John Oliver Talks Uganda's Harsh Anti-Gay Laws with LGBT Activist Pepe Julian Onziema
by Megh Wright Here's a segment from last night's Last Week Tonight, in which John Oliver explores the recent rise of persecution against homosexuals in Uganda and how the country's extreme homophobic attitude can be easily traced to a few idiots back here in the states. Be sure to watch the end of ... [Read More]
John Oliver Breaks Down the Dark Side of Dietary Supplements with Steve Buscemi, George R.R. Martin, and More
by Megh Wright Dr. Oz recently got in some trouble for hawking some very questionably safe dietary and nutritional supplements on his medical talk show, so John Oliver took a note from Oz's history of pandering to his viewers with shaky medical information by doing some audience pandering of his own... [Read More]
John Oliver and Stephen Hawking Talk Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Universes, and Dates with Charlize Theron
by Megh Wright Last Week Tonight premiered its new segment "People Who Think Good" last night featuring renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, and he explained his takes on everything from whether there's life on other planets to the potential dangers of artificial intelligence to whether or not John O... [Read More]
Stephen Hawking Will Be a Guest on Sunday's 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'
by Bradford Evans Physicist Stephen Hawking is set to be the guest on this Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Hawking will be interviewed by Oliver in what will be the show's seventh episode. Last Week Tonight only premiered a couple months back, but the show has already found i... [Read More]
John Oliver and Seth Meyers Chat About Their New Jobs on 'Late Night'
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from John Oliver's visit to the Late Night desk last night, where he and Meyers talked about swapping their daily/weekly-style jobs, why Last Week Tonight is "the chewing gum of television," and the time his Net Neutrality segment may have crashed the FCC's website. 0 C... [Read More]
John Oliver Breaks Down the Evil Underbelly of FIFA
by Megh Wright In a glowing example of The Sausage Principle, John Oliver skewered FIFA and their history of greedy and "cartoonishly evil" practices against countries that host the World Cup in Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight — more specifically their decision to change some laws around... [Read More]
Before the World Cup starts this week, John Oliver enlightens Americans to the problem with FIFA
Americans do not know or care about soccer… except for two months every four years. Before one of the biggest sporting events in the world begins this week, soccer/football enthusiast John Oliver took a moment to talk about the “sausage principle,” aka “the theory that if yo... [Read More]
John Oliver’s Net Neutrality segment crashes the FCC’s comments system
In the war for net neutrality, our champion has been found. John Oliver spent a good 13 minutes hilariously discussing the issue of net neutrality on his new HBO show Last Week Tonight. On Sunday’s episode, Oliver urged viewers to go to the FCC’s website and voice their opinions on the m... [Read More]
John Oliver Attempts to Predict the Memorial Day Weekend News
by Megh Wright Here's a clip John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight crew put together last week in an attempt to predict the news that would break during their week off the air. There are a few shots in the dark, a few semi-accurate guesses, and one slam dunk if you have an aunt who hosts painfully b... [Read More]