Just For Laughs Montreal to fete The Second City, Glee writers, Aziz Ansari and Donald Glover in 2010
Just For Laughs has announced it'll honor The Second City with a lifetime achievement award and Glee with its comedy writers of the year award when JFL convenes in Montreal next month. [Read More]
Just For Laughs announces 2010 Zoofest Montreal lineup of one-man shows
For the second year, Just For Laughs Montreal is putting several of its shows into an offshoot called Zoofest, and this time, they're opening acknowledging it as the "off the wall parallel&q... [Read More]
For your consideration: Donald Glover as the new Spider-Man? Bid launched on Twitter, Facebook
n If timing is everything, then the bid by comedian and Community actor Donald Glover to get an audition for the reboot of Sony's blockbuster Spider-Man franchise shows a keen awareness of how t... [Read More]
Donald Glover talks about being ready for opportunities whenever they may come | The Comic's Comic
Two years ago, Donald Glover was a writer for Emmy-winning best sitcom 30 Rock, which is quite an achievement for anyone straight out of college. [Read More]
Mystery Team DVD Review | comedians.about.com
"I suspect Mystery Team has a long shelf life ahead of it, not just because it features several promising young comedians "way back when," but because it's the kind of movie people are going to be discovering on DVD for years to come. It's that kind of movie -- the kind you find quoting to your friends and trying to convince other people to seek out. It's a special movie, and one it feels good to pass along." [Read More]
Loni Love - Love is in the air (interview) | Punchline Magazine
With a comedy tour in full swing, her very own one-hour special entitled Loni Love: America’s Sister set to premiere on May 8 on Comedy Central followed by a DVD to hit the shelves June 1st – comedienne Loni Love is loving life. The Chelsea Lately panelist, radio co-host and self-proclaimed buffet lover took some time to talk to us, in New York, between an appearance on Fox and Friends and an emceeing gig at the Long Island Equality Awards. [Read More]
Conchords' Rhys Darby Goes Home For 'Love Birds' Comedy | Deadline
Rhys Darby, to my mind the funniest thing in HBO’s The Flight of the Choncords, has returned home to film comedy Love Birds. This New Zealand/UK co-production will film in Auckland until mid-May. Darby, who co-stars as hapless band manager Murray Hewitt in the HBO comedy, plays another lonely guy in Love Birds. This time he plays somebody nursing a wild bird back to health after his girlfriend dumps him. [Read More]
Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor's Gay Comedy Delayed Indefinitely | TheWrap
Has the curse of Jim Carrey returned to claim another movie? The release of Carrey and Ewan McGregor's gay comedy "I Love You Phillip Morris" has been delayed indefinitely by its distributor Consolidated Pictures Group, according to the L.A. Times. [Read More]
Donald Glover - why nerds are achievers | The A.V. Club interview
Donald Glover recently spoke to The A.V. Club about why nerds are achievers, how he figures out whether something is funny, and what it was like pursuing stand-up even though it meant leaving a job where he “pooped Emmys.” [Read More]
For Donald Glover, 'Community' Is Only Part of His Comedy | NY Times
“Usually, when writers tell you they want to pursue performing, you want to tell them to keep their day jobs. But with Donald, I had to agree that his talent, youth and handsomeness were not to be wasted sitting on my living room floor.” - Tina Fey [Read More]