Keith Alberstadt on Late Night with Seth Meyers: “I have an inhaler, not will power and a sponsor”
Keith Alberstadt appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night and had a killer set. He discussed imaginary characters on college campuses, the wine selection at Applebee’s, vegetarians, and having asthma in New York City. Keith Alberstadt on Late Night with Seth Meyers: “I have an ... [Read More]
Nashville StandUp is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for longest stand-up show
Beginning noon April 12, Nashville StandUp will attempt to break the Guinness World Records™ title for “Longest Stand-up comedy show – multiple comedians” at The East Room in Nashville, TN. This non-stop stand-up comedy marathon will put Nashville into the record bo... [Read More]
Vans Warped Tour announces their comedy slate for 2015
The Vans Warped Tour celebrated its 21st birthday this year holding a kickoff celebration at Club Nokia in Los Angeles last night. Warped Tour began as a festival dedicated to rock and punk bands like Blink-182 and Rancid, but since its inception in 1994, there have been more tha... [Read More]
Dan Levy hosting “Coming To The Stage,” new stand-up showcase for Comedy Dynamics
Stand-up showcases aren't just for cable TV anymore. A new series from Comedy Dynamics, Coming To The Stage, will spotlight aspiring comedians on a variety of streaming platforms when it debuts in May. Dan Levy hosts the six-episode series, which features a couple of comedians in each half-hour, beg... [Read More]
Comedian Nick Griffin performs on Letterman for the 11th time and explains what sweat pants “actually” are
“This is the first thing I did all day…” says Nick Griffin on The Late Show with David Letterman. He was performing on said show for the 11th time. 11th time. He discusses what makes sweat pants sweat pants, day baths, and who the hell is still saying “I can’t live wit... [Read More]
Yes, Dave Chappelle just taped a new stand-up special in Austin
Is this the year Dave Chappelle marks as his “official” comeback? It’s been quite some time since his last special, For What It’s Worth, 10 years ago. Over the last few years, Chappelle has been making routine stops on stage in Los Angeles, toured all across the country, hit ... [Read More]
Anjelah Johnson mounting summer concert tour as Bon Qui Qui
Move over Childish Gambino and Eddie Murphy, there's a new gal in town who's ready to make with the funny and the music both in a summer concert tour, as Anjelah Johnson is ready to perform 14 dates across the South and West this July as her character Bon Qui Qui. Johnson explains in the video with ... [Read More]
Explaining what defamation means for comedians, by lawyer-turned-comedian Matt Ritter
Lawyer-turned-comedian/producer Matt Ritter sent me this video today, which is not "legal advice" as he points out, but rather some points of clarification regarding defamation law. Which might come in handy for comedians who may or may not land themselves in proverbial hot water over jokes they've ... [Read More]
This Is Not Happening: What’s in a name-check, Ari Shaffir?
Imagine you're a woman and you're funny, so you decide to pursue a career in comedy. Imagine that even just in making that decision, you've unintentionally invited lifetimes of structurally built-in gender bias against you. Sometimes subtle and subconscious, you're ignored or overlooked when it come... [Read More]
IU student Rob Sherrell is first to major in stand-up comedy
IU junior Rob Sherrell wants to earn his living performing stand-up comedy. And he will accomplish it through IU’s individualized major program. “My parents did not go to college. I am the first person in my family to go. So, when they found out I was switching my major from le... [Read More]