Seth Meyers to replace Jimmy Fallon on Late Night?
Believe it or not, the word on the street is Seth Meyers could be the next host of Late Night. With all the rumors of Fallon all but officially confirmed to replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show in 2014, Late Night will need a new host. It has been widely speculated that the show’s [...]Seth Me... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon addresses his Tonight Show hosting rumors (video)
The last few days rumors of Jimmy Fallon becoming the next host of The Tonight Show have grown much larger. From the initial leaks, to Leno taking swipes at NBC during his monologues, and most recently yesterday with the report from The NY Times that the move is all but a lock and the show [...]Jimm... [Read More]
The new normal narrative has Jimmy Fallon and NYC replacing The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2014
Twenty-one years ago, NBC announced an orderly transition for The Tonight Show, handing over the hosting reins from icon Johnny Carson to his permanent guest host, Jay Leno. Carson's own favorite, Late Night host David Letterman, bolted to CBS. In 20... [Read More]
'Tonight Show' Is Moving to NYC When Fallon Takes Over in 2014, Which Looks Like It's Happening
NBC still has yet to publicly announce that Jimmy Fallon will take over The Tonight Show next fall, but The NY Times reports today that the network has made a commitment to Fallon and that the show will be moving from Burbank to New York when Fallon becomes host sometime next year. There's no time... [Read More]
More Details on ADHD, Fox's New Late Night Block
The Fox network is launching a new late night animated comedy block called Animation Domination High Def (or ADHD) on Saturdays this summer, and Nick Weidenfeld, the former head of Adult Swim who's spearheading ADHD, took to Reddit today to answer questions about the late night block. Fox announc... [Read More]
Report: Howard Stern will replace Jimmy Fallon when Jay Leno leaves Tonight Show
Last weekend news broke that Jimmy Fallon would replace Jay Leno in 2014 as host of The Tonight Show and that NBC would make the announcement as early as May. Although the network denied the story in the Hollywood Reporter, who cited “two high-level ... [Read More]
Report: Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on Tonight Show in 2014
NBC will announce in May its plans to replace current Tonight Show host Jay Leno with the increasingly popular Jimmy Fallon. This, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who cite “two high-level industry insiders,” despite NBC’s denia... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show lands cable syndication deal
With the recent re-branding of the G4 network into The Esquire network it was only a matter of time before they started to make moves for programming that would act as the name of the brand, and it turns out Jimmy Fallon will play a part in that re-branding. Beginning April 24th Late Night with [...... [Read More]
Cecily Strong talks about her SNL audition characters
Cecily Strong already has proven herself to be the strongest rookie in this season's cast of Saturday Night Live. On her first late-night TV talk-show appearance, Strong told Jimmy Fallon -- himself an SNL alum, whose sidekick Steve Higgins remains a... [Read More]
Comedy Central launches comically pointless “contest”
One great thing about attending television show tapings – like the Colbert Report – is that tickets are free. But Comedy Central doesn’t think it should be that easy. They’ve come up with the Colbert Ticket Grab, a contest that makes sn... [Read More]