Comedy Review: Maria Bamford, Plan B | STAGE TIME Magazine
Maria Bamford’s one woman show is not for the easily annoyed by Maria Bamford. This seems like an obvious disclaimer which can be said for any one-person show, but Bamford’s new DVD, Plan B is light on punch lines and heavy on her shrill, over-the-top voices and faces. It takes a huge Maria Bamford fan (which I consider myself to be) to really enjoy the entire DVD. [Read More]
Maria Bamford - Plan B dvd review| Punchline Magazine
It’s not that Bamford’s life is a joke; it’s that the kooky comic’s life is the joke. We cringe and laugh convulsively because we see ourselves in her plight. Instead of a biopic, consider Plan B, bioshtick, an hour-long behind-the-mind glimpse at a sensational comedian, who molds pathos and gags into memorable and intimate comic art. [Read More]
John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show - "January 8" review | The A.V. Club
"John Oliver is fantastic, and I want more of him. The other guys are good too, no doubt, but this should be his time to shine. I look forward to the inevitable DVD cobbling together all his opening bits into an extended set. Still, it's nice to have some consistently great stand-up out there, especially to brighten those headachey Saturday mornings." [Read More]
Download and watch for free - It's Maria Bamford's Christmas stand-up special! | the comic's comic
Download Maria Bamford's free home-made Christmas comedy special for free! As Bamford says in the opening: "This is a gift. My gift to you. A lot of things have been pretty tough this year, but not for me, 'cause I sold out. Yeah. I gave up my soul to 'The Man,' and so now I'm giving this batch of jokes to you. Enjoy!" [Read More]
Maria Bamford stars in new Target ads, watch ‘em here | Punchline Magazine
"March Madness" is on Prozac compared to the insanity of Black Friday, the starting line of the hysterical holiday- shopping season. In a series of pre-Christmas commercials for Target, our fave manic comic, Maria Bamford, gets us thinking in, well, present tense. Check out the five spots below! [Read More]
"What's Up Tiger Lily"? No Seriously…What's Up? (show review) | Live Comedy LA
I went to "What's Up Tiger Lily" for the first time last night at its temporary location - Pattaya Thai Restaurant. Mostly, I went to see Dana Min Goodman because I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hear her say "Titties in the house!", while elderly Thai folks slurp down Tom Yum Goong. It's priceless really. [Read More]
Maria Bamford returns home to Duluth for benefit show | Duluth News Tribune
"We're shooting this pilot presentation thing. It seems like a lot of people are making up pilots to put on the Internet. We're doing this little pilot, it's called "The MILF of Minnesota." I'm one of the MILFs, I guess. I may be a little too old to be a MILF for reals." [Read More]
Maria Bamford - Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome | The Serious Comedy Site review
Maria Bamford has more voices than Mel Blanc and hears even more than an echo. Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome, her third stand-up comedy CD shows she can be quite original and about as eclectic and surreal as Jonathan Winters. If you can follow the bouncing ball, it is not that easy, Bamford can really blow you away. This Comedy Central release also comes with a bonus DVD featuring The Maria Bamford Show as seen on the net. [Read More]