Christopher Meloni Plays Russell the Forest Ranger in This ‘At Home with Amy Sedaris’ Clip
Here’s a sneak peek from tomorrow’s episode of At Home with Amy Sedaris, where Christopher Meloni plays a forest ranger named Russell who teaches Sedaris a thing or two about how to safely build a fire in the woods. Things take a turn, however, when Sedaris brings up Smokey the Bear &nda... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman Struggles to Address the Louis C.K. News: “We Need to Be Better”
Here’s a clip from tonight’s episode of Hulu’s I Love You, America, where Sarah Silverman addresses the recent news about her longtime friend Louis C.K. “I’ve of course been asked to comment, and in full honesty, I really really really don’t want to. I wish I coul... [Read More]
Gil Ozeri Heads to a Doomsday Bunker in This ‘I Love You, America’ Sneak Peek
Here’s a sneak peek from tomorrow’s episode of Sarah Silverman’s Hulu series I Love You, America, where Gil Ozeri heads to Spring City, Utah to meet doomsday prepper Pete Larson and take a tour of his underground bunker – and really, what better way to commemorate t... [Read More]
Here’s a Sneak Peek of Tomorrow’s Two-Hour ‘Nathan for You’ Finale “Finding Frances”
Here’s some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that season 4 of Nathan for You wraps up tomorrow night on Comedy Central. The good news, however, is that tomorrow’s season finale is a very special two-hour episode that Comedy Central previously promised is “unlike anythin... [Read More]
Laura Grey Meets the Witches Trying to Take Donald Trump Down on ‘The Opposition’
Comedy Central gave us a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, and it’s the perfect segment to celebrate a Halloween that also happens during a week full of Trump-related controversy. Citizen Journalist Laura Grey heads to Baltimore to interview one of ma... [Read More]
Here’s a Sneak Peek of Bob Saget’s Standup Special ‘Zero to Sixty’
Comedy Dynamics releases its first original standup special next month with Bob Saget’s Zero to Sixty, and today they released a short promo to get you excited where Saget drops some truth: “I’m the only television father left that you can trust.” The special was taped at the... [Read More]
Here’s Your First Look at the Set of ‘The Opposition with Jordan Klepper’
Ahead of the premiere of Jordan Klepper’s new late night show next week, Comedy Central welcomed a group of reporters this morning to check out the Opposition set, ask Klepper some questions, and meet his team of “Citizen Journalists.” While The Opposition will take on a similar fo... [Read More]
Nathan Fielder Catches Up with the Ghost Realtor in This ‘Nathan for You: A Celebration’ Sneak Peek
Tomorrow, Comedy Central will air an hourlong Nathan for You special called Nathan for You: A Celebration, where Fielder will reunite with some of the people he’s worked with over the past three seasons on the show. In the above sneak peek posted to Facebook today, Fielder checks in with ... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Hits the Streets in This Clip from ‘The Opposition’
Later this month, Jordan Klepper graduates from The Daily Show and begins his run as host of the new late night series The Opposition, and Comedy Central released a sneak peek today that confirms Klepper will continue to do what he did best as a Daily Show correspondent — attend various politi... [Read More]
Life’s a Journey in This Clip from Tomorrow’s ‘Baroness von Sketch Show’
Canadian sketch series Baroness von Sketch Show is currently airing in the US on IFC, and ahead of tomorrow’s episode, here’s a sneak peek featuring Aurora Browne as a woman who is extremely flattered to be carded while buying wine, only to realize she isn’t being carded for the re... [Read More]