Gary Gulman on The Pete Holmes Show, “I’d categorize Trader Joe’s as Narnia”
Gary Gulman was the guest comedian on The Pete Holmes Show last night. Which is one of the best things ever. Mainly because Gulman is terrific at weaving pop culture into his longform jokes. Gulman went on quite the epic story about his affinity for Trader Joe’s. While we might’ve though... [Read More]
Learn more about Tommy Johnagin and Adam Newman behind-the-scenes of “The Half Hour”
The Half Hour returns tomorrow at midnight on Comedy Central with specials from Tommy Johnagin and Adam Newman. Before you tune in, learn more about these two comics in these behind-the-scenes web exclusives from Comedy Central and Scott Moran. Tommy Johnagin returns for his second half hour special... [Read More]
Iliza Shlesinger on The Tonight Show, “Girls don’t like to eat in front of other girls, it becomes a stand off”
Iliza Shelsinger was the guest comedian on The Tonight Show last night. In just five minutes she managed to effectively break down the rituals of women that us guys had no idea existed. The biggest revelation confirming what we’ve always thought, and that is womenkind’s obsession with Pi... [Read More]
Ian Edwards on Conan, “One dude in a suit outstole an entire race”
Ian Edwards was the guest comedian on Conan last night. As we’ve previously reported Edwards just released his debut album 100% Half Assed as the first ever comedy album on O’Brien’s new comedy label, Team Coco Records. Edwards made perhaps the best example of racial leaders by com... [Read More]
Image of 5 Ways NYC Comedy Beats LA and 3 Ways it Sure Doesn't — Comedy Groupie
5 Ways NYC Comedy Beats LA and 3 Ways it Sure Doesn't — Comedy Groupie
Point is, I love them both. They're apples and oranges, but they're both really delicious fruit. [Read More]
Julian McCullough on The Tonight Show, “If you have or haven’t been to Kansas, it’s the exact same experience”
Last night Julian McCullough was the guest comedian on The Tonight Show and he took the opportunity of being on a national platform to really break down the state of Kansas. Though I’ve never been, I’m pretty sure he nailed it. McCullough also talked about him being a new father and the ... [Read More]
Nick Turner on Late Night with Seth Meyers, “I did not know people were still going to the zoo”
Last night was a good night for NYC stand-up as in addition to Joe List appearing on Letterman, the one and only Nick Turner made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Turner is extremely gifted and doing some fantastic work exposing the issues plaguing modern day zoos. Betcha didn’t e... [Read More]
Joe List on Letterman, “I am too dumb to meditate.”
Joe List has long been one of New York’s brightest comedians. A regular at the Comedy Cellar, List made his network television debut last night on The Late Show with David Letterman. List delivered a fantastic set, making the most of the given five minute spot filling in a bevy of hilarious jo... [Read More]
Gary Vider on Conan, “I’ve reached the age where I can’t ask my parents for money”
Gary Vider made his debut as the guest comedian on Conan last night and he totally nailed his tight five full of manchild-themed comedy. Trouble with relationships, coming to grips with religion, and dealing with his adult finances. In fact, he’s sometimes so strapped for cash that he’s ... [Read More]
Ali Wong on Seth Meyers, “If a man has a pinterest page, he’s probably pinterested in men”
Ali Wong was the guest comedian on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night for a tight five. Damn she was hilarious. Ali took female stereotypes head om, addressing the “lean in” notion, she also clarified just how old Asian women live for, which is something we’ve always wondered, ... [Read More]