John Oliver Took Over 'The Daily Show' Again Last Night
by Megh Wright Last night's Daily Show guests were all involved with Jon Stewart's new movie Rosewater, so to keep the interviews from getting weird (and so Stewart could run out for his interview over on Late Show), the always dependable replacement John Oliver was summoned through a magical teapot... [Read More]
Jon Stewart and Steve Carell Have a Fawn-Off on 'The Daily Show'
by Megh Wright Steve Carell is currently promoting his latest role in Foxcatcher while Jon Stewart has his own project to promote with his directorial debut Rosewater, so last night's Daily Show inevitably turned into a dramatic film project fawn-off between the two. Jon Stewart's compliment to Care... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Finds Moments of Levity in a Horrifying Ordeal in 'Rosewater'
by Erica Lies In early 2013, when Jon Stewart announced his first-ever hiatus from The Daily Show to direct a film about a journalist tortured in an Iranian prison, fans did a collective double take. Stewart’s directing? And it’s a drama? Though the move was unexpected, perhaps it should... [Read More]
Jon Stewart on Whether He'll Be at 'Daily Show' for the Presidential Election: "I Do Not Know"
by Megh Wright As part of his press tour for his new film Rosewater, Jon Stewart was forced to visit enemy territory over at CNN this weekend, where he had a perfectly awkward conversation with Christiane Amanpour about The Daily Show's many jokes at CNN's expense as well as his near-future plans at... [Read More]
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver proves it belongs with all-star first-season finale salmon cannon salute
TV networks may still use Nielsen ratings as their primary measuring stick for how successful their programs in gaining viewers and selling advertisements. But Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is on HBO, where such ratings are even less reliable and relevant than they are for the broadcast network... [Read More]
John Cleese talks to Jon Stewart about why nothing matters
The great John Cleese stopped by The Daily Show last night to promote his new memoir, So, Anyway…. In this extended interview, Cleese and host Jon Stewart discuss why nothing really matters and there is no hope. Cleese talks about how writing a memoir makes your look back and re-claim memorie... [Read More]
Jon Stewart and John Cleese Discuss Why Nothing Matters and There Is No Hope
by Megh Wright Here's the extended version of John Cleese's fantastic interview from last night's Daily Show, which is full of great reminders about why nothing really matters in life as well as why Cleese would choose quality time with his Maine Coons over a date with a politician any day: "If some... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Midterm Election coverage last night end of an era
For many, last night was a mix of emotions. For some it was a day to proudly cast a vote, making their voices heard and fulfilling an age-old civic duty. For those opposed, it was a day to protest through inaction, decrying what they see as a faulty system. For the apathetic and possibly comedy-incl... [Read More]
Watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Live Election Night Coverage
by Megh Wright Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report aired live election episodes last night for what turned out to be a painful day for Democrats. Above, watch The Daily Show's expert pundit panel Aasif Mandvi, Jessica Williams, John Hodgman, and Jordan Klepper break down some of the election ... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Talks 'Rosewater' and His Future at 'The Daily Show' with 'New York' Magazine
by Megh Wright New York magazine has a lengthy and fantastic interview with Jon Stewart out this week that's a must read for Daily Show fans and longtime Stewart viewers who are curiously anticipating the release of his directorial debut Rosewater. The interview covers everything from the making of ... [Read More]