John Mulaney offers first glimpse of FOX’s “Mulaney” on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Blink and you missed it! It doesn't have a premiere date on FOX yet, but Mulaney, the starring sitcom vehicle for stand-up comedian John Mulaney, debuted the first clip from its first six episodes on Thursday night's Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC. Meyers introduced Mulaney with a clip from the ... [Read More]
John Mulaney and Seth Meyers Talk All Things Stefon
by Megh Wright On last night's Late Night, Meyers and former SNL writer/Stefon co-creator John Mulaney reminisced about all the times they tried to make Bill Hader — a hardworking Oklahoman — break during his Stefon segments and even played a clip of the time Mulaney's Jewish Dracula jok... [Read More]
Watch Joe Mande Do Standup on 'Late Night'
by Megh Wright Parks and Rec and Kroll Show writer Joe Mande was the featured comic on last night's Late Night. In his set, Mande covers everything from Kendrick Lamar's obsession with crowd energy to the ungodly strength of west coast weed to his time as an intern at The Maury Povich Show, where he... [Read More]
What Happens After Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers tells NBC viewers each weeknight to stay tuned for Carson Daly's even later overnight show, but what really happens at the end of Late Night with Seth Meyers? This cute video imagines how quickly and how radically the inmates take over the asylum that is the Late Night studio on the eigh... [Read More]
Joe Mande on Late Night with Seth Meyers
You cannot ask the crowd how they're doing and then not let us know the results, Kendrick Lamar? If that's true, Joe Mande, then which side of the Late Night with Seth Meyers studio audience won the energy wars of Thursday, March 27, 2014? Now if Mande forgets to tell us, just remember that he may s... [Read More]
Taran Killam discusses one of his favorite SNL characters on ‘Late Night’
Taran Killam stopped by Late Night for Seth Meyers to catch up with his old coworker and friend, Seth Meyers. While the two start off by talking about Taran’s impersonations and quick appearance in Twelve Years a Slave, the highlight seemed to be discussing Taran’s Jebidiah Atkinson char... [Read More]
Seth Meyers and Taran Killam Talk Jebidiah Atkinson and More on 'Late Night'
by Megh Wright SNL's Taran Killam was a guest on last night's Late Night, and he and Meyers discussed everything from a failed Jebidiah Atkinson joke to being on a pirate ship with Bobby Moynihan at Comic Con to his cut New Jersey birds show sketch "Boids" with Vanessa Bayer, which Killam agreed to ... [Read More]
Fred Tells Seth About His Young Adult Novels on 'Late Night'
by Megh Wright Seth Meyers continued drilling Fred Armisen on his fibbing habit on Friday by asking about his alleged young adult novel "quadrulidy" which Armisen explained as a guide called Don't Throw Pebbles. It sounds like a very relaxing book for youngsters, though Armisen probably should fix t... [Read More]
This Week In Comedy: Raise the river, move the ocean
Will Ferrell and Robert Redford hilariously insult each other in order to save a river. [Grist] Get Finger Blasted by Amy Schumer. [Laughspin] Cameron Esposito is recording her second album. [Twitter] The much talked about return of Last Comic Standing is returning on May 22nd. [Deadline] Aimee Mann... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' Is Still Killing It in the Ratings
by Megh Wright According to Variety, while Fallon was expected to do well as new host of The Tonight Show, just how well he's been doing has risen far above previous expectations. Last week's late night Nielsen ratings have come in, and The Tonight Show raked in an average of 4.26 million viewers, e... [Read More]