Sarah Palin Invited to Come on Jon Stewart
From Indecision… On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart attempted to coin some new words to describe the rhetorical offenses of Sarah Palin, from "Anchorage Steamer" to "Palin-drome" to "Caribou Ball-Swivel."... [Read More]
Kirsten Gillibrand Credits Daily Show for Helping Pass 9/11 First Responders Bill
You knew it, and I knew it, but it was nice to hear a sitting US Senator say aloud last night that The Daily Show's efforts made a real difference in the passage of the 9/11 first responders health care bill. [Read More]
Entering Politics Is Something Alec Baldwin Is "Very, Very Interested In"
Alec Baldwin has always been politically outspoken -- and now, he's talking about taking action and running for office. The '30 Rock' star and noted liberal sat down with Eliot Spitzer of CNN's 'Parker Spitzer' on Tuesday to discuss his future in politics, and said that after many approaches, he is very interested in running. [Read More]
Jon Stewart and The Daily Show May Have Saved the 9/11 First Responders Bill
Did you happen to notice how a week ago, when Republicans blocked a Senate bill that would have paid for health care coverage for 9/11 First Responders, there was this deafening sonic boom of complete silence that emanated ... [Read More]
Are Comedians Making Enough Fun of Democrats? | Splitsider
For a decade, Republicans have been the butt of far more jokes than Democrats have. It’s natural that comedians would make fun of the people in power. During most of the Bush-Cheney years, we could rely on nightly comic savaging of our president from a variety of outlets. (Remember That’s My Bush?) But even though Democrats have been in power for two years, comedians have continued to focus most of their attention on Republicans. [Read More]
The Daily Show Sanity Bus: The Complete Saga
If you're to believe some in the press, everyone traveling to tomorrow's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear is doing so on geothermal recumbent bikes made of hemp and recycled latte cups. And while that may be the case for many attendees, ... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Keeps the President Waiting (video) | Comedy Central Insider
Last night's Daily Show featured a lot of firsts. First sitting President on the show, first time the entire program was dedicated to the guest interview, but one more first didn't make it to air: the first of hopefully many installments of The Daily Show's new series Let's Keep the President Waiting. [Read More]
Congress beginning to suspect that The Colbert Report may be making fun of them | The A.V. Club
After nearly five years of turning up to discuss their political stances, only to find themselves tricked into talking about prostitutes and cocaine, members of Congress are starting to feel like The Colbert Report may be less interested in providing them with a forum for discussing serious issues, and more interested in making them look like idiots. [Read More]
Obama promotes Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' | USA Today
In protesting the negative tone of today's politics, President Obama yesterday endorsed a rally being organized by talk show host/comedian Jon Stewart. [Read More]
Stephen Colbert's Congressional testimony may have been a joke, but watch his report on migrant workers | The Comic's Comic
Certainly more than a few people scratched their heads or worse today when they turned on the TV and saw that not only was Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress, but that he was doing so in character. Who's idea was this, anyway? [Read More]