Paul Scheer will talk to you on Yowie, but you no longer have to ask him when Human Giant is reuniting
Paul Scheer is the latest to take the Yowie plunge, plugging in his headphones this evening to chat with you and answer your questions online and on camera. Go to Paul Scheer's Yowie page to sign in at the appropriate time and date. One thing yo... [Read More]
Paul Scheer's rules for watching "Piranha 3D"
Everybody remember Snakes on a Plane? OK. Let me rephrase that: Anybody remember anything about Snakes on a Plane other than the one line you remember Samuel L. Jackson uttering about being fed up with all of the mother-loving snakes? I remember si... [Read More]
Could "National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle" be too good to be TV true?
When Adult Swim began airing episodes of Childrens' Hospital last month, they aired an ad for a different kind of action show called National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehi... [Read More]
Paul Scheer Talks Web TV and Justin Bieber | PopEater
Paul Scheer gives us the scoop on the second annual Streamys, hints at his plan to turn 'Human Giant' into a feature film, and tells us what he really thinks of Justin Bieber. [Read More]
Stars align in Hollywood for "Night of 140 Tweets" | the comic's comic
What happens when you get 140 performers -- from the biggest names in comedy to the biggest up-and-coming funny people, mixed in with Hollywood stars and starlets, musicians, writers, children's show makers, porn stars, and just plain clever people -- put them in a 99-seat sold-out north Hollywood theater, and let them unleash their favorite and sometimes raunchiest Twitter posts? You got the crazy scene last night at A Night of 140 Tweets, an all-star benefit for Haiti relief at the Upright Cit... [Read More]
Paul Scheer (Human Giant) - losanjealous Interview
After spending well over ten years as an active member in the crazy, mostly unstable, world of comedy it would be almost expected for many people to lose that childlike wonder and enthusiasm that we all start off with. It's easy for some comedians to become jaded or even bitter after years of trying to make people laugh. I'm sure you know the type of people I'm talking about. You might know them. You may even be them. Now imagine the exact opposite of that, and you will find someone resembling P... [Read More]