SNL fires Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson!? Don Pardo retires! | the comic's comic
Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson appear to have been let go from Saturday Night Live and won't be returning this season (although they may have participated in some pre-taped ad parodies and digital shorts). Announcer Don Pardo, however, has officially retired after being an SNL institution since the beginning. [Read More]
Saturday Night Live hires! Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad join the SNL cast | the comic's comic
The 35th season of NBC's Saturday Night Live reportedly will add to its female cast, with knowledgeable folk filling me in on two new hires in Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad! SNL staff began work this week for the 35th season, which kicks off with Weekend Update Thursdays on Sept. 17, and the first full SNL set for Sept. 26. [Read More]
SNL Hires New Writing Talent for 2009-2010 Season | AST
As SNL gets ready for its 35th season premiere (with host Megan Fox), several new writers have been hired by the show in recent weeks. Michael Patrick O'Brien, a member of the Second City mainstage cast in Chicago, has been added to the show's writing staff (Interestingly, it appears he auditioned for the show with a typical 5 minute cast member-style audition - the standard set of characters and impersonations sketch comedians usually prepare for the show. However, he was hired only as a writer... [Read More]
Bill Hader Talks MacGruber: The Movie, Denies Michael Cera's Breakup Rumors, starts Gilligan's Island rumor | NY Mag
I read the script, and it's like a hard-R comedy, and it totally works. It's hilarious. It's kind of in the vein of, like, eighties action movies, like there's a very definitive bad guy. I don't know if I can talk about the plot too much, but it's hilarious. The thing that kind of blew my mind about it is that it's like a HARD-R movie. I was like, "What is this? This is fucking ugly. You guys are really going to do this?" And they're like, "Yup." And I was like, "That is awesome. That is fucking... [Read More]
Amy Poehler Joins Seth Meyers For SNL Weekend Update Thursday
Good news for Amy Poehler fans. Come this fall, NBC viewers will be getting a double-dose of the actress/comedian as it's been confirmed that she's going to co-host SNL Weekend Update Thursday alongside Seth Meyer for not one but two episodes this September. [Read More]
'Spring Breakdown' - Blu-ray review | The Serious Comedy Site
Comedies featuring Saturday Night Live alumn are at best decent enough. This is also the case for Spring Breakdown starring SNL's Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch as well as indie queen Parker Posey as three nerdish single gals who get a second chance at spring break. This Blu-ray comedy is light, somewhat raunchy fun and eminently forgettable. Take away the sexual innuendo and drinking from this R-rated comedy and you'd get a Disney movie for tween girls. [Read More]
"MacGruber" SNL Movie to be Filmed This Summer | AST
Saturday Night Live cast member Will Forte confirmed last night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" that a movie based on the SNL character 'MacGruber' will be filmed this summer, while SNL is on its summer break. The script has already been completed and was written by Forte, his SNL writing partner John Solomon, and the Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone (who often directs the 'MacGruber' segments for SNL.) The only announced cast members so far are Forte and Kristen Wiig. [Read More]
SNL Player and Year One Co-Star Bill Hader Reveals Which Spidey Villain He Wants to Be | AMC
Best known for his work as a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live, Bill Hader is also familiar to audiences for his stand-out appearances in pretty much every comedy of the past few years, from Superbad, to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, to the upcoming Year One. AMC News talked to him about his recent projects and a few upcoming ones, including which villain he'd like to play in Spider-Man 4. [Read More]
SNL receives Peabody / Lorne Michaels talks about "McGruber" movie | Hollywood Reporter
Lorne Michaels said that now that the "SNL" season is over, his team will start looking at new people and new writers in the coming weeks. When the show returns in September, "there will be something interesting to do" with political specials and "Weekend Updates" given that the elections are done, he said when quizzed about the next step for the political sides of "SNL." He didn't provide specifics. He also told THR that a "McGruber" film is still being looked at. "It would have to be in the su... [Read More]
recap: SNL #34 season finale with Will Ferrell, Green Day | the comic's comic
The 34th season of Saturday Night Live certainly brought a lot of buzz and attention back to the show, and Lorne Michaels and company celebrated the end of that year with a bang that included plenty of starpower and nostalgia, plus a heavily implied farewell to Darrell Hammond, who completed his record thirteenth season as a cast member by returning for multiple sketches. [Read More]