Sam Morril on Conan, “I saw a dad in a coffee shop quizzing his kid on dinosaurs”
Almost a year after his last appearance on the show, Sam Morril swung by Conan for a tight 5, and tight it was. Morril’s jokes about everything from crystal meth, dinosaurs, basketball, relationships and how a broken phone can help end one. It’s all finely honed material. Morril is a bea... [Read More]
Comedian Under The Radar: Monroe Martin Jokes About Health Food, CNN, And Racism On The Tonight Show
Monroe Martin out of Philadelphia stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a few days ago for a stand-up performance. The comedian who has featured on MTV2’s Guy Code grabs the mic to explain why he doesn’t mind his chicken having steroids in it, CNN’s news reporting, and the... [Read More]
Monroe Martin on The Tonight Show, “I believe that you can only eat as healthy as the stores surrounding your area”
About a year after making a splash as a finalist on Last Comic Standing, Monroe Martin made his late night TV debut on The Tonight Show. How did he do? He came up big with some great jokes about geography, the 24 hour news cycle and which nationality he believes certain superheroes to be. Congrats [... [Read More]
Jon Stewart reminisces with Louis CK about The Comedy Cellar in final Daily Show guest segment
Jon Stewart welcomed Louis CK as his final official guest on The Daily Show for his penultimate episode on Comedy Central on Wednesday night, and the two comedians quickly began reminiscing about their younger days at the Comedy Cellar, and even just last Wednesday night at the Cellar. Here is their... [Read More]
Steve Byrne on Late Late Show: “Fat white girls, new mission, start bangin’ Asian guys”
Comedian Steve Byrne delivers jokes about turning 40, accepting death, single girls, and the new mission for fat white girls on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Steve Byrne on Late Late Show: “Fat white girls, new mission, start bangin’ Asian guys” appeared first on The Laugh ... [Read More]
Judd Apatow on The Tonight Show, “Can you pop a zit on a testicle?”
Director Judd Apatow makes his Tonight Show stand-up debut, performing jokes for the first time since he stopped at 24 years old. He touches on his level of fame, living with all women and delivers a tasty Bill Cosby impression. Judd Apatow on The Tonight Show, “Can you pop a zit on a testicle... [Read More]
John Mulaney explains “The Jinx” to a 13 year-old girl
On tonight’s episode of The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail, John Mulaney talks about the Emmy aspirations he has for one of his favorite TV shows The Jinx. Then, it turns out there’s a young lady, of 13 years, in the audience who needs to have the TV show explained to her. Enter a come... [Read More]
John Roy on Conan, “I’ve always been a nerdy guy”
John Roy was the guest comedian on Conan last night. And while taking the platform he decided to tell us though he’s a nerdy guy he still doesn’t have the imagination to come up with what the folks on Game of Thrones are doing. But we still shouldn’t expect him to dress much like a... [Read More]
Watch this exclusive clip from Lisa Lampanelli’s new stand-up special, “Back To The Drawing Board” premiering tonight
Tonight at 10pm on Epix, Lisa Lampanelli’s new stand-up special, Back To The Drawing Board will premiere. Earlier this week Lampanelli made an appearance on our podcast and we got the chance to speak to her about said special, her life in comedy, and what her future might look like. Now we&rsq... [Read More]
Mark Normand on Conan, “I look at racism the same way I look at Nickelback”
Mark Normand was the guest comedian on Conan last night. His five minutes cover his functioning alcoholism and how it should be celebrated, being dumped, how he’s just not a fan of airports, and why he likes women that can build things. Mark Normand on Conan, “I look at racism the same w... [Read More]