Lee Camp’s Moment of Clarity
Lee Camp is one of the hottest young comedians in the country. And he is good looking as well. We recently spoke with Lee about comedy, the media, politics, and much more.AmericasComedy.Com: When did you decide you wanted to be a comedian? Lee Camp: ... [Read More]
Comedy Central to air election campaign TV ads blasting CNN and FOX News
Comedy Central won the battle for late-night viewers under 35 years old during the Republican and Democratic national conventions. Now they're looking to take it to their "real" cable news competitors with a series of TV commercials that blast them w... [Read More]
More people 34 and younger watching The Daily Show than actual cable news for political convention coverage
Every four years, the presidential campaigns take hold of our TV lives at the end of the summer with the major party political conventions. The Democrats and Republicans still secure at least an hour of live primetime coverage each night on the big t... [Read More]
President Obama’s call to Harold & Kumar
Here is your obligatory topical video of the day, featuring President Barack Obama, making a phone call to help get out the vote for his re-election campaign this fall. On the other end of the phone? Harold & Kumar!? The movie trilogy stoners, pl... [Read More]
Judah Friedlander on the final season of '30 Rock' and possibly going into politics
He spoke with me about how the World Champion was born, the Champ’s (possible) foray into politics, the final season of “30 Rock” and his experience on “American Splendor.” [Read More]
Al Franken keeps comedy in check -- most of the time | POLITICO
Since he arrived in the Senate three years ago, the former “Saturday Night Live” star has tried to project an ultra-serious public image of a studious and hard-working senator who shuns the media spotlight and whose past career as a comedian and satirist is just that — a thing of the past. (PHOTOS: Al Franken's career) But behind the scenes, Al Franken is still Al Franken. He ribs fellow senators and cracks jokes, whether it’s impersonating the first Jewish man he met with a heavy West Vir... [Read More]
Nato Green: Humanly Political
In recent years, America has gone through a difficult political time that has left the majority of Americans quite confused. With so many different media outlets trying to make sense of it all, there is one type of person that remains ahead of everyb... [Read More]
Danny Bevins Interview
The nice thing about writing for a blog is: you don’t have to have any of that pesky “journalistic integrity”. This means writing for a blog, is just like working for Fox News. But I digress. For the sake of fairness, I will state that I love Danny B... [Read More]
Read the scrapped Barack Obama sketch from SNL about Osama bin Laden
Saturday Night Live had a great showing this past weekend. As it turns out, though, one sketch that was planned to run got scrapped. In the sketch, President Obama, portrayed as per usual by Fred Armisen, addresses the anniversary of Osama bin Laden.. [Read More]
Person Stephen Colbert, Not Character Stephen Colbert, Talks PACs with Letterman
Through the magic of film recording, last night, Stephen Colbert was being interviewed by Letterman on CBS whilst interviewing Lena Dunham on Comedy Central (welcome to the future and the jungle – welcome to the future jungle). Colbert was on as himself and talked about his Super PAC – you know the... [Read More]