Bruno wins "lower certificate" (R-rating) | Chortle
Sacha Baron Cohen's film Bruno has avoided America's NC-17 certificate, largely viewed as box office poison, after some of the more offensive scenes were re-edited. [Read More]
'Bruno' Dupes Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
The Huffington Post has posted the transcript of a radio interview Curtis Silwa had with Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his encounter with Sacha Baron Cohen's Austrian flamboyant fashionista Bruno and apparently the moment will be seen in the July 10 Universal release Bruno. [Read More]
The Unshine Boys: Woody Allen & Larry David - The New York Observer
So, a new Woody Allen movie starring Larry David filmed right here in New York City. Could there be a more deep-fried mix of talent, comedy and neuroses? [Read More]
Andy Samberg to host MTV Movie Awards
It's that time of year again -the MTV Movie Awards - and SNL comic, Andy Samberg, has snagged the role of host! Andy is another funnyman added to the line of comedians that have preceded him. Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Murphy, among others have all hosted MTV's annual movie award show. [Read More]
Jim Carrey packs on pounds for 'Three Stooges' film
Jim Carrey is getting serious about his new role. Seriously fat, that is. The funnyman is packing on the pounds to play "Curly" in the upcoming big screen version of "The Three Stooges," according to gal pal Jenny McCarthy. [Read More]
Jamie Kennedy fights back: critics be warned Punchline Magazine interview
There's a long list of professional Jamie Kennedy haters; no one knows this more than the comedian himself. But now, Kennedy has a voice to strike back in the form of his to-be- released documentary Heckler. [Read More]
Jody Hill - A.V. Club Interview
With just three projects, 32-year-old writer-director-producer Jody Hill has established himself as a unique voice in television and film. The A.V. Club recently spoke with Hill about Eastbound & Down's recent renewal, going too far with Observe And Report,and stumbling onto the perfect comedy penis. (Warning: voluminous Observe And Report spoilers ahead.) [Read More]
Stand-Up 360 in cinemas this spring - the comic's comic
Screenvision has produced a series of seven live stand-up comedy films from Broadway Comedy Club in NYC that will appear on movie screens nationwide beginning May 4. [Read More]
Observe and Report Director Jody Hill on Making People Feel Weird - New York Magazine
From Foot Fist Way to Eastbound & Down, Jody Hill loves deluded dudes in everyday situations. In his new film, Observe and Report, which opens tomorrow, Seth Rogen plays a megalomaniac, manic-depressive security guard named Ronnie who tries to defend a cosmetics-counter girl (Anna Faris, whom we interviewed here) against a terrorist-flasher. Vulture spoke to the director about whether or not he ever dated a makeup-counter girl and how Ronnie relates to George W. Bush. [Read More]
Greg Mottola (Director of Superbad, Adventureland) - A.V. Club Interview
Just call Greg Mottola a late bloomer. It took 11 years after the release of his first film (1996's Daytrippers) to get around to his second, Superbad, whose success was largely chalked up to its association with the Judd Apatow/Seth Rogen juggernaut. But with Adventureland, which he wrote and directed, Mottola is in the spotlight—although having Twilight's Kristen Stewart aboard doesn't exactly hurt. Decidedly more melancholy than Superbad, or his episodes of Undeclared and Arrested Developme... [Read More]