Patton Oswalt, “Finest Hour”
Patton Oswalt has reached that level of success where he's compelled to say up top, "Nothing I'm going to say will live up to that!" to lessen the audience's expectations. Which doesn't matter because the opening applause is but one of many breaks du... [Read More]
Jim Norton, “Despicable”
Can you separate the Jim Norton you hear on Opie & Anthony's radio show from the Jim Norton you see on Jay Leno's Tonight Show from the Jim Norton you may have read about in either of his best-selling books of essays? Of course. In "Despicable," ... [Read More]
Jen Kirkman, “Hail to the Freaks”
Jen Kirkman is the funniest person in Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Lately circle of comedian friends. By a mile. And then some. Kirkman proves that once again (or if you're not familiar with her or the E! programming, for the first time) on her sophomor... [Read More]
Tommy Johnagin, “Stand Up Comedy 2″
At the outset of Tommy Johnagin's second stand-up comedy CD -- titled, well, "Stand Up Comedy 2" -- the comedian implores upon the audience: "Don't suck. I'm going to hold up my end. I'm going to need you guys to bring it also." And bring it he does.... [Read More]
Wyatt Cenac’s “Comedy Person”
Daily Show correspondent and writer Wyatt Cenac has performed in and released his debut stand-up special Comedy Person. He wrote for King of the Hill for three seasons, was considered as a cast member for Saturday Night Live in 2008 for a role as Ba... [Read More]
Daniel Tosh, “Happy Thoughts” (CD/DVD)
At this point in his career, Daniel Tosh has two different personas in the public's eye. To strangers, he's a clever stand-up comedian with observations on modern life and current events. To Comedy Central viewers -- particularly boys-to-men in their... [Read More]
Christina Pazsitzky, “It’s Hard Being A Person”
Christina Pazsitzky makes it easy to laugh at and with her. Pazsitsky opens her debut comedy disc, "It's Hard Being A Person," (Rooftop Comedy) from Go Bananas by telling the audience how happy she is to be in Cincinnati, because it means she has esc... [Read More]
Joe Derosa’s “Return of the Son of Depression Auction”
“Be yourself.” “To thine own self be true.” These citations sound good enough in the abstract, but are they valuable in practical application? This could be Joe DeRosa’s thesis in his album Return of the Son of Depression Auction as DeRosa tick... [Read More]
Baron Vaughn, “Raised By Cable”
I've called Baron Vaughn a quintuple threat before, praising his ability to weave back and forth from joke-telling, acting, dancing, singing and rapping, plus an intangible quality he brings to the stage. Of course, not all of his talents can be seen... [Read More]
Andres du Bouchet, “Naked Trampoline Hamlet”
In stark contrast to many of this year's comedy CD, Andres du Bouchet's "Naked Trampoline Hamlet" has only six tracks covering the full hour. But each is its own unique set piece. Du Bouchet is quite the character. Or characters. Perhaps you've seen ... [Read More]