Craig Ferguson is The King of 7B in ABC sitcom pilot
Craig Ferguson is very busy despite his CBS departure two months ago. The former Late Late Show host will star in an ABC comedy pilot The King Of 7B. Ferguson plays Prentiss Porter, an agoraphobe who takes his first steps into the outside world in 11 years. Of course, as soon as he finds himself amo... [Read More]
Marlon Wayans Richard Pryor audition tape leaked. And Marlon is excellent. (Video)
With the Richard Pryor biopic in the works, and comedian Mike Epps chosen for the titular role, it’s a bit too late to recast. But, with newly released footage of Marlon Wayans’ audition tape from when Chris Rock was attached to work on the project, it’s not too late to have some s... [Read More]
Wet Hot American Summer on stage! Cult comedy flick becomes a play, but will it work?
It’s good to be a Wet Hot American Summer fan right about now. Well, it’s good to be that most of the time, since telling a group of people that you have to go hump the fridge is probably the best way to single out new friends from the herd, based on reaction. But now, more than ever, WH... [Read More]
Amy Schumer felt up by Broad City gals Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer (Photo)
Comedians are nothing, if not stalwart representatives of responsible personal choices. Behold Amy Schumer, reminding her legions of female fans, with help from Abbi Jacobson and Illana Glazer aka the Broad City gals, to be routine with one’s monthly self breast examination. Ok, so screening f... [Read More]
Welcome to Me trailer: Kristen Wiig continues enviable, versatile career after Saturday Night Live (Video)
Since her exit from Saturday Night Live in May of 2012, Kristen Wiig has masterfully piloted her post sketch comedy career. Flying light years beyond the laughs she generated with the Target Lady, Dooneese and Gilly (among other now-classic SNL characters), Wiig has proven herself a deeply versatile... [Read More]
James Corden’s first Late Late Show guest announced!
James Corden will host the legendary Tom Hanks as his first guest when the Scottish comic takes over The Late Late Show on CBS next month. Craig Ferguson has already and is plenty busy with other projects. Since his departure, CBS has had a slew of (male) guest hosts including Judd Apatow, Dre... [Read More]
Why Marc Maron’s WTF! Could Only Work Once
(Image via By Joe-Joe Louis Slate magazine named the “Louis C.K.” episode of WTF! with Marc Maron as the best episode of a podcast ever made, beating out not only other comedy podcasts, but also podcasting favorites like This American Life, Radio Lab, and the wildly popular S... [Read More]
Mo’Nique: Lee Daniels blackballed me after Precious Oscar win
We all remember Mo’Nique, right? The standup badass turned sitcom star turned serious movie actress turned dark horse Oscar winner? Yeah, about that Oscar win… turns out it may not have been the career jolt for Mo’ that it normally is for others. Which explains why we haven’... [Read More]
SNL 40: Steve Martin catches Martin Short ‘doing Coke’ backstage (PHOTO)
In what could have been the most apt maneuver of Sunday’s Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, Martin Short decided to do a little Coke backstage, maybe hoping to settle his jangled nerves before performing. Unfortunately for him – but fortunately for us – old pal Steve Ma... [Read More]