Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Blow Your Pants Off’
If you’ve never heard of Jimmy Fallon then I guess you live under a rock. And if so, what are you doing under there? It isn’t safe; that rock can crush your bones!All kidding aside the Late Night Host and former SNL star has a new CD out entitled Blo... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon To Stream Live Performance On Youtube
This Friday, Jimmy Fallon will perform a YouTube Presents concert that will be live on Youtube starting at 8pm EDT. Fallon will gather at Studio 6B at 30 Rock where he tapes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and perform a handful of songs from his forthcoming album, Blow Your Pants Off. Which will be released June 12th. [Read More]
Go on a Backstage Interactive Tour of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
The fine people at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon produced an awesome, interactive tour of the show. Esteemed tour guide and NBC Page Booner takes you on a full tour of the Jimmy Fallon offices and studio. [Read More]
Tales from the 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' Writers Room
On November 8th, 2008, The Paley Center got together six of the writers from the then current writing staff of Late Night, along with author Sarah Vowell to serve as moderator. On the panel that night was Dan Cronin (also a stand-up comic, who has continued on with Conan to The Tonight Show, and Conan on TBS), Berkley Johnson (now a writer on The New Girl), Brian McCann (who on Late Night played Preperation Harry, Fed-Ex Pope, and many others), Matt O’Brien (who stayed on with the move to LA and... [Read More]
Craig Ferguson took The Late Late Show to Scotland (even though he used to get beat up there) | The A.V. Club
Ferguson spoke with The A.V. Club about the process of preparing for such an expedition, as well as his past TV and film work, the possibility of another book, and his thoughts on leaving late night. [Read More]
Craig Ferguson: What I Learned in Scotland | Vulture
Last year, Craig Ferguson brought his CBS Late Late Show to France, and this week, he's stopping by his home country of Scotland for a week of episodes taped in March. This time, his traveling buddies included Rashida Jones, David Sedaris, and Mila Kunis. Below, Ferguson (with some help from his writing staff) offers Vulture readers an exclusive look at some of the unexpected things he discovered while journeying back to his homeland. [Read More]
TV Review: "Johnny Carson: King of Late Night" Tonight on PBS | Vulture
I still miss Johnny Carson. The older I get, the stranger it feels to say that. It's hard to describe to anyone under 30 how significant he was. He bid farewell as host of The Tonight Show twenty years ago next week, a date that serves as a hook for an American Masters special titled Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (PBS, May 14, 9 p.m. Eastern/8 Central). [Read More]
Howard Stern’s Late Night Rant about Jay Leno
Jay Leno is a sore subject for Howard Stern. On Thursday, while promoting his new gig as an Americas Got Talent  judge on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he confronted the host about asking both him and Leno advice for interviewing President Obama.The ... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien to Join David Letterman at a Meeting of the He-Man Leno-Haters Club
Conan O'Brien is set to swing by New York's Ed Sullivan Theater next Thursday, May 17th to sit on Dr. David Letterman's couch to either discuss how they both were so royally screwed over by NBC and Jay Leno when they thought they were in line for the Tonight Show throne or very awkwardly avoid the s... [Read More]
Bill Maher Remembers Johnny Carson 20 Years Later
Everyone loved Johnny. On the 20th anniversary of Johnny Carson's retirement from The Tonight Show, Bill Maher reminisces on making his favorite host laugh, getting a little too cheeky, and why Leno might trump him today. [Read More]