Parks and Recreation: Leslie, the Moon and all of Finland’s Lions are at War with Peru
I never did Model U.N. I was too busy working through a smooth jazz alto sax solo in Jazz band. I was really cool and popular in high school, see (cough). And Leslie Knope (like Amy Poehler herself) was that goodie-goodie heading up the Model U.N. se... [Read More]
Parks and Recreation: It’s the end of the world and Tom Haverford’s dream dies– but it’s super fun!
A guy sporting a white bowl haircut arrives at City Hall proselytizing the end of the world. Zorp is on the move, and Herb and his fellow cult members are planning an all-night vigil to witness the end of days. And they need a park permit. Ben and Le... [Read More]
“Community” goes gay– and it feels good!
We have a lot to discuss, you guys, starting with…gay students at Greendale! Yay! Turns out that Hawthorne Wipes are huge with the gays thanks to a hit dance tune by Urbana Champagne. (Was anyone else disappointed that Abed whispered the explanation ... [Read More]
“Parks and Recreation” launches exclusive webisodes tonight! (Video)
Listen, I love Parks and Rec for all the right reasons and the characters are fantastic. But my love for April and Andy grows every goddamn week. And after tonight’s episode, NBC is going to release five webisodes based around tonight’s showing, titl... [Read More]
Halloween on Parks and Rec: Mail Order Divas, Sherlock Traeger and Leslie’s campaign suffers
April and Andy are throwing an epic Halloween party. What are you going to be? Eggplant’s already taken. Or are you going instead to Leslie Knope’s Meet ‘N’ Greet featuring the Entertainment 720 Mail Order Divas and mobile hot tub? Either way, get a ... [Read More]
NBC Buys Family Comedy Created By & Starring Jim Gaffigan
NBC has bought a single-camera comedy from actor-comedian Jim Gaffigan, Universal TV and Scot Armstrong and Ravi Nandan’s studio-based American Work. Gaffigan will write and star in the project based on his life as a lazy man, married to a strong woman, raising 4 children in a 2 bedroom apartment in New York City. [Read More]
Watch Joe Rogan and blood, bees and explosions in first “Fear Factor” promo
Here’s a fun little game: Can you count the number of ways you can die in this Fear Factor promo? Here’s a hint. There are many. Comedian Joe Rogan returns as host on Dec. 12 at 8 pm ET of the contest show that paved the way for many othe... [Read More]
Joe Rogan returns to “Fear Factor” Dec. 12
We’ve known for months now that NBC’s former hit reality show Fear Factor would no-longer be former. And we also knew that comedian Joe Rogan would return as host. But today, NBC finally announced when the show would return. It all goes d... [Read More]
Chelsea Lately’s Sarah Colonna strikes a deal to produce new comedy for NBC
Another one of Chelsea Handler’s comedy posse has landed a sweet television deal. Comedian Sarah Colonna, who writes for and appears on Chelsea Lately and co-stars in the show’s companion reality series After Lately, has signed on with NB... [Read More]