Tearing up the rule book - Stephen Fry on last night's unusual Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson | Chortle
Scottish-born comic Craig Ferguson threw out the chat show rulebook last night, but hosting a programme with just one guest – Stephen Fry – and no studio audience. The move was daring for America’s late-night programming, but the critic at the influential Entertainment Weekly called the special edition of Ferguson’s Late Late Show ‘one of the best hours I’ve seen in a while’. [Read More]
Are Conan O'Brien and Fox a good match? Yes, but.. | TV Barn
At best Fox's response to Conan at this very preliminary stage can be described as "Yes, but.." The terms will have to be more favorable to Fox, the affiliates will need to be fully behind it, and the show must be right for Fox. [Read More]
Jay Leno brushes off digs from Conan O'Brien on Oprah Thursday
Leno told Oprah Winfrey in an interview to be aired on Thursday that he had not spoken to O'Brien since the public spat erupted because it "didn't seem appropriate". [Read More]
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' marks 7th anniversary with guests Harrison Ford, Kristen Bell | Whistler Question
There is happiness to be found in late-night TV these days. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel, who is celebrating the seventh anniversary of his ABC show Tuesday with guest Harrison Ford. [Read More]
Falling late-night ad prices will shape Conan's and Leno's futures | LA Times
The audience for late-night talk shows has splintered and shrunk as options -- rivals on cable, and 24-hour news and celebrity gossip on TV and the Internet -- proliferate. [Read More]
The Late Night Distemper of Our Times | WFMU's Beware of the Blog
It's a maxim and a cliché that history repeats itself. Late night talk shows have been the victims of literal temper and metaphorical distemper for sixty years. Before the Conan quagmire, The Jay Leno Show disaster and even before David Letterman put his penis directly into a vagina, there was no shortage of late night tabloid fodder. Nor was there any lack of infuriating TV executive fatuousness. [Read More]
Fans line up as Conan O'Brien makes $45 million exit | The Christian Science Monitor
Conan O'Brien tapes his last 'Tonight Show' Friday after settling on a $45 million severance package from NBC. But the surge in support - and ratings - for the red-headed comedian suggests that broadcast television is out of touch with public tastes in comedy, say media analysts. [Read More]
Late Night round-up for Thursday - January 21th 2010 | The A.V. Club
The Tonight Show means nothing to me or my generation, and life is too short to get riled up over who's hosting shows I don't really care about, even if the way this is decided upsets my sense of justice. [Read More]
NBC Will Keep the Rights to Many of Conan O'Brien's Comedy Bits | NY Times
Whenever Conan O'Brien comes back to television, his show is likely to look significantly different. NBC is claiming that it owns all the comedy bits that were created during Mr. O'Brien's run, first on the "Late Night" show and for the past seven months on "Tonight." [Read More]
NBC tries to put the best spin on Leno's return to "The Tonight Show" | the comic's comic
The words in NBC's press release sure sounds like they're putting the best possible spin on cancelling Leno's primetime show -- which affiliates and critics hated -- and giving him back the show they had taken away from him. [Read More]