Brazil comedians challenge ban on ridiculing presidential candidates
Brazilian TV and radio broadcasters are legally forbidden from making fun of candidates ahead of the nation's Oct. 3 election and a possible second-round runoff on Oct. 31. With the first wave of on-air political ads starting Tuesday, Brazil's comedians and satirists are planning to fight for their right to ridicule with protests in Rio de Janeiro and other cities Sunday. [Read More]
The Daily Show goes to D.C. for week of tapings before 2010 Congressional midterm elections
You may not care about politics and elections in a midterm year, but the folks at The Daily Show aren't letting it slide by unnoticed. In fact, Jon Stewart and company will be taping a week's worth of shows straight from Washington, D.C., a... [Read More]
Conservative network to launch right-wing stand-up comedy show | Punchline Magazine
Love those Tea Party rallies and Obama effigy burnings but wish they were funnier? Well, today is your lucky day! Launching very, very soon is RightNetwork, a new comedy and entertainment network exclusively for, as Kelsey Grammer (who has signed on to be the network’s first celebrity spokesperson) so eloquently puts it, members on the “other side of the aisle.” [Read More]
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Take Glenn Beck to School | NBC New York
Stewart's out-of-character bit, complete with manic chalk circling and pandering illogical leaps along the spectrum of history and politics, proved alternately hilarious and chilling – probably because it wasn’t so far off from an actual Beck rant on the evils of progressivism. Colbert offered his own, more nuanced take-down of Beck for what the comedian, who is Catholic, clearly saw as a direct attack on his religion's teachings about social justice. [Read More]
Matt Stone & Trey Parker Are Not Your Political Allies (No Matter What You Believe) | Huffington Post
"South Parks"'s creators speak about the possibility of Eric Cartman running guns in Afghanistan, Muhammad cartoons, mocking religions, angering and/or being claimed by liberals and conservatives, the timing of Team America, cat orgies, celebrities talking politics, Kanye, and an upcoming Tiger Woods episode. [Read More]
Jon Stewart's Extended Interview with Newt Gingrich | Comedy Central Insider
after Jon Stewart's interview with Newt Gingrich on last night's Daily Show.. I just didn't want it to end. Fortunately, we've got an exclusive extended clip that more than doubles the length of the interview. [Read More]
Stephen Colbert tests Sarah Palin's "satire" defense, calling her a 'f--king retard' | NY Daily News
Comedy Central funnyman Stephen Colbert put Sarah Palin's "satire" defense over the word "retard" to the test Monday night - and used it to describe the former Alaska governor. "We should all come to her defense and say that Sarah Palin is a f---ing retard," Colbert said. "It's satire." [Read More]
Comedian Artie Lange for Mayor of Hoboken | MyFoxHouston
When the mayor of a city is forced to resign after a corruption investigation, citizens would not likely be ready to support a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict to be his replacement, but one grassroots web campaign is seeking to accomplish just that result. The administrator of provides instructions on the website for registered voters in Hoboken , New Jersey, to vote for comedian and radio personality Artie Lange, whose struggle with depression and dependence on narcotics a... [Read More]
Republican politician Chris Christie campaign ad rips off Monty Python | Chortle
Members of Monty Python have threatened to sue a Republican politician after he illegally used a clip from the show in his campaign ad. Chris Christie, who is standing for governor of New Jersey, used a Flying Circus sketch in which Michael Palin repeatedly asks viewers if they have ever suffered from déjà vu, while superimposing captions about his opponent's record. However, despite being a former attorney, Christie never sought permission to use the clip in the commercial, which has aired se... [Read More]
Nick Di Paolo - "Nobody's carrying the baton for the right (wing) side" | Boston Comedy interview
Nick Di Paolo was a regular part of Colin Quinn's Tough Crowd, a show that featured comedians busting each other's chops and speaking off the cuff. Di Paolo was one of the few comics commenting from a conservative standpoint, and with a Democrat in the White House again, Di Paolo says the political quotient in his act is rising. [Read More]