Here’s what we’ve learned from the TCA 2013 events thus far
We’re currently smack dab in the middle of the TCA’s winter press schedule. What this means is that network people gather in a room in LA and talk about what’s going right and what’s going wrong with their TV shows. Though there’s going to be more to report as the days ... [Read More]
SNL’s “Oh S*it!” Thanksgiving sketch, cut after dress rehearsal
Saturday Night Live has posted more and more of its sketches that didn't make it past the live dress rehearsal. Last night's episode -- hosted by Jeremy Renner -- contained a whopper of a Thanksgiving sketch that included a loud, audible "Oh shit!" m... [Read More]
Ellen DeGeneres addresses Kate McKinnon’s SNL impersonation of her, on “Ellen”
If you watched Saturday Night Live last weekend, then you saw Kate McKinnon impersonate Ellen DeGeneres in a sketch making light of the silliness that is daytime's popular talk show, Ellen. If you didn't see SNL on TV, then you missed out, because NB... [Read More]
SNL claims you demanded to see Louis CK, Fun; seeks out more crowd-sourced hosts, musical guests
A couple of years ago, you crazy kids went wild on Facebook with the notion that Betty White host Saturday Night Live at the tender age of 88. Sounded great, didn't it? NBC and SNL listened, booking her for Mother's Day weekend of 2010 and surroundin... [Read More]
Trolling at it’s finest, Colin Quinn lays out all the sketches Louis C.K. should do as the next SNL host
Rule of Twitter. Start following Colin Quinn’s handle now. If you think you’re using the thing right, you are wrong. Colin has managed to make his handle both a mockery of using the social network itself as well as showcasing those that don’t understand that he’s simply troll... [Read More]
Darrell Hammond or Jason Sudeikis: Chris Matthews on his SNL impersonators
Chris Matthews of MSNBC appeared onstage in a bit for Comedy Central's 2012 edition of "Night of Too Many Stars" to raise money for programs helping children with autism. Matthews "debated" Bill O'Reilly from FOX News as both men sucked on helium bal... [Read More]
Tina Fey is on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly
Tina Fey is this week’s cover story on Entertainment Weekly. In the article, breaks down everything from wrapping up the seventh and final season of 30 Rock including a plotline where Tracey Jordan believes that women aren’t funny. Fey also talks about her early Saturday Night Live days ... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live shows faith in Jay Pharoah, Kate McKinnon in second episode (Videos)
When I said last week that Jay Pharoah was no longer going to be underused, I had no idea he’d be starring in two cold opens in a row. But the youngest castmember on Saturday Night Live has done exactly that at the start of season 38. Accompani... [Read More]
‘Saturday Night Live’ Parodies Presidential Campaign | NY Times
Lorne Michaels, the creator of “Saturday Night Live,” gives a preview of the show’s satirical coverage of the presidential election: Fred Armisen has been the show’s President Obama since 2008, but Mr. Michaels said he would be relying on Jay Pharoah, who joined the cast in 2010. [Read More]