Watch a Promo for Season 2 of 'Nikki & Sara Live'
by Bradford Evans Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer's MTV late night show Nikki & Sara Live is set to return for a second season on Tuesday, July 30th, at 11pm, and the duo put out this funny new promo for the show this week. Hopefully, Sara Schaefer keeps that sweet goatee for the entire season. ... [Read More]
2013 Just For Laughs Chicago comedian spotlight: Spotlight: Kyle Kinane
Kyle Kinane knows how to toe the line between ‘cute’ and ‘crass’. His stand up bits often begin with a nice, warmhearted story that quickly devolves into something crude and totally hilarious. With his gruff and bearded demeanor, he is the sort of person you would expect to g... [Read More]
Jonah Hill reveals 21 Jump Street’s neighbors on SNL promo
Perhaps the luckiest man in Hollywood, Jonah Hill — Oscar nominee? — is hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live in an effort to promote his upcoming flick 21 Jump Street. But don’t take our word for it. Watch these kind-of-... [Read More]
Watch Ben Stiller come up short in new Saturday Night Live promo
We’re just a few days away from Saturday Night Live‘s third episode of the season. Ben Stiller will be hosting and Foster The People will play the part of musical guest. As far as I’m concerned, SNL‘s Win-Loss record this year... [Read More]