“Funny Girls” reality series coming to Oxygen cable in 2014
Oxygen announced a reality series on Tuesday for up-and-coming comedians that has been almost two years in the works. It still doesn't have an official title -- the working title is "Funny Girls" -- nor does it have an official cast. But it's a-coming. Funny Girls first showed up on Oxygen's develop... [Read More]
Rob Gleeson on Conan, ‘If anyone looks like an undercover cop, it’s me’
Rob Gleeson stopped by Conan last night to perform 5 minutes of comedy about his trials and tribulations about recently coming out as gay. Turns out some people knew very young in his life, as far back as Little League. It also turns out, he got the wrong impression from a girl when he first [&helli... [Read More]
Byron Bowers on The Pete Holmes Show, ‘I want my greatness to outweigh my inappropriateness’
Byron Bowers was the guest comedian on The Pete Holmes Show, we dig Byron for a few reasons, 1) we got the chance to spend some time with him at SXSW this past March and he’s a terrific person. And 2) he’s hilarious! Who can’t related to his desire to be great? Granted, Bowers want... [Read More]
Rob Riggle compares “broken toys” of stand-up to “team” of improvisation on The Pete Holmes Show
In this conversation on The Pete Holmes Show, Holmes recalls first meeting Rob Riggle at Comix (RIP), a comedy club in New York City. Back then, Riggle was a correspondent on The Daily Show, but also known more as an improviser or sketch comedy player than as a stand-up. Riggle here tells Holmes abo... [Read More]
Pete Davidson on Jimmy Kimmel Live, ‘I just turned 20 and it’s over. I’m not going to make it’
Pete Davidson was the first stand-up comedian to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a very long time. It appears the show was just waiting for the right 20 year old comic on the rise to showcase. As they found it in Davidson who put one the tightest of 5 minutes in his performance. The […] Pete D... [Read More]
Hari Kondabolu on Letterman, ‘The country is changing and people are freaking out about it’
Hari Kondabolu made his debut on Late Show with David Letterman last night, Hari just released a new stand-up special, Waiting for 2042 and he tells that exact story about what the year 2042 signifies for rage in the US. Strap in. Hari Kondabolu on Letterman, ‘The country is changing and peopl... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress’ animated trip to create a New Orleans street parade (video)
This weekend Hannibal Buress’ stand-up special, Live From Chicago premieres on Comedy Central. While some clips from the special have already hit the web the best was saved for last. On the special, Buress has a great tale about how he went about creating a second line parade in New Orleans fo... [Read More]
Todd Barry on Conan, ‘It’s the first annual Todd Barry best Walgreens award’
Todd Barry was the guest comedian on Conan last night. He swung by the late night TV studio for a spot in an effort to promote his new stand-up special, The Crowd Work Tour that was just made available on LouisCK.net this weekend. If you aren’t familiar, last year Barry hit the road for shows,... [Read More]
Michael Malone’s 8 Rules to Emcee’ing
So many comedy shows -- whether they're in a comedy club chain, a one-nighter or an alternative theater space -- focus so much on the headliner or marquee drop-in names on the lineup that they overlook the one person onstage that audiences will see first, last and most during the show. The MC. An em... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress talks about doing drugs, impersonating Donald Glover, and comedy perks in these previews for his new stand-up special
We’re super excited that one of our favorite comedians, Hannibal Buress is set to release a new stand-up special as part of the epic stand-up month that Comedy Central is launching in April. Buress’ screened Live From Chicago in front of an audience at SXSW last week. It’s his thir... [Read More]