Conan O'Brien's Writing Staff Kicks Off Everything Is Festival at Cinefamily (recap) | LA Weekly
where would O'Brien be without his writers? Thursday night, staff from Late Night With Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show and Conan talked about pitch anxiety, lion-lambs, gravy boats and onanistic wildlife for the opening of the Everything Is Festival at Cinefamily. [Read More]
Punchline Mag analysis: Late night stand-up comedy spots not the career changer they used to be
Late night talk shows used to be the break every comedian wanted. Five minutes on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson or the Late Show with David Letterman could catapult you from working comic to household name. And though it’s nearly impossible to find a comedian who would turn down an opportunity to be on TV, performing on the late night stages just doesn’tt hold as much weight as they used to. [Read More]
Craig Ferguson Tapes ‘The Late Late Show’ in Paris | NYTimes
..for the past week he has swapped his Los Angeles studio for the more flamboyant décor of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles; played not to ticket-holding audience members, but passers-by in Montmartre; and performed his irreverent opening monologues in front of just a director, a writer, an editor and a handful of technicians. [Read More]
Latenight comedians can sway opinion | Variety
"What Jon Stewart has to say while arguing about (rapper) Common with Bill O'Reilly is not just seen by Jon Stewart's audience," says Robert J. Thompson, a professor at Syracuse U. and the director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture. "It's replayed and talked about on the morning shows the next day, and it then becomes part of the political discussion. The ratings might not look that high. But their influence is considerably greater." [Read More]
Late Night Comedians Joke about Anthony Weiner
Late night comedians have been having a Weiner roast since the sexting scandal involving New York congressman Anthony Weiner first broke. News of his resignation Thursday brought on a fresh onslaught of jokes from all the late-night hosts -- except Jon Stewart, who was at an event in Washington, D.C. [Read More]
Craig Ferguson Heads to Paris with Kristen Bell and His Robot Skeleton Sidekick
While Conan, Leno and Letterman might roam North America to film their shows in unknown cities, Craig Ferguson, Kristen Bell and Ferguson's robot sidekick Geoff Peterson are headed to Paris to shoot a week of La La Late Late Show Avec Craig Ferguson. [Read More]
Louis C.K. Not Banned From Letterman After All | Vulture
A few weeks ago, Louis C.K. told Esquire that he didn't appear on The Late Show With David Letterman anymore and hadn't in several years, even though he used to write for Letterman back in the day. "They don't have me on," he said, and "no one would tell [him]" why not. Well, the ban or whatever it was has been lifted: Louis C.K. is set to appear on Thursday, July 28, according to a show spokesperson. [Read More]
How does a Standup Comic Land a Spot on Late-Night TV?
As a part of their comedy issue, Backstage talked to some of the folks responsible for booking comedians to late night shows. It's certainly not as prevalent a practice as it was back in Carson's day, nor is it still the obvious career boon that it used to be. That being said, you can't really argue... [Read More]
Last Night: Independent Music and Late-Night TV | Pitchfork
With the late-night variety show landscape more congested than ever, the shows' music producers are increasingly taking risks with bands and artists that are likely unfamiliar to most of their audience. It wasn't always this way. "In the days of Ed Sullivan or even Johnny Carson, you just watched what they had-- like the Beatles or Barbra Streisand-- because those were the only places you saw music on TV," says Pitt. "Now, especially with the online world, you go and find your music, it doesn't ... [Read More]
As Conan O'Brien (and anyone else) can see, Jimmy Pardo is just warming up
Jimmy Pardo, the official warm up guy for Conan O'Brien, may be the funniest man averse to jokes. He doesn't write them; he rarely tells them. And that translates as hilarious to audiences. Call him the crowd whisperer. [Read More]