Sarah Silverman's 'We Are Miracles': A Proudly Filthy Comic at the Top of Her Game
by Josiah Hughes While fans of her 2005 special, Jesus Is Magic, will not be disappointed with the material in Sarah Silverman's highly anticipated new release, there is no denying that this pot and poop loving comic has grown up a bit. There's still plenty here to offend the wince-ready audiences w... [Read More]
This Week in Comedy: Comedy Central Buys 'Chris Gethard Show', Monty Python Reunites, and 'Variety' Is Gross
by Matt Visconage -Comedy Central ordered a pilot of The Chris Gethard Show, and we talked to him about this exciting news. -Monty Python announced they're reuniting for a stage show. -We responded to Variety's godawful, despicable review of Sarah Silverman's new standup special. -Joe... [Read More]
Reviewed: Sarah Silverman’s “We Are Miracles” (HBO)
Sarah Silverman does not Google herself for reviews or critiques that twist her words around in or out of context. “I guess that could get frustrating, but I can’t take any of it very seriously," Silverman said Wednesday night during a 92nd Street Y talk with Andy Borowitz. "I tell mysel... [Read More]
Talking to Sarah Silverman About Her New Special, Her Favorite Standups, and the James Franco Roast
by Bradford Evans Sarah Silverman has been doing standup for over 20 years, but she's never released a televised standup special until now. She's done dozens of late night spots and a theatrically-released concert film (Jesus Is Magic), but Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles, which premieres tomorrow ... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman’s new HBO special We Are Miracles opens with the comedian outside the club where she’s about to perform. A car full of presumed gangbangers stops to chat her up. They mock her for performing in the tiny side room at L.A.’s Largo, which seats just 39 people, and Silv... [Read More]
Shut Up, 'Variety': The Cluelessness of Claiming that Sarah Silverman Shouldn't Be "As Dirty As the Boys"
by Elise Czajkowski According to Brian Lowry at Variety, “being as dirty as the guys” is the worst thing that Sarah Silverman can do for her career. This Sarah Silverman? That Sarah Silverman? But that’s the headline of Lowry’s problematic review of Silverman’s upcoming... [Read More]
EPIX airing documentary on 50 years of The Improv
Originally located in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen and considered by many to be the first comedy club in America, The Improv is the subject of a documentary that’s about to debut on TV. The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall, is an hour-long original documentary that will pre... [Read More]
Take a peek at Sarah Silverman’s upcoming stand-up special
While a teaser clip for Sarah Silverman’s upcoming HBO stand-up special has been floating around for a while now. HBO just released a preview clip for the special, giving an better look at the special which she taped at The Largo, in front of an intimate crowd. Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles... [Read More]
Watch a Promo for Sarah Silverman's New HBO Special
by Bradford Evans Here's a sneak peek at Sarah Silverman's new HBO standup special, We Are Miracles, which is set for a November 23rd premiere and is filmed in a small room with a small crowd unlike most TV standup specials. This is Silverman's first-ever TV standup special and first standup she's ... [Read More]
Watch the Sarah Silverman Pilot That NBC Didn't Pick Up
by Elise Czajkowski In 2012, NBC passed on Sarah Silverman's pitot Susan 313, about a woman moving back into her old apartment following a breakup. This morning, Silverman's YouTube network Jash has posted the entire pilot, with a very sweet intro from Silverman. The pilot also stars Tig Notar... [Read More]