Watch former senator Arlen Specter do stand-up comedy
Politicians usually work the crowd, fishing for votes,but last night during an open-mic night at Helium Comedy Club in Philly, former Sen. Arlen Specter worked the room, trawling for laughs, and he caught a cadre of lawmakers in his net. A Republic... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC will give $500,000 to fund presidential primary
Stephen Colbert’s role in comedy is clear – dude’s a storied improviser, a former Daily Show correspondent, and host of the always wonderful Colbert Report on Comedy Central. But his role in politics is a bit murkier. After forming the Colbert Super ... [Read More]
Louis C.K. set to perform for Obama at fancy political event
It’s no secret that I absolutely love everything Louis C.K. does. He could sit onstage and tell me why I suck for two hours and I’d still think he was brilliant. Hell, I even wrote a 30 page paper about Louie for a graduate school seminar last year. ... [Read More]
Jamie Kilstein’s “Libel, Slander & Sedition”
Jamie Kilstein is not for everybody. His often times politically fueled rants will most likely infuriate you if you’re a conservative Christian. That said, his target audience isn’t conservative Christians, and  hence he probably isn̵... [Read More]
Worst school ever suspends teacher for showing Daily Show segments in class
These days, tons of young people learn about the news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And that’s a good thing – you won’t find too many media sources on television that are as incisive or intelligent as Stewart and his crew of writers. So it’s ... [Read More]
Who’s crazier– Mike Tyson as Herman Cain or Herman Cain as Herman Cain? (Video)
The 2012 Presidential Election is undoubtedly going to be the inspiration for plenty of great comedy. How can we tell? Funny or Die has made their own Politics page to “cover” the race for office and killed it right from the start by enli... [Read More]
Comedian Drew Hastings runs for mayor of Ohio town: “America is going to hell,” he says
With the 2012 presidential election only a year away – I know, it’s terrifying – there are a lot of stories floating around in the ether about candidates, campaigns, and Herman Cain. As should be the case. One of the more interestin... [Read More]
Tim Heidecker will release a Herman Cain-themed music album
Just when I thought I couldn’t fall in love with Tim Heidecker any more, he slaps me in the face with his genius and I bow at his feet. Over the last week or so, Heidecker has been posting Herman Cain-themed songs on his Tumblr account. “Cain Train” ... [Read More]
Video: President Obama to Jay Leno: We gave Gaddafi ample opportunity
President Barack Obama vists the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight on NBC. The face-to-face chat has been filmed and is ready to air. Among the many topics discussed, of course, was the recent assassination of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. In thi... [Read More]
No joke: Jason Alexander summoned to Jerusalem for peace advice
When an international conflict – like, say, the Israel-Palestinian conflict – is extremely politically and religiously charged, what’s a leader to do? How does a leader even begin going about trying to solve a conflict like that? Here’s the answer. T... [Read More]