Sundance: Patton Oswalt gets serious in 'Big Fan'
Patton Oswalt is a funny guy. The stand-up comic brilliantly skewered Kentucky Fried Chicken and the "Star Wars" prequels on his album "Werewolves and Lollipops." He was a regular on "King of Queens" and provided the voice of Remy, the culinary-minded rat of Pixar's "Ratatouille." In the movie "Big Fan," premiering Jan. 18, Oswalt gets serious. He plays a Staten Island parking-lot attendant who's the world's biggest New York Giants fan. The movie is written and directed by Robert Siegel, now g... [Read More]
Quincy Newell, 'Why We Laugh': Comedy, Race, and Positive Representation
‘Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy' is a sweeping account of the evolution of black comedy in America. Inspired by comedian Darryl Littleton's book, directors Robert Townsend and Quincy Newell have crafted a no-holds-barred documentary that is both an insider's take and a critical examination of the cultural influence of black comedy. [Read More]
Kevin James Talks Stunts, Sandler & His New Comedy "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"
Kevin James was last seen sharing the screen (and the occasional kiss) with fellow comedian superstar Adam Sandler in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry." But now he takes top billing on his own in "Paul Blart: Mall Cop", a new comedy in which James plays a New Jersey mall security guard who has to act like a real cop when the mall is taken hostage by a group of criminals. [Read More]
Woody Allen says he hopes to film a new comedy in Paris
US filmmaker Woody Allen said Tuesday he hopes to shoot a new comedy in Paris next summer, continuing his recent run of choosing to film in European cities over his native-New York. "I have always wanted to shoot a film in Paris. I have a scenario for Paris all written. I was going to shoot it a few years ago but when we came here and I started to put the film together, suddenly it became such an expensive film that I could not do it," he said. [Read More]
Tracy Morgan finds 'Roommates'
Tracy Morgan will star in and produce the comedy "Freshman Roommates" for Montecito and Paramount Pictures. TJ Miller ("Cloverfield") will also star in the film that is inspired by the proliferation of email scams purporting to be sent by a Nigerian prince looking for help in accessing his fortune. "Freshman Roommates" asks the question what if one of the emails isn't a scam. Story kicks off when a young man answers one such email during a drunken stupor. Soon thereafter, the spoiled son of a ... [Read More]
Study: Romantic Comedies Can Ruin Your Life
Researchers at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh have published a study that found that romantic comedies promote unrealistic expectations of love and relationships. [Read More]
Film will re-animate classic Cheech & Chong
Word from the trades this morning that Big Vision and Chambers Bros. have acquired the rights to the Cheech and Chong music catalog and will recycle some classic routines into a new film, Cheech and Chong's Smokin' Animated Movie. The Hollywood Reporter acquired these quotes from the duo, currently reunited and on a nationwide live tour. [Read More]
Comedians in the 2009 Sundance Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival has announced its slate of films for the 2009 celebration of cinema in Park City, Utah, and more than a few feature and/or star stand-up comedians during the Jan. 15-25 run in the ski hills. [Read More]
Peter Farrelly to Produce Kentucky Fried Mimic
Overture Films and A Bigger Boat are going short, developing an untitled feature produced by Peter Farrelly and Charles Wessler consisting of two dozen short comedy films in the vein of "The Groove Tube" and "Kentucky Fried Movie." Directors already in talks include Brett Ratner, Todd Phillips, Mike Judge, Josh Gordon and Will Speck. Farrelly also will direct two of the shorts. [Read More]