Sam Morril on Conan, “A lot of sexual terms are named after baseball”
SaM Morril was the guest comedian on Conan last night. He took the opportunity to point out the ridiculousness of people who hate. Mainly because they asked him to join their hate group and he doesn’t really fit into the criteria. He also broke down baseball terms used for sex and the differen... [Read More]
Brooklyn Comedy Festival releases its 2014 schedule
The Brooklyn Comedy Festival will be making its way back before summer’s end to bring the best in stand-up, sketch, and improv to the borough August 18-24. The festival just recently released this year’s schedule; six nights of the best established and up-and-coming comics performing on ... [Read More]
Comedy Central announces South Park, Key & Peele, Tosh.0 season premiere dates
Start setting your DVRs up to record your favorite Comedy Central Shows. Tosh.0, South Park, Key & Peele and more have new season premiere dates for this fall. Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed children will return for their 18th season on Comedy Central on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 10 pm EST.... [Read More]
Ron Funches on The Tonight Show, “I am not Questlove”
Ron Funches made his Tonight Show debut last night as the guest comic, and finally set the record straight: he is not Questlove. Funches’ performance comes right off the heels of a summer that included his own Comedy Central Half Hour, and being named one of Variety‘s “10 Comics to... [Read More]
Comedy Dynamics uploading entire stand-up comedy archives to new Hulu channel
Hulu is getting a stand-up comedy boost as its streaming options soon will boast the archived collection from New Wave Entertainment's stand-up special catalogue. The Comedy Dynamics channel will debut July 29 on Hulu, with specials both on the free service as well as the paid Hulu Plus subscription... [Read More]
New Wave Entertainment is launching a comedy channel, Comedy Dynamics, on Hulu
New Wave Entertainment has produced stand-up specials for nearly a decade, and now its launching a brand new comedy channel on Hulu called Comedy Dynamics. Comedy Dynamics is a streaming video on demand service that and will bring its impressive library of stand-up comedy to the masses. Founded in 2... [Read More]
Ben Kronberg on Seth Meyers, “Are you guys pro Reggae marriage?”
When it comes to stand-up comedy, Ben Kronberg is a master at being dry and absurd. He’s left of center but when he connects with a joke it’s a wonder to see. In fact, in Ben’s set from Late Night with Seth Meyers, he made a Star Wars joke that simultaneously made me laugh and [&he... [Read More]
Tommy Johnagin on Letterman, “I’m not the man of the house”
Tommy Johnagin returned to Late Show with David Letterman last night to talk about his life as a new dad, his exercise routine, and manliness. Johnagin has been on a roll of late, not only did he release a new stand-up album, he’s also coming off a Half Hour special on Comedy Central, and last... [Read More]
Mark Normand on Conan, “Promiscuous girls are like Walmart”
Mark Normand has been having one hell of a week. His album, “ Mark Normand on Conan, “Promiscuous girls are like Walmart” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Steve Hofstetter wins late-night Saturday trial with FOX for his stand-up showcase, “Laughs”
The first time I heard about Steve Hofstetter, he was promoting a cure for The Cable Guy? Was it Prilosec? Was it Netflix? Who knows now. The second time I heard from Hofstetter, he was in the comedy club owning business, bringing "The Laughing ___" franchise up from Atlanta to Long Island City. Now... [Read More]