Aaron Barnhart: Late night is dead. Long live late night. | Regis Philbin is the last man standing who took on Johnny Carson
Overlooked in the hubbub over Regis Philbin's announcement that he would be leaving daytime TV was this remarkable bit of history: Here is the last man still standing who can say he took on Johnny Carson. Long before he was the king of morning chat, Philbin competed with the king of the night. Twice, in fact — in 1964 he briefly replaced Steve Allen as host of a syndicated late-night show, then three years later, when ABC mounted a threat with “The Joey Bishop Show,” Philbin was Bishop’s sidekic... [Read More]
Conan Will Never Speak to Jay Leno Again
"Asked Wednesday if he would ever think about speaking with Mr. Leno again, Mr. O’Brien said, flatly, no." [Read More]
DVR Viewing Boosts ‘Conan’ To The Top In Young Demos
According to TBS, Conan got a significant lift from DVR viewing for the period from its Nov. 8 premiere til the end of the year, adding some 361,000 18-49 viewers and 236,000 viewers in the 18-34 demographic. With the time-shifted viewer numbers included, Conan is topping the rankings of all late-night shows on broadcast or cable in the 18-49 and 18-34 demos. (He is behind his broadcast counterparts in total viewers.) [Read More]
Inside Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with Head Monologue Writer Jeremy Bronson
Jeremy Bronson didn't take the traditional path to become the head monologue writer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Sure, he wrote for the Harvard Lampoon in college, but between that gig and becoming a professional comedy writer, he lived in DC and worked for both the senatori... [Read More]
Late-night Christmas gift exchange: Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon surprise each other with presents
While books and blogs continue to perpetuate the "Late-Night Wars," the people who actually host late-night TV in the late-late night continue to provide evidence that all is well in the world still. At least well past midnight, where Jimmy... [Read More]
Inside with: Sara Schaefer, head blogger / researcher for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
One of the many things that makes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon so fun to watch is how the show uses Internet culture to connect with its audience. As head blogger/researcher, Sara Schaefer is one of the people tasked with finding new ways to accomplish this. [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel Signs New Two-Year Deal With ABC For ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ | Deadline
Jimmy Kimmel has signed a new two-year extension with ABC to continue as the host/executive producer of the network's late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which will continue to air at 12:05 AM for the time being. The new deal will take the show into its 10th season. [Read More]
"Moshe Kasher: There Is No Santa Claus" - Exclusive Q&A
"I’d describe myself as a Sexual Healing Shaman, and other people would likely call me Big Dick Willie (it’s a long story)...." (Click to read the rest of the Q&A.) [Read More]
Behind the scenes: Comedian Grace Helbig reviews her performance in a sketch for David Letterman
Ever wonder about the people you see in late-night TV talk-show sketches? Who are they? Where do they come from? What's it like? Do you get to hang out in the green room? Comedian Grace Helbig, who performs Wednesdays with improv house team Borealis at The PIT in New York City, vlogs regularly for My Damn Channel and also with comedy partner Michelle Vargas as Grace N' Michelle, reviewed her day yesterday, in which she got to appear in a bit for Late Show with David Letterman. She tells you all ... [Read More]
J'Accuse! Craig Ferguson Meets an Ardent French Admirer | NY Times
If you’re an American talk-show host who discovers your late-night program in Los Angeles is being copied by an imitator nearly 6,000 miles away in Paris, your avenues of recourse would seem to be limited. You could write threatening letters in hopes that your doppelganger finds new material, or you could just grin and bear it. Or you could do what Craig Ferguson did and invite your copycat onto your show. [Read More]