Maria Bamford: Obsessively funny | Punchline Magazine
Comedian Maria Bamford says she has a hard time being charming. Fuck charming. Charming isn't funny. You know what is? Everything Maria Bamford does. She only proves it further on her new Comedy Central album Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome. [Read More]
New Comedy Releases for Tuesday, April 21 - Maria Bamford, Ron White
Only two major releases this week: one from Blue Collar comedian Ron White, and the other from Comedian of Comedy Maria Bamford. [Read More]
Maria Bamford's 'Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome' CD/DVD arrives April 21
Maria Bamford is one of the most uniquely talented comedians of her generation - master of voices and character work, a lover of pugs and a very nice lady. Her new CD/DVD, "Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome," will be released on COMEDY CENTRAL Records on Tuesday, April 21. Taped at the Upright Citzens Brigade Theater in Hollywood, CA last August, Bamford has put together another album that showcases her life and overactive imagination. The CD contains almost an hour of hilarious stories told with chara... [Read More]
Maria Bamford turns bullies into buddies - Chicago Decider Interview
Somebody said to me recently, "Oh my God, you're so much better than you used to be." And I was like, "Oh, really?" I also have this idea of like, "I am freaking rocking right now!" I guess that's good, there's sort of an obliviousness. [Laughs.] If I really saw how I was, I would be like, "Maybe I shouldn't do this anymore." [Read More]
19 Random Questions with The Bammer!
Maria Bamford talks to "The Set List Online" about her pugs, Duluth, "Unwanted Thought Syndrome," Comedians of Comedy, "The Maria Bamford Show" and her advise for aspiring comedians. [Read More]
Maria Bamford, John Mulaney, more added to Comedy Central Records roster
As 2008 winds down and Comedy Central Records enjoys the success of another strong year of record sales, we hear that 2009 is going to find the comedy giants releasing another crop of huge names and rising stars. We can report that Comedy Central’s tentative list of albums for next year includes CDs by John Mulaney, Bo Burnham as well as a digital album by Greg Warren. Christopher Titus and Jim Gaffigan will release new albums in February and March respectively and will be followed in Apr... [Read More]