Bob Odenkirk Is Recording a Comedy Album
by Bradford Evans Bob Odenkirk may be releasing his first comedy album sometime soon. Odenkirk is holding a taping at LA's NerdMelt Theater next Thursday night under the name "Bob Odenkirk – Amateur Hour" with the description promising that he'll be performing "all the material ... [Read More]
The Never-Ending Tour: On the Road with Brian Regan
by Phil Davidson Find the most jaded, bitter, resentful comic you can think of, and chances are even he likes Brian Regan. Everyone does. Regan has been performing in 100 cities each year since 2005 through his non-stop theater tour, making him one of the most successful touring comedians in the cou... [Read More]
Talking to Jacqueline Novak About Her Debut Standup Album 'Quality Notions'
by Philip Stamato Jacqueline Novak’s recently-released first album, Quality Notions, is a testament to one New York-based comedian’s ability to run the comedic gamut. She ranges from accusations that the men in the audience are distracted by her feminine figure to an in-depth analysis of... [Read More]
Louis C.K.'s Daughter Really Likes His Hide-and-Seek Joke
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Louis C.K.'s recent interview with Charlie Rose where he explains how he's changed his standup since he started sharing clips of his work to his two young daughters, who are thankfully big Louis C.K. fans. (via Uproxx) 0 Comments... [Read More]
Louis C.K., Kate McKinnon, Amy Poehler, and More Snag American Comedy Awards
by Megh Wright The American Comedy Awards were last night, you can watch Craig Robinson's grand opening musical act for the show above. Among the winners were Maria Bamford, Kate McKinnon, Amy Poehler; TV shows Parks and Recreation and Modern Family; and films The Heat and This Is the End. Click thr... [Read More]
Talking to Marc Maron About IFC's 'Maron', Directing, and the Future of 'WTF'
by Bradford Evans Marc Maron's IFC show Maron returns for its second season tonight, and the show looks a little different than it did when we last saw it. IFC upped the show's episode order from 10 to 13 for season two, Maron is casting more of his standup peers on the show, and the new season fin... [Read More]
Watch Bill Cosby Do Standup on 'Arsenio'
by Megh Wright The great Bill Cosby was a guest on last night's Arsenio, where he delivered the above standup set about fathers, being poor, broken chairs, and more. Click through to watch four clips from Arsenio's interview with Cosby. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Inside Pandora Comedy: Three Years In, the Promise and Limits of Streaming Comedy Radio
by Elise Czajkowski and John Wenzel “Before I started working here, I didn’t realize there was an entire genre of comedy marketed specifically to truckers,” says Kelly Anneken, comedy curator at Pandora Internet Radio. “Not my cup of tea, comedically, but these guys are every... [Read More]
Here's the Full Schedule for 2014's Comedy Central 'Half Hour' Specials
by Bradford Evans Every summer, Comedy Central debuts half-hour specials from a handful of standup comedians as a part of their appropriately-titled series The Half Hour. Comedy Central tells us that the new season of The Half Hour will debut Friday, June 6th, at midnight, with the rest of the seaso... [Read More]
Dan St. Germain Is Releasing His First Standup Album on June 10th
by Bradford Evans Standup Dan St. Germain is releasing his debut album next month. Comedy label ASpecialThing Records is putting out St. Germain's album, Bad at the Good Times, on June 10th. It was recorded last year at LA's NerdMelt Theater. AST Records is also releasing Max Silvestri's  debut... [Read More]