Megan Gailey on Conan, “My parents look like every couple that’s ever been in an erectile dysfunction commercial”
Last Thursday Megan Gailey made her late night stad-up debut with an appearance on Conan. She discussed some family matters with her mother in the audience. She talks about how basic and white girl her name is, how her parents look like every couple in an erectile dysfunction commercial, and her alc... [Read More]
This Is Stand-Up: Jim Gaffigan on tending to his crops of jokes
Jim Gaffigan is enjoying a stellar year: Performed for an audience awaiting Pope Francis, will perform at Madison Square Garden, too, and in between he and his wife successfully launched a TV Land series, The Jim Gaffigan Show, that's coming back for season two in 2016. But as Gaffigan tells Jessica... [Read More]
Watch Ardie Fuqua Make Return Back To Stand-Up At New York’s Comedy Cellar
A video posted by Ardie Fuqua (@ardiefuqua) on Oct 17, 2015 at 7:24pm PDT Tracy Morgan isn’t the only one making a return to comedy, stand-up comedian Ardie Fuqua who was injured along with Morgan last year is back on the stage. On Friday night, taking the same route as Morgan, Ardie hit... [Read More]
Anthony Jeselnik: “Thoughts and Prayers” (Netflix)
Anthony Jeselnik’s Comedy Central series only lasted six months, but he remains unapologetic as his means (and his sometimes mean-spirited jokes) always justify the end goal: Making you laugh. Whether it’s in discomfort or in agreement, it’s all good by him. His audience here eats ... [Read More]
Byron Bowers on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “I’d rather have Apple Care than Obama Care”
Byron Bowers tells us why he’d rather have cell phone insurance than health insurance during his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. He also talks about the reason women live longer than men and taking a pee like a boss. Byron Bowers on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “I’d rather have ... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan returns to stand-up for first time since accident
When news of Tracy Morgan’s tragic car accident hit the presses, many feared the legend would never return to the stage again. Defying expectations, Morgan made a triumphant return to the New York comedy club scene with surprise spots at both The Comedy Cellar and The Stand last night. After l... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan Does First Stand-Up Performance Since Return
Monday night (Oct. 12), was not the average Monday. Tracy Morgan finally returned to the stand-up scene with a performance at  New York City’s The Comedy Cellar. In June of 2014 we all know Tracy’s life and career was altered by a horrific car crash.  So after a long... [Read More]
Randy Liedtke on Conan, “You’re more ok with me killing a kid than a dog? Interesting.”
Comedian Randy Liedtke takes the stage on Conan last night to discuss his job at the Humane Society, his grandma who passed, and his new memoir was just released as an audiobook. The good news, it comes with a director’s commentary. His new album, I’m on a roll, drops October 9th and his... [Read More]
Tom Clark on Conan, “Don’t put sugar on a cholo, they’ll be confused, but then you’ll have to make a run for it.”
Tom Clark is from Milwaukee, and was both delighted and frightened when he learned what “cholos” are. He also teaches us some important math and the proper response when someone calls you by dialing the wrong number and asks for someone who isn’t there. Tom Clark on Conan, “D... [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan warming up for the Pope, “I’ve been given the authority to cancel church”
A stand-up comedian warming up the audience for the Pope? Yes, that’s what went down last week when comedian Jim Gaffigan delivered the gospel of comedy to thousands of people in Philadelphia. “I know after I’m done, you’re going to be tempted to leave. But there’s this... [Read More]