Roseanne Barr says she's running for President | The A.V. Club
Though America was robbed briefly of the noisy distraction of a reality television star using next year’s election to boost ratings for their show, Roseanne Barr has volunteered to step in for Donald Trump, announcing on last night’s The Jay Leno Thing that she is now running for President. Or maybe she’s just being ol’ wacky, crazy Roseanne—all outspoken and unfiltered and stuff, because she’s had it up to here with those Dumbocrats and Republi-cant’s because “they both suck and they’re both a ... [Read More]
Who benefits most from the Colbert Bump?
It began as a kind of joke — in the sense that Colbert, the host, would bluster on about the "bump" his show gave anyone or anything appearing on it. However, the Bump has become anything but a joke — in the sense that the political, philanthropic and social ramifications of Colbert and his sway over his audience have grown remarkable, touching on a dizzying range of subjects both silly and serious. [Read More]
Stephen Colbert announces Super PAC television commercial; will be “chock-full of messages”
If you’re not a member of Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC, you best fix that now. The organization recently fired off the first newsletter to all members who are “the heroes with the balls” to join up and fight the good fight. What’s the PAC up to? [Read More]
Stephen Colbert on Stephen Colbert's Glorious SuperPAC Victory
Oh, you're Mr. Cool Guy. "I've seen my share of riveting Federal Election Committee deliberation and suspense in my time," you say. Well, have you ever seen riveting Federal Election Committee deliberation and suspense like this? [Read More]
The Colbert Super PAC's Real (Secret) Victory
Yesterday the Federal Election Commission in a 5-to-1 vote approved Stephen Colbert's media exemption, allowing him to turn his show into a non-stop fundraiser for some secret, but sure to be hilarious, future purpose. Yet while the FEC allowed Colbert to form his Super PAC, the decision came with some big restrictions, including the limiting of his ads to Comedy Central. Depending on your view of Colbert's goals or your preference for cliché, Colbert has either won the battle and lost the war, ... [Read More]
Raw video of the day: The FEC approves Stephen Colbert's Super PAC
This morning in Washington, D.C., the Federal Elections Commission officially voted to grant his request to form a Super Political Action Committee (or Super PAC). Here's the raw video, provided by the Associated Press, as the FEC approves Colbert and then Colbert hands in his paperwork. Roll it! [Read More]
Stephen Colbert's Super PAC Approved By FEC
Colbert's Super PAC was approved by the FEC in a vote of 5-to-1, which almost certainly means he will be elected President in a wacky write-in voting mishap. For those who are interested, you can actually listen to Stephen Colbert's FEC hearing online through the committee's site. Democracy in action, people! Hilarious, hilarious democracy. [Read More]
Stephen Colbert looks for answers on campaign finance
Stephen Colbert delights in lampooning politicians on his Comedy Central show, but he plans to raise some serious issues about public disclosure of corporate campaign contributions before the Federal Election Commission on Thursday. Colbert is asking the commission on for a so-called media exemption to allow him to use his show's airtime, staff and other resources for his political action committee without having to publicly disclose them as in-kind contributions from Comedy Central's parent com... [Read More]
Latenight comedians can sway opinion | Variety
"What Jon Stewart has to say while arguing about (rapper) Common with Bill O'Reilly is not just seen by Jon Stewart's audience," says Robert J. Thompson, a professor at Syracuse U. and the director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture. "It's replayed and talked about on the morning shows the next day, and it then becomes part of the political discussion. The ratings might not look that high. But their influence is considerably greater." [Read More]
Jon Stewart’s uncut appearance on Fox News Sunday; is he trying to become a political player?
Yesterday, Jon Stewart made his debut on the Sunday morning political talk show circuit – and of course he’d end up on Fox. The comedian had a chat with Chris Wallace that, at times, was more than a little bit tense. The heat of the interview peaked... [Read More]