South Beach Comedy Festival announced, Burr, Silverman, Schumer, and Meyers amongst headliners
Comedy Central and Live Nation announced another amazing comedy showcase as the South Beach Comedy Festival returns to Miami Beach Wednesday, April 17th – Sunday, April 21st. The festival matures into its eighth year as the lineup and shows continue to highlight top of the line comedians. This... [Read More]
Image of SXSW Comedy Will Rock - Read the Deets
SXSW Comedy Will Rock - Read the Deets
From March 9 - 16, something big will be taking place in downtown Austin, Texas [Read More]
10 Sexiest Comediennes + The Terrible Things I’d Do to Joan Rivers
Alright people let’s get down to the Nitti-gritty. Kill, marry and fuck, and the top ten sexiest female comedians: who would you do? Maybe I’m not the most qualified for judgment in the looks department. I mean, even my doctor is reluctant to stick h... [Read More]
Review: “Women Aren’t Funny,” a documentary
Are women funny? Are you funny? That's a fairer, more legitimate question. In a new documentary by stand-up comedian Bonnie McFarlane, shot with her husband, comedian Rich Vos, Women Aren't Funny wisely takes a humorous approach to the topic. "It see... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman applauds sister’s arrested in Israel for religious protest
Sarah Silverman isn’t the only rule-breaking badass in her family. It turns out her older sister Susan, a rabbi in Jerusalem, loves to stir the pot as well— if only for a good cause. Silverman’s sister – as well as Susan’s teenage daughter — wa... [Read More]
Image of Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Jason Schwartzman, and More to Guest Voice on IFC's 'Out There'
Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Jason Schwartzman, and More to Guest Voice on IFC's 'Out There'
IFC just announced a list of guest stars for its new animated comedy Out There, which premieres on the cable network Friday, February 22nd. Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Jason Schwartzman, Ellen Page, Jemaine Clement, Selma Blair, Stephen Root, and Christian Slater will all be lending their voices... [Read More]
Matt Damon takes over “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for all A-list “Jimmy Kimmel Sucks”
It began as an off-handed joke and became a 10-year-long running joke. "Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time." That's how Jimmy Kimmel ended his late-night episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, sometimes varying the wording a bit each weeknight on AB... [Read More]
After nearly a decade, a Jimmy Kimmel joke about Matt Damon is finally paying off
Any consistent watcher of Jimmy Kimmel Live knows that Kimmel’s been tossing out a Matt Damon joke for years. And now, after at least a decade and with Kimmel’s recent move to an earlier spot in late night, the time is finally night to have the actor on the show for real. Matt Damon has ... [Read More]
VIDEO: Sarah Silverman Talks ‘Django Unchained’ Use of N-Word
“I think you can’t really tell art what to do,” comedian Sarah Silverman said to a TMZ crew that asked her about Django Unchained use of the n-word. The new Quentin Tarantino movie has received criticism from many different people, ... [Read More]
Image of Sarah Silverman on Ranting Rabbis, Doing 'Louie' and Her Kid-Friendly Killer App (Video)
Sarah Silverman on Ranting Rabbis, Doing 'Louie' and Her Kid-Friendly Killer App (Video)
"First of all, [Louis C.K.] made it be ‘Retro Comedy of the '80s' and I was like, 'I was not doing comedy in the '80s. I don't need you to age me more! It was the early '90s!' Oh my God, when I finally watched it, they put the videos in there. It was so crazy to watch.." [Read More]