Black out: Lewis Black tries to keep his temper in check | Eye Weekly interview
"Calm" is never the right word to describe Lewis Black. Least of all when he's on stage or holding court on The Daily Show, jabbing his finger at the idiots of the world, specifically Washington — working himself into a froth that, when he really gets going, seems to bring him within one raw nerve of a Hulk transformation. [Read More]
Lewis Black: "I get away with murder (on The Daily Show)"
Lewis Black talks with the Monterey Herald about his relationship with The Daily Show, transitioning from playwright to comic, politics, and the death of "The Root of All Evil." [Read More]
Politics don't add up for stand-up guy Lewis Black - MiamiHerald Interview
Lewis Black, the Grammy-award winning stand-up comedian who calls himself ''America's foremost commentator on everything,'' performs Saturday as a headliner for the South Beach Comedy Festival. Black, also an author, actor and playwright, is known for comedic, long-winded rants that sound like a man on the edge of sanity -- a style well known to fans of his ''Back in Black'' commentary on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Before heading to Miami, Black took some time to answer q... [Read More]
Q&A: Lewis Black by Metromix Louisville
(Credit: Ian White) Lewis Black, the "Daily Show" regular and comedic mastermind best known for ranting about, well... everything, is getting his own show on Comedy Central, "Lewis Black's Root of All Evil," on which he plays a judge presiding over two comics who are making a case for why their side is the most evil. Cases include divisive match-ups like Oprah versus the Catholic Church, Donald Trump versus Viagra and YouTube versus porn. Before the show debuted, we caught up with the Honorable... [Read More]
USO's music, comedy lift troops' spirits
Army 1st Lt. Tomas Rofkahr won't be with his family this Christmas. His temporary home at Forward Operating Base Sharana, in Paktia province along the eastern border with Pakistan, will have to do. For him, along with 2,000 other troops stationed at this logistical center, Christmas began a week ago with a USO holiday tour that at least momentarily lifted their spirits. Comics on the tour include Lewis Black, Kathleen Madigan and John Bowman. [Read More]
51st Annual Grammy Award nominations (comedy)
For the 51st annual Grammy Awards, the Recording Academy went with a live, primetime announcement/mini-concert. But you want to know who got nominated, don't you? While putting American Idol's star judge Simon Cowell up for Record of the Year (he produced "Bleeding Love" for Leona Lewis along with Clive Davis and Ryan "Alias" Tedder) certainly contains some comedic value because you wonder if he'll show up in a tight black V-neck or a tight black tuxedo, we do have some other actual comedy honor... [Read More]
Lewis Black's Flyaway Sweepstakes
if you enter and win Lewis Black's Flyaway Sweepstakes you'll be ringing in 2009 in Phoenix with Lewis Black: Celebrate the New Year with Lewis as he recaps the best and worst of 2008. The winner will also get to hang out with Lewis at the show! Enter now for your chance to win this incredible New Year's experience! Grand prize package includes: * Two (2) roundtrip tickets to Phoenix * Two (2) nights of hotel accommodations * Two (2) great seats to watch Lewis Black at the Dodge Theatre * $... [Read More]