Joe DeRosa on The Pete Holmes Show, “L.A. is an awful place”
Joe Derosa (aka “Joey Roses”) was the guest comedian on The Pete Holmes Show last night. He’s also a writer on the show and responsible for one of the best bits the show has, “New Material Seinfeld“. He gave a tight five about moving to Los Angeles, sexual euphemisms, a... [Read More]
Mike Recine on Conan, “Are you guys excited for that Mrs. Doubtfire sequel?”
That’s right, Mike Recine started his 5 minutes on Conan last night with a joke about the Mr. Doubtfire movie. Mike’s debut on on the late night show couldn’t have gone any better. Some of his material also hit a bit too close to home for us Jersey-ites who probably grew up in simi... [Read More]
Jim Jefferies is taping a new special this weekend in Boston
Australian comedian Jim Jefferies is taping a new stand-up special this weekend in Boston.  This will Jefferies fifth special after 2008′s Contraband (infamous for a moment when Jefferies was attacked while onstage), 2009′s I Swear to God, 2010′s Alcoholocaust, and 2012′... [Read More]
Dan Telfer on The Pete Holmes Show, “The velociraptor is the Tanya Harding of the dinosaurs”
Dan Telfer delivered the most intense and excellent bit of crowd work all about… dinosaurs. Starting off  his set on last night’s The Pete Holmes Show by posing the question, “What do you guys think is the best dinosaur?” Telfer spends the entirety of his set striking d... [Read More]
Ryan Hamilton on Conan, “I look more like a comedy club logo than a comedian”
Ryan Hamilton was the guest comedian on Conan last night and he had to take a moment to explain to the audience why his eternally chipper smile sometimes doesn’t line up with the way he’s feeling. Ryan Hamilton on Conan, “I look more like a comedy club logo than a comedian” a... [Read More]
Emily Heller on Conan, “I fear death no matter the circumstance”
LA comedian Emily Heller returned to Conan last night as the guest comedian. This was her second stand-up appearance on the show, making her Conan debut just a year ago. Heller continued to be the brilliant comic she is delivering a tight set talking about her terrible house sitting record, re-inter... [Read More]
Nick Vatterott on The Tonight Show, “One of the things I like to do… is forget my next joke”
Nick Vatterott was the guest comedian on The Tonight Show last night and while his wacky act got pretty wacky, things took a left hand turn when he “forgot” his next joke. While I don’t want to spoil the visual gag but let’s just say for a second, many probably thought Vatter... [Read More]
Lewis Black on The Tonight Show, “Nobody likes Congress, nobody”
This weekend, Lewis Black’s 9th stand-up comedy special, Old Yeller debuted on EPIX. To promote, Black did what he does best, and that’s go on late night television to deliver some of his trademark comedy, taking jabs at everything from our politicians to coming to the realization that a... [Read More]
Carmen Lynch on Letterman, “My mom always gives me a hard time about being broke”
New York comedian Carmen Lynch is a comedy force to be reckoned with. Lynch made her late night debut on the Late Show with David Letterman back in November of 2012 with an incredibly impressive set, and Friday she returned for her second time. The Letterman crowd again showered her with love as she... [Read More]
Phil Hanley re-enacts a past break-up on “The Pete Holmes Show”
Phil Hanley is one of New York’s funniest and best dressed comedians. Hanley appeared on last night’s episode of The Pete Homes Show to perform stand-up, but instead decided to mix things up a bit. Rather than just telling jokes, the comedian (who is well known for his crowd work skills)... [Read More]