evans Comedian Hannibal Buress just keeps getting busier and busier. This year, he returns as co-host on Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show (which just started airing its second season), while voice acting on China, IL and going on tour with Funny or Die's recent Dave Chappelle/Flight of t... [Read More]
Talking to Marc Maron about His New Special ‘Thinky Pain’, ‘Maron’ Season 2, and Getting His Due
by Meera Jagannathan Marc Maron, who debuted a book and a TV show this past spring while still maintaining his wildly popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron, has had a more productive year than most. Amazingly, he’s also found the time to tape a new special — called Thinky Pain —... [Read More]
All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival Is Back!
All Jane No Dick Festival in Portland is back for a second year October 17-20 and Serial Optimist is excited to be covering it. It’ll feature national headliners like Bonnie [...]Author informationMonique MadridWest Coast Editor at Serial OptimistMonique Madrid is an LA via Chicago comedian, w... [Read More]
Bo Burnham Is Releasing His New Standup Special Online for Free
by Bradford Evans While comedians like Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, and Jim Gaffigan have self-released standup specials online for $5, Bo Burnham is putting his next one out for free. Burnham announced release plans for his new one-hour special, entitled what., during an interview on the podcast&n... [Read More]
Talking to Chelsea Peretti About 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', 'Parks and Rec', and the Differences Between NY and LA Standup
by Jeremy Popkin Springing from the creative minds behind sitcom golden child Parks and Recreation and boasting an ensemble that would make any comedy nerd and/or diehard Terry Crews fan salivate, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is, unsurprisingly, one of this year’s most promising new series. Contributing... [Read More]
Standup Dan Nainan Arrested in DC Last Night For Punching a Mean Journalist
by Elise Czajkowski Comic Dan Nainan was arrested last night after punching Daily Beast journalist Josh Rogin over some unkind tweets. Nainan was headlining the annual "Funniest Celebrity in Washington" contest, a charity event at the Washington DC Improv that sees politicians and oth... [Read More]