Employee of the Month: Jon Stewart, interviewed by Catie Lazarus
When Jon Stewart suddenly announced last week that he'd be stepping down from The Daily Show later this year, after almost 17 years hosting the late-night satirical news program on Comedy Central, many viewers and fans wanted more answers. They'd get them Thursday night, when Stewart sat down for an... [Read More]
Jon Stewart to Seth Rollins: You’re entering a world of hurt! (Video)
Jon Stewart may be leaving The Daily Show later this year, but there’s still plenty of time for the 52-year-old late night host to engage in a new on-air rivalry. During WWE’s Monday Night Raw this past week, wrestler/actor-in-spandex Seth Rollins fired shots at The Daily Show with Jon S... [Read More]
John Oliver NOT Jon Stewart’s replacement. HBO renews Last Week Tonight through 2017!
HBO has renewed Last Week Tonight With John Oliver for two more years. Sorry to anyone still holding out hope that the former Daily Show correspondent would jump ship after his contract with HBO ended later this year. The deal will call for two additional seasons, each consisting of 35 episodes, to ... [Read More]
Jessica Williams won’t host Daily Show. Do you have a problem with that?
If anything out of the Hot Tub Time Machine canon is wrong, do we really want to be right? I feel…. No. That’s barely even living, really. And so began the collective breaking of all our hearts when Jessica Williams, perhaps The Daily Show’s liveliest correspondent, got on Twitter... [Read More]
Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, so what happens next?
Before leaving for a regularly scheduled vacation last weekend, Jon Stewart surprised everyone watching The Daily Show that he'd be taking a more permanent vacation, retiring by the end of his 17th year at the helm of Comedy Central's preeminent late-night news satire program. Here he was, in his ow... [Read More]
Jessica Williams Is Not Interested in Hosting 'The Daily Show'
by Megh Wright Since Jon Stewart announced that he's leaving his post at The Daily Show sometime this year, breakout correspondent Jessica Williams has been at the top of many fans' lists for possible candidates to take over the show. Unfortunately, if you're rooting for Williams, there's one import... [Read More]
The Satire We Need Right Now Is All The Satire That's On Right Now
by Chris Kopcow Last fall, I was watching a new episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver with a few friends, the one featuring an exposé on civil forfeitures. Toward the end, one of my friends blurted out that he thought he got more out of Last Week Tonight than he ever got out of The Da... [Read More]
The “Short List” of replacements for Jon Stewart doesn’t seem to include John Oliver
Comedy Central has a “short list” of replacements for Daily Show host Jon Stewart when he steps down later this year, company executive Doug Herzog said Wednesday. The channel and Stewart are consulting on when he’ll depart the job he’s held for more than 16 years and discuss... [Read More]
'Daily Show' Co-Creator Lizz Winstead Says Stewart Turned the Show into "an Architectural Landmark"
by Megh Wright In response to Jon Stewart's Daily Show retirement announcement, original TDS co-creator Lizz Winstead wrote a piece today called "Finally, He Gets His Moment of Zen" that's a warm appreciation for Stewart's dedication to the show, his staff, and material throughout his run as host. W... [Read More]
Enjoy classic footage of Jon Stewart’s first episode of “The Daily Show”
Here’s some precious footage of Jon Stewart on his first night hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central. The times sure have changed and they will change yet again when he hosts the show for the last time later this year. Enjoy classic footage of Jon Stewart’s first episode of “The... [Read More]