Maria Bamford rekindles her Christmas ad campaign for Target
Maria Bamford holiday ads are becoming just as traditional as a Christmas tree, a Hanukkah bush and getting hammered on eggnog. (“Ho-ho-ooh, my head hurts, Santa!”). Bamford follows up her hilarious series of Black Friday TV ads for Target from last ... [Read More]
TONIGHT: Punchline Magazine 5th Anniversary show at Largo
Our friends over at are celebrating their fifth birthday, and they're doing it bi-coastally. So if you missed the NYC bash on October 5th, don't despair: you can still represent west coast-style by going to Largo at the Coronet on Monday night. As you can see from the flyer above, this show features Greg Proops, Chris Hardwick, Jeff Garlin, Maria Bamford and Marc Maron. Need I say more? Maybe: tickets can be had via (310) 855-0350 or [Read More]
Marc Maron, Greg Proops, Whitney Cummings, more in all-star comedy show Oct. 11 in LA
Comedians Marc Maron, Greg Proops, Maria Bamford, Whitney Cummings and Chris Hardwick will join together on one stage at Largo in Los Angeles on Oct. 11 at 8 pm. Why, you ask? [Read More]
Netflix Instant Nudge: The Comedians of Comedy – The Movie | Third Guy Ducks
The movie isn't about stand-up comedy. It's not really even about stand-up comedians. It's about being stand-ups. The footage switches quickly between stage, backstage and road footage. Occasional staged interviews and even some mini-film stunting fill in to shake up the pace. If you ultimately don't trust that you're seeing the comedians be themselves, the footage is at least very lifelike. [Read More]
Comedy Central At Comic Con: Day Three/Four, House of Blues Show
First up, Pete Holmes hosted and he was great. I don't like to bullshit. I'm all business all the time. And for my business money, Pete is one of the best comics around. The crowd was a little disruptive, but Holmes really turned them around so fast. [Read More]
Maria Bamford, Nick Swardson, more to perform at Comic-Con for Comedy Central
Comedy Central will travel with some of its comedian stars to San Diego’s ultra popular comic book convention and general nerdfest Comic-Con on July 23 and 24th. In addition to panels with the produ... [Read More]
Just for Laughs Chicago 2010 Alt Comedy Review
Of all the shows at the 2010 Just for Laughs Chicago festival, no lineup appealed to me more than Alt Comedy featuring Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Chris Hardwick and a few more special surprises [Read More]
Comedy Review: Maria Bamford, Plan B | STAGE TIME Magazine
Maria Bamford’s one woman show is not for the easily annoyed by Maria Bamford. This seems like an obvious disclaimer which can be said for any one-person show, but Bamford’s new DVD, Plan B is light on punch lines and heavy on her shrill, over-the-top voices and faces. It takes a huge Maria Bamford fan (which I consider myself to be) to really enjoy the entire DVD. [Read More]