“The Simpsons” 12-day marathon breaks ratings records for FXX, channel basically becomes all-Simpsons network
Remember when FXX decided to run a 12-day marathon of every episode of The Simpsons ever? Well, the good news is that we didn’t die from binge watching. The gooder news is that the ratings the marathon pulled in shattered all expectations FXX had for the airing. And here, I still can’t g... [Read More]
The 'Simpsons' Marathon Increased FXX's Average Audience by 500%
by Megh Wright FXX's wildly successful Simpsons marathon ended on Monday night, and now that the ratings for all 12 days have come in, the once-fledgling network can officially call itself 500% more popular. Bill Carter at The New York Times broke down the complete marathon ratings, which averaged 1... [Read More]
A Lot More 'Simpsons' Is Coming to FXX After the Marathon
by Megh Wright FXX's 12-day Simpsons marathon has been a huge success for the network, having tripled the channel's typical viewing audience on its premiere night last week and making FXX one of the top five basic cable networks each night since. Vulture reports that FXX has taken a hint from the wi... [Read More]
Homer Simpson takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
There’s no shortage of celebrities taking the ALS ice bucket challenge, but finally the big man has stepped up to the plate. Homer Simpson takes the challenge… uh, with a little (too much) help from Bart. This week has been all Simpsons with FXX’s “Every Simpsons Ever”... [Read More]
'Grantland' Profiles 'SNL' Legend Phil "The Glue" Hartman
by Megh Wright "Here's why it’s difficult to properly appreciate Phil Hartman. Because his characters were 20 percent droid. Because he reminded you more of your dad than your best pal. Because Hartman’s biggest gift was a kind of comedic graciousness, which he used to hide the show's se... [Read More]
Homer Simpson takes the Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)
Though the Ice Bucket Challenge began nearly one month ago the viral charity campaign is still going strong, having raised $94.3 million to date. Compare that to the $2.7 million The ALS Association raised last year during the same period. Impressive! The latest comedy star to take part in the Ice B... [Read More]
Ranking, watching and surveying the entire catalog of The Simpsons with showrunner Al Jean
Twenty-five years of The Simpsons has passed before our eyes, and it's about to happen again -- all in a row, all at once. The FXX complete marathon of The Simpsons -- complete with The Simpsons Movie airing in sequence of when during the series it arrived in cinemas -- begins this morning and conti... [Read More]
What Happens When 'The Simpsons' Becomes Dad Humor?
by Cian Cruise 1. Hey-hey Nothing lasts forever. Take me: I used to be a medium-funny guy. You could count on me to bring a reliable number of chuckles to social occasions. I wasn’t hilarious, but I made sure to get a few solid laughs at parties, galas, potlucks, and ad hoc social gatherings. ... [Read More]
Check out the complete schedule for FXX’s “Every Simpsons Marathon”
This Thursday, FXX is launching the biggest marathon of all time. Their “Every Simpsons Marathon” will run for twelve days, playing every episode of The Simpsons from all twenty-five seasons. That’s a little bit much to sit through. You probably have a job, or school, or a bed you ... [Read More]