FX picks up a late-night talk show from W. Kamau Bell and Chris Rock
..an untitled half-hour show starring stand-up comedian W. Kamau Bell. Known for his critically acclaimed solo show The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism In About An Hour (and in some circles, The Field Negro Guide To Arts And Culture podcast, which answers the eternal question, “What is Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid up to?”), Bell is a rising star in the world of sociopolitical satire, whose comedy has been compared to that of Dave Chappelle and Richard Pryor, plus some people who are no... [Read More]
The Funniest Late Night Talk Show Guests in This Millennium Thus Far
It’s quite simple. There are people that we love watching who throw late night talk shows hosts for a loop for them just being their hysterical selves. There are hundreds, probably thousands of hours of late night talk show television that we haven’t watched since its inception, which is why the year 2000 cut-off is there. With all of that in mind, below are clips of the most hysterical panel interviews we’ve seen on late night TV in that time range. [Read More]
'Late Show' producer Brian Teta convinces Eli Manning to appear on David Letterman's show
Call him “The Late Show” Most Valuable Player — when it comes to the Super Bowl. For the past eight years, “Late Show” producer Brian Teta has snared the winning Super Bowl quarterback for a first appearance on Dave — including Eli Manning’s sitdown with Letterman last night. It takes a lot of phone calls to agents before the game and a little bit of luck in the chaos after the final gun when he rushes onto the field to nail down a commitment to visit Dave. But Teta is now 8-for-8, starting with... [Read More]
Dave Letterman Anniversary Is Like a Low-Key Guest | NYTimes
David Letterman will celebrate 30 years as a late-night television host on Wednesday night, though without much fanfare. Howard Stern, a favorite of Mr. Letterman’s, will appear as a guest. [Read More]
The David Letterman 30th Anniversary "Facebook Timeline" is pretty incredible
The David Letterman 30th Anniversary "Facebook Timeline" Page is LIVE. Check it out now and go back often because it will be updated frequently. There are some really cool and rarely seen photos there. [Read More]
David Letterman marks 30 years in late night television | CBS News (video)
CBS News video: Letterman marks milestone TV anniversary - David Letterman is celebrating 30 years as a late night talk show host. CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reports. [Read More]
Eddie Brill Responds to His NY Times Profile
Eddie Brill was the subject of Jason Zinoman's comedy column last week in the New York Times, and he didn't come off looking too good. The most damning part of the piece is the following quote:Among some comics “Late Show” has a reputation for favoring a certain profile. “The types they seem to like... [Read More]
In case you missed it, Rooftop friend and owl look-alike Sean Patton stopped by Conan recently. Sean hit his stride right off the bat with a spin “dance move” that Conan really enjoyed. In a great set, he revealed his tricks to picking u... [Read More]
Tig Notaro returned to the Conan stage last night, building off her hilarious last visit in September. Topics of the day included unusual reflections on her name, the bathing style of toddlers, and stool sounds. Be sure to watch all of Tig’s R... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt claims “King of Queens” writers room was stoned more than any of his other coworkers
Patton Oswalt is making the late-night TV rounds to promote his new movie, Young Adult, but when he hit Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Oswalt wanted to reveal something about his first professional acting gig as a recurring guest star on King of Queen... [Read More]