Last Comic Standing - The one with seven or whatever | The A.V. Club
This is how I suppose it all went down: Each comic prepared their set. They arrived this morning (shows are pre-taped) assuming they were going to perform but not really too sure. Then, suddenly, there they are, standing next to a bunch of others hoping they won't get kicked off. Their name is called; they're thrusted off stage and back on again with little warning. Plus, now there are judges again. It's a trip. [Read More]
Last Ten Comics Standing S07E07 | Shecky Magazine
We’ll limit our observations to this: Of the contestants sent home tonight, we accurately predicted the demise of two of them (won’t say which ones) and we predicted (privately) the other ... [Read More]
Step right up, place your bets on the Last Comic Standing winner
The article on was written by “Bonnie.” It is entitled, “Last Comic Standing Betting Odds List Tommy Johnagin As Fan Favorite.” [Read More]
Louis C.K. to Jay Leno: I never got laid because of my looks
Louis C.K. sat down last night with Jay Leno to, as it would seem, not to talk about his new sitcom, Louie, which premiers – with two episodes – this coming Tuesday on FX at 11 pm EST. C.K., inste... [Read More]
"New York Auditions Day 2" - Last Comic Standing recap | The A.V. Club
If the comics who audition for this show are already somewhat established, and the judges are comedy insiders, there's a bit of a predicament hatching: Should the judgment be based simply on the audition, or on the judge's knowledge of the comic's entire run of material? [Read More]
Open Call - NBC’s Stand-Up For Diversity, hosted by Ken Jeong
NBC Universal has announced that comedian-actor Ken Jeong (NBC’s “Community,” “The Hangover”) will be the spokesperson for NBCU’s 2010 “Stand-up for Diversity” comic search and will be the host of the event’s finale showcase. [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up lineup looks like it's doubling up on Last Comic Standing
Comedy Central has unveiled most of the lineups for this summer's upcoming series showcase, Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at The El Rey, and it's coincidental but not exactly that you'll be seeing some of the same faces and names here that you're also seeing this summer on NBC's Last Comic Standing. [Read More]
Last Comic Standing - "New York Audition Day 1" | The A.V. Club
It's official: Last Comic Standing auditions are suspenseless. Over the course of the first New York audition day, we got to know a bunch of comics who were all passed on to the showcase.. [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 7 Live Blog, Episode 2
Punchline Magazine live blogs LCS, just in case you have the internets, but no television. [Read More]