Sean O’Connor Learned Everything in Life at Magic Camp
Comedian Sean O’Connor is a source of wisdom. He knows the benefits of quitting karate, the best recreational uses of Adderall, the keys to a solid screenplay, and more. Sean performed on Conan last night, sharing these bits of wisdom along wit... [Read More]
Comedian Jamie Lee Loves Her Sketcher Shape-Ups & Jewish-Texan Heritage
Jamie Lee is awfully proud of her roots–both Texan and Jewish. With a little help from her Sketcher Shape-Ups, they’ve helped mold (dare we say “shape”?) the funny person she is today. Jamie stopped by Conan last night to do a... [Read More]
Tig Notaro Recaps Her Intense Year and Announces an Album on “Conan”
As comedy enthusiasts have known for a while, it’s been one heck of a year for Tig Notaro. Last night, she stopped by Conan for an interview and a full recap on everything going on in the world of Tig. After battling some serious health issues ... [Read More]
Tig Notaro’s very special interview with Conan; “Live” Largo CD available online
Pneumonia. C. diff. Death. Break-ups. Breast cancer. Let's joke about it. How about not? Let's type about it, and step aside so Tig Notaro herself can joke about the paths her life has taken over the past several months, as she sat down to recount he... [Read More]
Roy Wood Jr. Admires Cavemen and Gets Kicked Out of the Zoo
Roy Wood Jr. is a reasonable guy. He just wants to get his money’s worth at the zoo and see the pandas in their “natural” habitat. Roy also thinks cavemen were the original gangsters and makes a darn good argument for it. Check out ... [Read More]
Meet Me In New York: Calise Hawkins
You don't have to live in one of the five boroughs to be a New York City comedian. At least that's what they tell New Jersey! Calise Hawkins shows all of the single mothers out there that you can pursue a career in stand-up comedy, raise a daughter and do it all, even while living in Jersey City. [Read More]
Watch Two New Clips from T.J. Miller’s New Show “Mash-Up”
As loyal T.J. Miller fans, we’re very excited to see his new Comedy Central series Mash Up. Combining sketch, stand-up, and a healthy dose of T.J., Mash Up is set to premiere October 9. Watch two clips from the show after the jump. First up, &#... [Read More]
Dominic Dierkes is as Funny as he is Skinny
Dominic Dierkes, who’s been enjoying a sling of appearances on shows like Community, Mad Men, and Weeds, performed on Conan last night. Dominic, who you might also recognize as part of Derrick Comedy, has a very “Oh, that guy!” qual... [Read More]
After 17 years, Brian McCann and his characters exit Team Coco
Fewer people have had as much of an impact on Conan O'Brien's three late-night TV talk shows as has Brian McCann. Late Night with Conan O'Brien was still trying to prove its worth to NBC in 1995 when McCann joined the show's writing staff and support... [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel to move timeslot in 2013 to compete with Leno and Letterman
Late night wars! Late night wars! Things are about to get real in 2013 as ABC just announced Jimmy Kimmel Live! will move up a half hour to 11:35pm 5 nights. Bumping Nightline to the 12:35 time slot and directly putting Jimmy it into competition with Jay Leno and David Letterman. It’s a risky ... [Read More]