Weird Al Yankovic will release comedy special, DVD, Blu-Ray and more through Comedy Central
Comedy Central announced today an exclusive multi-platform deal with Weird Al Yankovic, the most prolific comedy recording artist of all time. The deal consists of three main prongs– the first of which is the world premiere of Weird Al’ Y... [Read More]
Long-awaited Woody Allen documentary will hit PBS
I was reading Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs this weekend, and he mentions that Woody Allen was enormously influential in the whole nerd chic thing that made intellectual eccentricity attractive. I’m inclined to agree. Maybe his chara... [Read More]
“Knights of Badassdom” looks ridiculously fun; check out the trailer
As a complete geek, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for nerd comedies from Spaceballs to The Guild. With geekery becoming chic, it’s not surprising that we’d see quite a bit of funny movies and shows aimed at the subculture – and maybe poking... [Read More]
Watch a preview of the new season of “Family Guy”
Family Guy won’t premiere its new season on Fox until Sept. 25 at 9 pm EST, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit there like a helpless idiot not watching a preview, right? Right. So, go ahead and check out the below teaser, which was unv... [Read More]
Kevin Smith looks to host his own, daily television talk show
Clerks director and cult comedy legend Kevin Smith is set to host a talk show pilot. The show is planned to be a daily, half hour, syndicated program that would blend discussion with celebrities and comedy. The show is tentatively titled The Kevin Sm... [Read More]
Watch Aziz Ansari get blown in “30 Minutes Or Less” red band trailer; other stuff happens, too
Yeah, yeah, we know. The trailer for the upcoming comedy flick 30 Minutes Or Less has been out for weeks. But it didn’t include any bad words– and it 100 percent didn’t include Aziz Ansari getting a blow job in a car. Thankfully, th... [Read More]
Comedian light boxes feature Marc Maron, Janeane Garofalo, Louis C.K., more
Janeane Garofalo is a light box! The ways in which comedy nerds can show their appreciation for the artists they love are a bit limited. Obviously, you can show up to your fave comedians’ live shows; these days you could probably also donate so... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman and Rainn Wilson In the Peep World Trailer
I have this weird disorder where I can't separate actors from their most famous roles. So, as far as I can tell, Peep World is a movie where Sarah Silverman, Dexter and Dwight Schrute are all siblings in a dysfunctional family. And, oh no, Sloan... [Read More]
TJ Miller Returns to Skyline Comedy Stage in January
Fresh off a memorable live performance and guest interview on CONAN this week, comedian and film/TV actor TJ Miller – a longtime Skyline Comedy favorite – will return to the Appleton stage January 19-22, 2011, 8 months after his sold-out Northeast Wisconsin sets in spring 2010. There’s been much ado about everything since he stoked our comedy flames, too. TJ’s latest two flicks hit theaters this month -3 -D movie “Yogi Bear,” starring Dan Akroyd and Justin Timberlake, on Dec. 17 and Jack Black a... [Read More]
Rob Corddry, Zach Galifianakis and Bob Odenkirk In This Crazy Looking B-Movie
In school I was an almost straight-A student (damn you, Driver's Ed!). In retrospect that's really lame. Straight-B students were much cooler because they were clearly smart, but weren'... [Read More]