Bill Burr’s new special is only on Netflix starting today
What does Thursday, August 16th mean to you? Perhaps nothing off the top of your head. But to comedy fans it means the release of the one and only Bill Burr’s latest stand-up special, You People Are All The Same. Which Burr is releasing exclusively for streaming on Netflix. So if you don’... [Read More]
Review: Gary Gulman “No Can Defend”
Stand up and pay attention because Gary Gulman is about to break it down. No Can Defend is the comedian’s second release, first for Comedy Central Records and from the start; the comedian sets the tone – slightly neurotic, cautious but damn is it funny. Gulman is no newbie to the stand-up scene he’s... [Read More]
LOLFlix the New Netflix of Comedy
There is a new revolution in the comedy world.  Comedy now has its own Netflix site, well sort of.  LOLFlix, a site in a class with Netflix, offers stand-ups exclusively.Laugh Spin reported that Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, and Jim Gaffigan’s self distri... [Read More]
15 Comedy Documentaries Worth Watching On Netflix
Netflix, to its credit, has a phenomenal archive of documentaries available to watch whenever you want. Even better, they have some really interesting comedy-related documentaries available to watch whenever you want. These movies take a poignant look at such comedy legends as Bill Hicks, Conan O'Brien, Woody Allen, Joan Rivers and more and make for great summer movie marathon-ing. With that in mind, and because going to the beach is totally overrated, we put together a list of 15 of the best... [Read More]
Amazon Studios Will Develop Comedy And Children’s Series, Inc. today announced that Amazon Studios is expanding its development efforts into comedy and children’s series. Amazon Studios is Amazon’s content development division that uses audience feedback to identify great, original entertainment customers will love. Starting today, series creators are invited to upload their proposals for comedy and children’s programming to Amazon Studios at The best comedy and children’s series will be distributed through Amazon... [Read More]
Netflix Will Release the 10 New Episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ All at One Time
To differentiate itself from regular TV, Netflix has opted to make all ten of the new Arrested Development episodes available for viewing on the same day. That day is still not determined, but it will be sometime next year, said Netflix chief Ted Sarandos at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. [Read More]
David Cross still cautious about Arrested Development return, despite official announcement
It’s no secret that fans of Arrested Development have followed every piece of chatter about the show returning since its cancellation nearly six years ago. With cult-like fervor, audiences have been hopeful that rumors would become reality and ... [Read More]
Netflix To Bring Back Arrested Development
The quirky TV comedy Arrested Development is coming back to life thanks to Netflix’s video streaming service. The on-demand streaming media giant is giving the series a second chance. Arrested Development will be available for instant viewing t... [Read More]
Netflix to revive “Arrested Development,” air new season online in 2013
After years of wishing it were so, it's now a reality. Arrested Development, the critically-acclaimed and Emmy-winning but low-rated comedy that aired for three seasons on FOX from 2003-2006, will return with a new season of episodes -- but only onli... [Read More]
Netflix is looking to make new episodes of Reno 911!
After a fruitful 88-episode run on Comedy Central, Reno 911! went away forever in 2009. Since that time, most of the cast has gone on to do great things, and that’s fantastic. Really. But wouldn’t you want just a wee bit more of Reno? It ... [Read More]