Comedian Jim Jefferies and his parallel universe as comedian Jim Jefferies in FXX’s Legit
In the second-season premiere of Legit (debuting tonight on FXX), comedian Jim Jefferies plays comedian Jim Jefferies as a guest on the radio talk show Loveline with Dr. Drew, and is forced to confront his possible sex/porn addiction. As much as critics may have wanted to compare Louis C.K.'s Louie ... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress on The Tonight Show, ‘In New Orleans you can destroy traffic for $300 on a day’s notice’
Hannibal Buress was on The Tonight Show last night, making him the first stand-up comic the show since Fallon took over and his first time on The Tonight Show. Congrats Hannibal. Buress dove into a great bit he has about New Orleans. Also, The Roots played Gibberish Rap as his walk on music, what? I... [Read More]
Image of The Set with Marina Franklin – The Interrobang
The Set with Marina Franklin – The Interrobang
RJ Waldron caught from The Interrobang caught up with one of the most beloved stand-ups in the business-- Marina Franklin-- to ask a few questions for “The Set.” [Read More]
“The Carson Podcast” with Mark Malkoff
Jimmy Fallon has taken over The Tonight Show this week. What better time to reminisce about Johnny Carson, right? Right. Welcome to "The Carson Podcast," hosted by Mark Malkoff. Malkoff made his mark online over the past several years by doing things you didn't dare dream -- living in an IKEA, bring... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld on The Tonight Show, ‘What is a stamp anyway? We don’t know what it costs’
The first comedian to debut on Jimmy Fallon’s turn as host of The Tonight Show is the one and only Jerry Seinfeld who dropped in on the show’s new set to give his classic Seinfeld spin on the Olympics and email. Take it Jerry.Jerry Seinfeld on The Tonight Show, ‘What is a stamp any... [Read More]
Dear Jim Gaffigan, we should’ve taken your advice about Hot Pockets years ago
Let’s be honest, we should’ve seen this coming. It just turns out that Jim Gaffigan happened to be light years ahead of us all when it comes to Hot Pockets. News broke that Nestle, the parent company the “snack” would be recalling two types of Hot Pockets because the USDA has... [Read More]
John Caparulo launches the first volume of his ‘Caplets’ stand-up series, watch now
Last October we had a great conversation with comedian John Caparulo about his stand-up special, Come Inside Me. During our conversation Cap mentioned that he was planning on recording his new material in front of a crowd and releasing 5 minutes of it every month via the web, giving his fans new, pr... [Read More]
Some Valentine’s Day wisdom from some funny people
Guess what I’m going to do tonight for Valentine’s Day? I’m going to have a romantic dinner at White Castle. Why? Because it’s a totally silly thing to do and is how Valentine’s Day should be handled, with a little bit of Levity. So, with this idea in mind on the most s... [Read More]
The Pajama Men: Just the Two of Each of Us
A neighbor of mine asked me for weeks to invite him along to a live comedy show. When I brought him to see The Pajama Men on Tuesday night at SubCulture New York (45 Bleecker Street's underground Off-Broadway theater), I tried to warn him that this wasn't stand-up like the comedians he had told me h... [Read More]
Gabriel Iglesias will bring The Fluffy Movie to a cinema near you this summer 2014
The next stand-up comedian to hit the big-screen big time is Gabriel Iglesias. Open Road Films announced today it will distribute Gulfstream Pictures' The Fluffy Movie -- a stand-up comedy concert film starring Iglesias -- in cinemas nationwide on July 11, 2014. Iglesias exclaimed on Twitter @fluffy... [Read More]