How we laughed: "political satire is dead in the UK" | The Spectator
The UK's Lloyd Evans charts the "death of political satire" in the UK and looks to where comedy is heading next. "Oddly enough, despite the muddled heads of our present masters, political satire is almost completely absent from today's stand-up culture. Comedy has turned elsewhere, and the circuit thrives as never before with freak-show acts, music-hall turns and caustic, foul-mouthed grandmothers." [Read More]
Al Franken wins round in Minnesota Senate race
A Minnesota court panel ruled on Monday that Democrat Al Franken beat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in the long-fought contest for a U.S. Senate seat and said the comic turned politician should be certified as the winner. The contest, however, is far from over. Coleman has already said he would appeal the widely anticipated ruling to the Minnesota Supreme Court and possibly to federal courts. [Read More]
Lewis Black: "I get away with murder (on The Daily Show)"
Lewis Black talks with the Monterey Herald about his relationship with The Daily Show, transitioning from playwright to comic, politics, and the death of "The Root of All Evil." [Read More]
Bill Maher: "I hope Obama doesn't believe in God"
With his wildly popular documentary Religulous in stores this week and a new season of Real Time just days away (not to mention Obama in the White House) you'd think stand-up comedy vet Bill Maher would relax a bit. Lucky for us, you'd be wrong. [Read More]
Daily Show's John Oliver Goes To The White House
The White House briefing room is getting a visit from the Daily Show Wednesday. Correspondent John Oliver is speaking with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and several members of the press corps at the White House for an upcoming segment for the Comedy Central show. [Read More]
Wanda Sykes to entertain at White House correspondents' dinner
Wanda Sykes will soon get the chance to make fun of President Barack Obama to his face. The comic actress said Thursday that she has been selected as the entertainer at the annual White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner in Washington, slated for May 9. [Read More]
Norm MacDonald talks tv, politcs and comedy - Charlotte Observer
Norm MacDonald talks to the Charlotte Observer about his new tv show, Saturday Night Live, joking about President Obama and politics in comedy in general. [Read More]
Comedy After Bush: Whither The Laughs?
With the election over, a lot of talk has been floating back and forth about change, new days, hope, that "yes we did," etc. But as the new administration takes office, the real question still remains. How do you make Barack Obama funny? [Read More]
From Obama, no drama and so far, even less comedy
Barack Obama is no barrel of laughs — at least not yet. Just hours after his inauguration in front of millions of adoring fans, late-night talk show hosts who've consistently made politicians the brunt of their jokes were gentle to a fault. [Read More]
‘The Daily Show' Going Live Inauguration Day
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will be going live next Tuesday, the day of Barack Obama's swearing in as President of the United States. Going live that evening at 11 p.m. will give the writers on the show a chance to pick apart Obama's speech (and the media "analysis" that is sure to follow). The Daily Show has gone live before, most notably on election night for its one-hour Indecision specials. [Read More]