Turner doesn’t have a Conan problem, it has a TBS vs. Adult Swim problem
To hear everyone tell it, you'd think TBS has serious issues with its late-night TV lineup, what with the cancellation of Lopez Tonight after only two seasons, and the steep decline in viewership for Conan as it nears the end of its first year on bas... [Read More]
The “Lopez Tonight” finale on TBS: George Lopez’s final words
Thursday's episode of Lopez Tonight was supposed to feature actress Raven and stand-up comedian Auggie Smith. But after TBS announced on Wednesday that it was pulling the plug on George Lopez's late-night show rather than grant Lopez and his crew a f... [Read More]
An unaired SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin, Cup Boy (Horatio Sanz) and Plate Boy (Jimmy Fallon)
On Saturday Night Live, oftentimes something will strike the cast and writers as super-funny around the office (particularly late at night Tuesday and into Wednesday morning of an SNL week), but not quite translate onscreen before the live audience. ... [Read More]
"Mike Lukas: Kegels For Your Laugh Muscles"
"...I’m tall and I have weak ankles, so sports has never been an option. I play the piano and guitar, but I can’t sing or dance (both on account of the weak ankles.) And my college computer degree is twenty years old, so unless there’s a huge need for some DOS programs or something in Cobal, comedy is all I got. By the way, it’s the best job I’ve ever had. What keeps me in the game? My damn coach won’t sit me, even for scrimmages..." [Read More]