Jake Johannsen, on whale watching, on Late Show with David Letterman
Jake Johannsen is from Iowa, where they don't have whale watching. They do have cow-watching expeditions. That's a little different, though. And it doesn't cost you $50, either. Johannsen's set on Friday night's Late Show with David Letterman might change your mind about that. Roll the clip! ... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Hannibal Buress was very excited performing on Tuesday night's Tonight Show for Jimmy Fallon. Or maybe it's just the nature of talking about New Orleans. If New York City is the city that never sleeps, then New Orleans is the city that lives by its own set of rules. "The streets are yours for a very... [Read More]
The Comic’s Comic on MSNBC: Morning buzz begets ratings for late-night TV in 2014
With the Winter Olympics over and out, the late-night TV comedy/talk/variety melee of 2014 begins in earnest tonight. Late Night with Seth Meyers debuts tonight on NBC. The Pete Holmes Show begins a new second season at midnight on TBS, up against the surging @midnight on Comedy Central. And, of cou... [Read More]
Jeff Caldwell on Late Show with David Letterman
Why is there so much fighting in hockey? Maybe it's the fans, explained Jeff Caldwell in his most recent performance on Friday night's Late Show with David Letterman. Steroids in baseball, electrical outlets in the airport and electrical bolts in his electrician's logo, it's all covered here. Along ... [Read More]
Terry Fator on Late Show with David Letterman
Terry Fator returned to Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday night's program, and it wasn't even Ventriloquist Week! Fator has headlined The Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip since winning America's Got Talent in its second season. What sets Fator apart from whatever you're thinking of ventriloqui... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler on her late-night TV status: “No One Puts Baby in Parentheses”
Chelsea Handler has presided over a raucous, ribald and riotous late-night comedy talk show since the summer of 2007, rotating in three different panelists each weeknight to make fun of the tabloids and their targets on E!'s Chelsea Lately along with her sidekick, Chuy, and her own writing staff -- ... [Read More]
Zainab Johnson’s debut on The Arsenio Hall Show
Arsenio Hall introduced Zainab Johnson on a first-name only basis for her first time on TV, and she showed up right on time. That's Zainab's big resolution for 2013. Which means she is more conscious now of everyone else who is late around her. She's also one of 13 children, and while their parents ... [Read More]
Tony Deyo on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Tony Deyo says a Memory Foam mattress is not a good idea if you're self-conscious about your body image. On Wednesday night's Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Deyo also found himself wondering aloud about condoms and the naming of the "Family Planning" aisle in the store, naming of babies as thin... [Read More]
Kevin Shea on The Arsenio Hall Show
Tyrese's loss is Kevin Shea's gain was our gain on Wednesday night's episode of Arsenio, as Shea was the second stand-up comedian of the night to perform on the show. Thanks, Tyrese. Kevin Shea comes from Korean heritage, but when he paid a visit to his family's birthplace, he realized he's more Ame... [Read More]
Fortune Feimster’s late-night debut on Conan
Fortune Feimster has made her presence felt behind the scenes and on the panel for E!'s Chelsea Lately, but Wednesday night Feimster made her late-night debut as a stand-up comedian proper on Conan. She wore her best cardigan for the occasion. But perhaps only because Hooters wouldn't sell her one o... [Read More]