Steve Hofstetter wins late-night Saturday trial with FOX for his stand-up showcase, “Laughs”
The first time I heard about Steve Hofstetter, he was promoting a cure for The Cable Guy? Was it Prilosec? Was it Netflix? Who knows now. The second time I heard from Hofstetter, he was in the comedy club owning business, bringing "The Laughing ___" franchise up from Atlanta to Long Island City. Now... [Read More]
NBC renews “Last Comic Standing” for another season
Whether you love it or hate it, Last Comic Standing will return for another season. According to Deadline, NBC opened their TCA by announcing the reality stand-up competition would be renewed for it’s ninth season. The series came back this summer after a four-year hiatus. This is the second t... [Read More]
Michelle Wolf on Seth Meyers, “We should change the name of Type 1 diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes”
Michelle Wolf is a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers so it makes total sense that she’d eventually get her chance to showcase her stand-up on the show. Watchers of LNSM probably already recognize Wolf whose been on sketches from the show already like Fake or Florida and Grown Up Annie. He... [Read More]
Paul Morrissey on Letterman, “Tan is not one of my colors”
Paul Morrissey was the guest comedian on Late Show with David Letterman last night and his material hit a bit too close to home for us. Mainly because we can empathize with both the pale and food jokes he delivered. Good news is he can definitely join up with Jim Gaffigan and Conan O’Brien and... [Read More]
Kurt Metzger’s “White Precious” premieres tonight, let’s watch some clips
Get psyched for tonight is a big night for stand-up comedy! In addition to the premiere of both Damien Lemon and Rachel Feinstein’s The Half Hour shows but it’s also the premiere of Kurt Metzger’s new stand-up special, White Precious which airs at 11pm on Comedy Central. Kurt is ha... [Read More]
Watch the first episode of “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail” now on Comedy Central online
Comedy Central’s newest stand-up show, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, is making its long-awaited debut this summer on July 23rd. But since we’re all impatient children, you can stream the first episode online now on Comedy Central’s website ( Unlike CC’s other st... [Read More]
Stand-up comedy advice from Jimmy Fallon
While Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show crew filmed a week of shows in Orlando last month, they took out some time to open up the ol' viewer mailbag, and Fallon answered a question about his biggest fears when he was just starting out as a stand-up comedian. Would you believe he said bombing? Fallon... [Read More]
Daniel Sloss on Conan, “I was fired from a computer game”
Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss was the guest comic on last night’s Conan. This was Sloss’ third time performing on Conan, a rare feat, particularly as Sloss is just 23yrs old. Sloss talks about women’s tennis, the all too realistic features of the latest FIFA video game, and the jo... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane is taping a new stand-up special August 16th in Athens, GA
Uncle BBQ is gearing up for brand new special, ladies and gentlemen. As announced last week on his Twitter and Tumblr, comedian Kyle Kinane is set to tape a stand-up special for Comedy Central on Saturday, August 16th in Athens, GA. Kinane will be performing two shows in one night at Athen’s g... [Read More]
Hari Kondabolu on Conan, “It’s the same dish! Why do we pay more for seeds?”
Hari Kondabolu was the guest comedian on Conan last night. Hari just released a new stand-up album, Waiting for 2042 which has the comedian offer up a different look at stereotypes and race in this country. Last night on the show Hari expanded his commentary and brought Chinese food into the equatio... [Read More]