Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi and Funny Or Die launch ‘Halal in the Family.’ Watch all four episodes now.
Family sitcoms of the 80′s followed a tried and true formula: an out of touch but well-meaning dad, the peacemaker mom, cool but combative teenage kids and a corny but catchy theme song that tied it all together. While the recipe for a successful comedy has long since evolved, some modern day ... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Taraji P. Henson Almost Saves the Day
by Erik Voss Despite all the criticisms I've made about SNL, I should say that I love this show. And not just what I considered the glory years of the series – the late 90s that I grew up with, or the late 70s that my parents grew up with, or the late 80s I discovered in college... [Read More]
Taraji P. Henson hosted Saturday Night Live: Cookie came out to play
You know it’s hard out there for a pimp. Taraji P. Henson has waiting many years to be an overnight success. From starring in Academy Award winning movies to critically acclaimed CBS dramas. But it wasn’t until the seemingly overnight success of her current project, Empire where Henson b... [Read More]
Hustling with the Funny Girls of Oxygen’s “docu-reality” series about stand-up comedy
It's OK to approach Oxygen's Funny Girls with at least a bit of apprehension. Billed as a "docu-reality" series about six aspiring stand-up comedians too young to see the title as wordplay on the 1964 Broadway musical and 1968 movie that starred Barbra Streisand, but old enough to already know ... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Happy Easter, Michael Keaton!
by Erik Voss Though they may look like natural sketch comedians, character actors give us peculiar episodes of SNL. At least once per season in recent years comes an episode hosted by a thespian known less for his red-carpet appeal than for his eclectic body of wor... [Read More]
Michael Keaton hosted Saturday Night Live: It’s showtime for Birdman, Batman, and Beetlejuice
Michael Keaton has hosted Saturday Night Live three times with some pretty hefty times in between. First in 1982, then in ’92, and now. So a lot happened in between those times. Like a new generation of people got a new Batman and Keaton is currently known more as Birdman. So, to say this migh... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Dwayne Johnson, Man for the Job
by Erik Voss Here's a question I never thought I'd ask: does SNL need more men? Of course not, right? Only recently has SNL begun to shake off its "boys club" reputation, with a cast of seven men and six women (not counting the two male Weekend Update hosts), and a writers room still predo... [Read More]
Dwayne Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live: Could he be the best host of season 40?
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returned for the forth time as the host of Saturday Night Live. While we wouldn’t call him a great comedic force, the man does posses a tremendous amount of charisma that can be traced all the way back to his camera promos in the WWE all the way to his cur... [Read More]
Seeing Other People: Hilarious web series probes the awkwardness of a BFF breakup
It’s hard to think of anyone more qualified than a comedian to shed funny light on the painful process of enduring a friendship breakup. Luckily, with the launch of the new web series Seeing Other People, we get not one comedian, but four of them to mend our broken hearts while tickling our fu... [Read More]
Review: “Get Hard” a big formulaic comedy, heightened and hardened
Start with an introduction reminiscent of Trading Places, shift into a reverse Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, then add an unhealthy amount of graphic visuals, racial conflict and homophobia, and shazam! You've got yourself a hard-R box-office hit in Get Hard. Get Hard, which premiered Monday night at the S... [Read More]