Tig Notaro Live in Austin (Review)
AUSTIN – In a paradoxical municipality like Austin, Texas, where small-town mentality seems to prevail even as the city itself continues to balloon, it’s easy to see how a personality like Tig Notaro’s would sell out tickets like a scalper on Super Bowl Sunday. To begin with, Tig i... [Read More]
Gary Gulman on Conan, “We whine everything into perfection”
Gary Gulman is no stranger to late night. He has performed on every late night show, and last night he returned to Conan. Gulman’s set was all about the technology revolution. Things were much different when his parents we’re growing up; orange juice has less pulp, books are on Kindle, m... [Read More]
UCB confirms opening date for Los Angeles training center, fourth theater
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre recently opened a brand-new training center in New York City, and they're about to open their first legitimate training center in Los Angeles, too, which also will include an 85-seat cafe theater -- the UCB's fourth performance space. UCB Theatre Sunset, 5419 W. ... [Read More]
Dan St. Germain on Conan, “I eat buffalo wings so I don’t feel sad”
Dan St. Germain was the guest comedian on last night’s Conan. Germain dressed up in a suit, but the comedian points out, might be the only person “who can wear a tie and look less professional.” Germain went on to talk about his recent break-up, run-ins with the homeless, eating ri... [Read More]
Andrew Orvedahl on Tonight Show, “Sometimes I’ll forget I’m divorced”
Denver comedian, and member of The Grawlix comedy group, Andrew Orvedahl was the guest comedian on last night’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Orvedahl is a recently divorced father of one, and sadly, his comedy career causes him to miss semi-important things such as preschool graduat... [Read More]
Watch a clip from Doug Benson’s new Netflix special “Doug Dynasty”
We’ve already talked about the long list of stand-up special hitting Netflix this fall, but be sure to add this one to your calendar. Doug Benson’s new special, Doug Dynasty, will premiere on Netflix on November 6th. Benson has previously released six albums, but this will be his first h... [Read More]
Jerrod Carmichael’s HBO special, “Love At The Store” premieres tomorrow, here’s a preview clip
Tomorrow night! Jerrod Carmichael’s first stand-up special Love At The Store premieres on HBO. It’s a big deal for the comedian on many levels. While we’re sure by this point you’ve all set the DVRs to record the Spike Lee directed special. Funny Or Die, who helped put togeth... [Read More]
Jerrod Carmichael’s First Stand-up Special is on His Own Terms
Jerrod Carmichael celebrated the release of his HBO comedy special in a way that was most true to him: eating Krispy Kreme donuts, drinking champagne, and doing stand-up comedy. A few nights before his first stand-up special “Love at the Store” was to air, Carmichael hosted a show a... [Read More]
Pete Correale on Conan, “Technically, I’m not excited to be here”
Pete Correale was the guest comic on last night’s Conan. While he was excited to be there, usually when he tells an audience that, he’s lying. Correal used the rest of his set to talk about getting stuck in an elevator with his wife, spilling champagne at a hotel, fishing, golf, and his ... [Read More]
Artie Lange returns with new stand-up special, “The Stench of Failure” on October 18
About five years ago, we almost lost Artie Lange, but he’s back and funnier than ever with his new special The Stench of Failure. Now a two-time best-selling author and alumni of The Howard Stern Show, Lange is ready to present his darkest moments in a way that has his audience laugh... [Read More]