Four Comedians, No Rules - 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza,' Series Premiere review
And that's really the simplicity and brilliance of it: In getting a group of solidly funny people together and encouraging them to talk about whatever they want, Provenza sets up hilarious discussions and dialogues, and then sits back and admires his handiwork — and we get to, too. [Read More]
The Green Room With Paul Provenza - "Episode 101" recap | The A.V. Club
Paul Provenza, the man who directed The Aristocrats, has traveled the world for years performing, studying, and curating comedy. Suffice to say, he's met a few friends along the way, and runs an annual show at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal in which he invites some of those pals into a small theater for a late-night chat. [Read More]
Preview - Stand-Up Documentary, ‘I Am Comic’
Watch the preview to the stand-up comedy documentary, I Am Comic, premiering Friday, June 11 at 11pm on Showtime. Filmmaker Jordan Brady takes a behind-the-microphones look at what it takes to stay re... [Read More]
Preview: The Green Room with Paul Provenza
Watch a preview of the new Showtime comedy series, The Green Room with Paul Provenza, premiering Thursday, June 10 at 10:30pm ET. [Read More]
Roseanne Barr Explains Hitler Photo Shoot on "In the Green Room with Paul Provenza" | Heeb Magazine
On June 10, Showtime will premiere “In the Green Room with Paul Provenza,” a comedy roundtable talk show hosted by the director of “The Aristocrats,” arguably the finest documentary of the 21st Century. And on the very first episode, which features Provenza, Patrice O’Neal, Heeb’s dirty uncle Bob Saget, Kabbalah mama Sandra Bernhard and Roseanne Barr, the subject of Barr, as our Germany Issue’s totalitarian housewife, ate up a majority of the show’s debut. [Read More]
"The Pitbull of Comedy" Brings His Bark To Showtime - "Bobby Slayton - Born to be Bobby" Premieres March 4 | TVbytheNumbers
Throughout the 60-minute set, Slayton performs his intense, unapologetic style of stand-up as he comments on things like the annoyances of airport security and the job-like requirements of marriage. But he really gets the theatre roaring when he singles out audience members when sharing his old-school observations of various minority groups. [Read More]
The twisted mind behind Showtime's 'La La Land' / Marc Wootton interview | Salon
The star of Showtime's stunt comedy show explains why he's not Sasha Baron Cohen -- or a sociopath [Read More]
Showtime's new comedy formula = multiple personality disorder? | the comic's comic
So what should we make of Showtime's original programming for comedy series? It appears that whomever is greenlighting new series responds quite well to any pitch in which the protagonist is not the person you think she or he is. [Read More]
Showtime gives gives "Ronna & Beverly" a shot at midnight to spread the Jewish Ab-Fab word | the comic's comic
Can a pair of Boston Jewish ladies stage another miracle by turning their TV pilot on Showtime into something more, with only two airings planned after midnight at the end of the year? Ask Ronna and Beverly, who are doing just that with the screen adaptation of their long-running UCB Theatre stage show, in which they create and promote their new guide to dating, "You'll Do A Little Better Next Time." [Read More]
Jake Johanssen's Stand-Up Special to Premiere on Showtime | STAGE TIME Magazine
Jake Johannsen's latest stand-up comedy special, I Love You, will premiere January 1, 2010 at 9:30pm PT/ET on Showtime. The special marks the 2010 premiere of Showtime's "Laugh Out Loud" comedy series. [Read More]