John Oliver, Robert Klein to perform at benefit for the blind
Robert Klein, John Oliver and more will perform at a benefit to raise funds for the blind. On Sept. 20, Gotham Comedy Club in New York will host the fifth annual Laugh for Sight benefit, which will be... [Read More]
Comedy Central At Comic Con: Day Three/Four, House of Blues Show
First up, Pete Holmes hosted and he was great. I don't like to bullshit. I'm all business all the time. And for my business money, Pete is one of the best comics around. The crowd was a little disruptive, but Holmes really turned them around so fast. [Read More]
John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show - "January 8" review | The A.V. Club
"John Oliver is fantastic, and I want more of him. The other guys are good too, no doubt, but this should be his time to shine. I look forward to the inevitable DVD cobbling together all his opening bits into an extended set. Still, it's nice to have some consistently great stand-up out there, especially to brighten those headachey Saturday mornings." [Read More]
John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show | Punchline Magazine
People planning to watch John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show may want to reserve their own sofas to assure getting a good seat to this comedy-show equivalent of an all-star game. The lineups for the series, which premieres Friday at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central, are teeming with heavy-hitting headliners. [Read More]
Comedy Central Announces John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show | Comedy Central Insider
Comedy Central officially announced "John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show" which will premiere January 8 at 11pm / 10c. Oliver opens each of the six episodes and introduces four stand-up guests over the hour. Paul F. Tompkins, Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron, Brian Posehn, Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman close each of their episodes with super-sized sets. Other comics appearing on the series include Maria Bamford, Greg Fitzsimmons, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Nick Kroll, Matt Braunger, Hannibal Buress, P... [Read More]
The Daily Show's John Oliver | No Fact Zone interview
"I did receive a formal complaint from Buckingham palace year ago, for something I did on BBC Radio 4. I tried to get an official copy of the complaint on Buckingham palace letterheads, but I think when they received that request they realized I was not taking the complaint in the spirit it was issued. It's a shame, because if they had capitulated, it would be on my wall right now." [Read More]
Come See a Taping of John Oliver's New Stand-up Show | Comedy Central Insider Blog
Comedy Central has given John Oliver his own show. Even better, you could be in the audience for the taping. [Read More]
The Daily Show's John Oliver | The Boston Comedy Interview
Almost two years later, Oliver is no longer the new guy. He's one of the best reasons to watch The Daily Show, and his stand-up special, Terrifying Times, was brilliant. He's back at the Comedy Connection (in its new space) on Friday. I caught up with him by e-mail this week. [Read More]
Daily Show's John Oliver rips Limbaugh, Beck, Blitzer and (possibly) Olbermann | Washington Times
The Daily Show's John Oliver was a top attraction today at the Campus Progress conference in D.C. Right before he started talking, organizers said no audio or video would be allowed. During his remarks to the liberal-leaning college students gathered in the Omni hotel's ballroom, Oliver ripped on the media especially and weighed in on President Obama and the health care fight. Oliver said he loves his job and joked to the students in the room that might be "aspiring journalists" that they may so... [Read More]