Jon Stewart is excited about Trevor Noah being his replacement (video)
Last night was Jon Stewart’s first night back on the air after the news that Trevor Noah would be the future host of The Daily Show. While many have weighed in on this decision already, the man himself has yet to give his thoughts on his successor… until last night. At the top of the [&... [Read More]
Jon Stewart defends his replacement, Trevor Noah, on The Daily Show
Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart happened to be on vacation last week when the network announced correspondent Trevor Noah would replace Stewart as anchor later this year. So Monday night's episode was Stewart's first chance to address the upcoming transition, as well as the backlash... [Read More]
What Trevor Noah can learn from Jon Stewart’s mistake
Incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah has been getting an earful this week for tweets he wrote as far back as 2009, which many people are calling sexist, racist, and anti-Semitic. (If you’ve been living under a rock, you can see a roundup of those here.) ... [Read More]
Did the Daily Show make a mistake hiring Trevor Noah instead of me? Yes.
I haven’t slept in over a week purely in anticipation for that one phone call. That one phone call that would change my life even more than Frozen did. You see, with Jon Stewart’s recent announcement of leaving Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, I thought I was a clear front-runner f... [Read More]
According to Bill Simmons, Louis C.K., Amy Poehler, and Amy Schumer passed on being Jon Stewart’s replacement
By now, the news of Trevor Noah being named the successor to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show has spread throughout the land. In these situations we always wonder who else was on the list of potential replacements. Well, according to sports writer/podcaster/pop culture fan Bill Simmons, Comedy Central ... [Read More]
Daily Show names Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart’s successor
Comedy Central has chosen an heir— Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. Jon Stewart shocked fans in February when he unexpectedly announced that he will be leaving The Daily Show after 17 years. Just when speculation over David Letterman and Craig Ferguson’s re... [Read More]
Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central
Are you ready for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah? Comedy Central made it official this morning, naming Noah -- a new correspondent on The Daily Show -- to replace Jon Stewart as the show's host after Stewart steps down later this year. Noah, a South African stand-up comedian who hosted his own... [Read More]
Trevor Noah is the current favorite to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
As we know, Jon Stewart is marked to step down as host of The Daily Show later this year. As far as speculation as to the replacement we know there’s a short list. But now it appears one of the show’s correspondents has emerged as the front runner. Variety is reporting that South African... [Read More]
The Daily Show says goodbye to Jason Jones
Last night’s episode of The Daily Show was the final one for longtime correspondent Jason Jones. Both Jones and his wife/TDS correspondent Samantha Bee are leaving for other projects which include producing and writing their own shows, and a TBS show for Bee. Needless to say, this is not the l... [Read More]
Watch Jon Stewart Say Goodbye to Jason Jones on 'The Daily Show'
by Megh Wright After ten years as a correspondent, Jason Jones made his final appearance on The Daily Show last night, and Jon Stewart gave a proper tribute to all the silly and silly-serious segments he's done over the years. "Nothing makes my job easier than knowing there is someone there who I ca... [Read More]