Bill Hader hosted “Saturday Night Live”: Stefon is pregnant
…and Seth Meyers is the father! Whenever an SNL alum returns to the show there’s two things we can bet the farm on 1) 1 or their classic characters will be revived for nostalgia and 2) We’ll more than likely see another alum (usually from the same cast) show up and play along with... [Read More]
Watch Pre-Premiere Episodes of IFC's 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' and 'The Birthday Boys'
by Megh Wright Ahead of the season premieres of Comedy Bang! Bang! and The Birthday Boys next week, IFC has released special pre-premiere episodes of each show to get you excited. Check out the Birthday Boys' lady-themed episode above featuring appearances by Lennon Parham, June Diane Raphael, Casey... [Read More]
Bill Murray's 'St. Vincent' Is Getting Mixed Reviews from Critics
by Megh Wright Bill Murray's new movie St. Vincent premieres in theaters tomorrow, and so far it's getting mixed reviews from critics. Between the tale of Bill Murray's casting and its warm reception at the Toronto International Film Festival, Vincent has an interesting behind-the-scenes tale as dir... [Read More]
Here's a Preview of Doug Benson's Netflix Special 'Doug Dynasty'
by Megh Wright Here's a preview of Doug Benson's brand new standup special Doug Dynasty, in which Benson talks about a very strange Twitter handle that reached out to him recently. The special premieres on Netflix on November 6th, so get ready to watch way more Benson stoner face next month. (via En... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman hosted “Saturday Night Live,” with Joan Rivers roasts, Ebola, River Sisters, and blenders
When a former Saturday Night Live cast member shows up to host, it’s usually a round of reviving old characters they portrayed on a nonstop nostalgia tour. However, we’re in an interesting predicament with Sarah Silverman at the lead. Silverman was only on the show for one season and she... [Read More]
Watch a Clip from 'St. Vincent' Featuring Bill Murray, a Potted Plant, and "Shelter from the Storm"
by Megh Wright Ahead of the premiere of St. Vincent this Friday, here's a sneak peek from the film featuring a cigarette-smoking Bill Murray hanging out on his porch, watering a small potted plant way too much, and singing along to Bob Dylan's "Shelter from the Storm." Despite the unlikely way first... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Sarah Silverman's Racy Return
by Erik Voss SNL shifts into a different gear when a comedian hosts the show. In the early days, comic-hosts like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Steve Martin were every bit as much a part of the show's countercultural brand as the cast members were. 40 years later, SNL has become part of the main... [Read More]
Review: Jerrod Carmichael: “Love at the Store” on HBO
Jerrod Carmichael told me back in May that filming his first stand-up hour would be special to him, not only because Spike Lee would direct him but also because the location, The Comedy Store, was sentimental to him. Where Carmichael first broke through in Hollywood. Where he feels most at home in H... [Read More]
The Critics Are Not Being Kind to Fox's 'Mulaney'
by Megh Wright John Mulaney's sitcom premieres this Sunday, and while fans and critics across the board agree that Mulaney himself is a talented and likable writer/performer, between the endless Seinfeld comparisons (in reviews and the actual show) and the se... [Read More]
Cameron Esposito “Same Sex Symbol” might prove that she is indeed a Thundercat (review)
In her video for album track “Woman Who Doesn’t Sleep with Men” where she shuts down a heckler, Cameron Esposito summed up her outspoken brand of comedy. And in a 2013 op-ed piece for the Advocate in which she said, “I’m not going to hide my sexuality. Because if I stop... [Read More]