Wyatt Cenac: “Comedy Person” (review)
Wyatt Cenac’s debut album Comedy Person is smart, perceptive and witty— pretty much every characteristic one would ascribe to a stellar comedy album. Clocking in at over an hour long, the 13-track album covers a wide range of material while averting ... [Read More]
Katie Goodman: I Didn’t F*ck It Up (Review)
In her new CD, I Didn’t F*ck It Up (the asterisk is her spelling, by the way. I would’ve gone ahead and said “fuck.”), Katie Goodman proves that there is a vast difference between a “guitar act” and a musical comedian. Anybody’s who’s frequented com... [Read More]
Del Close Consierge: forming your Marathon gameplan
From the foreign, to the familiar, to the just plain f’in awesome – you want to see it all (or just feel like you did) at this weekend’s Del Close Marathon in New York City. It can be done. If I were there for the festival’s 13th edition, and not writin... [Read More]
Review: Marc Maron, “This Has To Be Funny”
Marc Maron, This Has To Be Funny (Comedy Central Records) The liner notes by public radio darling Ira Glass could just as well serve as an apt review of Maron's latest stand-up CD, "This Has To Be Funny," but since most people don't buy physical CD... [Read More]
Review: Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” is the best alternative to blockbuster comedies
The nerdy, self-deprecating absurdist from the ’70s is back with all the brilliant and hilarious hypotheticals that only someone like Allen could come up with. Still fixated on Europe from his last few pictures, Allen grounds us in Paris and starts off similarly enough to Vicki Cristina Barcelona creating a possible love triangle between travelers both enchanted and disenchanted by their tourist destination and their present company. [Read More]
Doug Stanhope Releases New Album ‘Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere’
“At some point I realized that the quality of my life is more important than making a small chunk of change. I decided to focus my attention on live comedy. I know when I go on stage, I have an hour and a half to do whatever the fuck I want. There’s ... [Read More]
Movie Review: “Sucker Punch”
Here’s what happened. Zack Snyder went into a pitch meeting wearing a huge smile across his face and probably something super trendy from the Gap or some shit like that. He sat across from studio execs, men and women begging for a hit film, beg... [Read More]
Gallery and Review: Eugene Mirman's Pretty Good Friends At the Paradise
Reggie Watts, Kumail Nanjiani, Tom Allen, and Eugene Mirman at the Pretty Good Friends show Tuesday at the Paradise There is an amazing consistency to Eugene Mirman’s shows. Mirman kicked off his Pretty Good Friends tour at the Paradise in Bosto... [Read More]
Looking Back At: Waiting for Obama: A Night in the Hall of Presidents
By: Lucas Hazlett In honor of President's Day, The Apiary takes a look back at Caitlin Tegart's one-act play Waiting for Obama: A Night in the Hall of Presidents. Photo: Ari ScottFirst performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2009 in the ... [Read More]
The Bonnaroo Survival Guide
Bonnaroo is hard to do. If it's not the heat that gets you (as it did this unfortunate soul), then it's the lines at the port-o-potties, the overpriced beer swill, the crowds, and, if you're me, it... [Read More]