The Persistence of Birther Humor
Donald Trump's recent embrace of the birther conspiracy has been a bonanza for political comedians. He even received a hearty thank you at the top of Conan's monologue last night. Though Trump is getting notoriety for bringing the controversy back into the spotlight after repeated and thorough debunkings last year, the birther issue never really went away. When not being discussed as a serious question for debate, it has persisted in the form of birther jokes. [Read More]
The Comedy Stylings of Rep. Anthony Weiner
Queens Congressman Anthony Weiner spoke at the Congressional Correspondents Dinner this week, and it was well liked. These dinners are events where politicians stand up in front of journalists and attempt to tell jokes. Except for the one that had Stephen Colbert, these political cor... [Read More]
Anthony Weiner, Rand Paul and Larry Wilmore Make with the Funny at the 2011 Congressional Correspondents' Dinner
From Indecision… Last night, the Radio and Television Correspondents Association held its annual Congressional Correspondents' Dinner, giving Washington insiders a peak into the inner lives of struggling desperate stand-up comedians. T... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Joining 9/11 Memorial Board
The Associated Press is reporting today that Jon Stewart is being named to the 9/11 Memorial Foundation Board this afternoon. This of course comes in the wake of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and many others recognizing the instrumental role Jon and The... [Read More]
Drew Hastings to run for mayor of Hillsboro, Ohio
Saying that he will be a bold mayor who believes in "Hillsboro taking care of its own," Drew Hastings announced he plans to file as a Republican candidate for mayor of Hillsboro. Hastings, a nationally recognized comedian who owns Bell's Opera House, the former Fifth-Third Bank building and the former Hillsboro Safety Building in uptown Hillsboro, has begun circulating petitions for his mayoral bid. Hastings previously mentioned contemplating a run briefly in a pilot episode of "The Battles of H... [Read More]
Jon Stewart's Extended Interview with Iranian Satirists Kambiz Hosseini & Saman Arbabi
Did you even know they had satire in Iran? I didn't! Although, to be perfectly honest, until pretty recently I thought Iran was just Iraq with a typo. I had no idea it was actually the other way around. Anyway, Iran does indeed have satire, and ... [Read More]
Sarah Palin Invited to Come on Jon Stewart
From Indecision… On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart attempted to coin some new words to describe the rhetorical offenses of Sarah Palin, from "Anchorage Steamer" to "Palin-drome" to "Caribou Ball-Swivel."... [Read More]
Kirsten Gillibrand Credits Daily Show for Helping Pass 9/11 First Responders Bill
You knew it, and I knew it, but it was nice to hear a sitting US Senator say aloud last night that The Daily Show's efforts made a real difference in the passage of the 9/11 first responders health care bill. [Read More]
Entering Politics Is Something Alec Baldwin Is "Very, Very Interested In"
Alec Baldwin has always been politically outspoken -- and now, he's talking about taking action and running for office. The '30 Rock' star and noted liberal sat down with Eliot Spitzer of CNN's 'Parker Spitzer' on Tuesday to discuss his future in politics, and said that after many approaches, he is very interested in running. [Read More]
Jon Stewart and The Daily Show May Have Saved the 9/11 First Responders Bill
Did you happen to notice how a week ago, when Republicans blocked a Senate bill that would have paid for health care coverage for 9/11 First Responders, there was this deafening sonic boom of complete silence that emanated ... [Read More]