Jay Leno: Working Class Hero
by Justin Gray When I started this series I knew that sooner or later I would be writing about Jay Leno. No comedian has been as villainized in the past two decades as much as Leno. As soon as he replaced Johnny Carson as the host of The Tonight Show, Leno has been inundated with criticism from just... [Read More]
Talking to Moshe Kasher About Standup, Writing, and Dealing with Jerks on the Internet
by Russ Espinoza There’s a lot of ground to cover with Moshe Kasher. He fancies himself a renaissance man (of sorts): “Comedian. Child Genius. Jew. Jew Comedian. OBGYN. Pleasure Center. Good tipper. Guiding light,” and “Beefcake.” It takes a big cardigan to cloak all th... [Read More]
Being a Comedian in North Korea Is Terrible
by Bradford Evans North Korean comedian Lee Choon Hong was sentenced to hard labor in a coal mine after she made a "slip of the tongue" on a "sensitive issue" while performing standup for workers at a government work site. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Virgin Atlantic Will Now Offer Live Standup on Flights for Some Reason
by Bradford Evans Comedians doing standup on Virgin America flights is a real thing that's going to happen. The Telegraph reports that the airline will begin offering live entertainment on planes his month on domestic flights in the UK. Comedians on the way to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be t... [Read More]
Talking to Ron Funches About Standup, LA, and His First Sitcom Acting Gig
by Blair Socci It’s hard to find a more likeable person than comedian Ron Funches. Jolly with a soft-spoken sincerity about him, it is Funches’ optimism that makes him eccentric in the comedy world. He is the guy that other comics are actually happy for each time he gets something. ... [Read More]
Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel Are Making a Comedy Central Special Based on Their Live Show 'Crash Test'
by Bradford Evans For years, Human Giant duo Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel have been hosting an experimental live comedy show called Crash Test, and now they're bringing the show to TV. Scheer revealed on a Reddit AMA yesterday that he and Huebel are filming a Comedy Central standup special b... [Read More]
Arctic Monkeys Frontman Alex Turner Says the Band Is Inspired by Louis C.K. and George Carlin
by Bradford Evans "There's this thing where Louis C.K. is talking about George Carlin, who's this famous American comedian who used to completely tear up his act at the end of every year and throw it out and write a whole new act. And in doing that you eventually run out of things to talk about. So ... [Read More]
Andrew Dice Clay Says Woody Allen Discussed Returning to Standup with Him
by Bradford Evans A couple weeks ago, Woody Allen said in an interview that he's been "toying with the idea" of returning to standup after seeing Mort Sahl perform recently. Now, Andrew Dice Clay, who played a supporting role in Allen's latest film, Blue Jasmine, tells THR that Allen talked to him a... [Read More]
Lewis Black's 'Old Yeller' Will Be the First Simulcast Pay-Per-View Standup Special
by Bradford Evans The Daily Show's Lewis Black is trying something new with his next standup special, entitled Lewis Black: Old Yeller. Deadline reports that on Saturday, August 24th at 9:30pm ET, Lewis Black will perform the special to a live audience, and it'll air simultaneously on pay-per-view c... [Read More]
Metta World Peace Is Doing a Standup Tour
by Bradford Evans Get excited, fans of athletes doing standup! The NBA's own Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) has been promoting a new standup tour called "Metta World Peace Presents Ultimate Comedy" via Twitter, with a poster that says the shows are "hosted by your favorite athlete,... [Read More]