Week At The Creek: A residency for headliners to work out new hours of stand-up comedy
When Colin Quinn needed a venue to work out his latest one-man show, "Unconstitutional," he crossed the East River and found a second home club in Long Island City at The Creek and The Cave. Quinn is currently performing "Unconstitutional" at the Cherry Lane Theatre Off-Broadway (see my re... [Read More]
Weekend Flashback: Dan Soder, Joe List, and “Robert Kelly” record a podcast at Just For Laughs
It’s that time of the weekend where a good old flashback laugh is in order. From our last visit to the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, we met up with comedians Dan Soder and Joe List who were in town for showcases at the festival. We were all enjoying an afternoon beverage on the [...]We... [Read More]
Robert Kelly reviews his reviewer in person on his “You Know What Dude” podcast
In the documentary film, Heckler, Jamie Kennedy confronts some of the people who rightfully called him out for his shoddy stand-up comedy. This ain't that. This is the latest edition of Robert Kelly's funny, if oftentimes prone to tangents, podcast, ... [Read More]
Our visit to the You Know What Dude! podcast
The other day we stopped by the studios above NYC’s Comedy Cellar for a taping of Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude! podcast. It was the second time we were invited on the show and what a difference time makes. Robert began the podcast a few years ago just taping it on his phone to [...]... [Read More]
Joe List, “So Far No Good”
I've known Joe List for years, but I'd never had the opportunity to hear him deliver a headline-length set until receiving his debut disc, "So Far No Good," a 14-track, 43-minute performance recorded at Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton, Wisc. Touring ... [Read More]
Joe List RooftopComedy interview
Joe List may be an atheist, but he certainly believes in his own holy trinity: sex, drinking, and race. Those topics drive his signature style of comedy, which has taken him to NBC’s Last Comic Standing, the prestigious Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, and the pages of Maxim magazine. Rooftop recently chatted with Joe about his family’s love of dick jokes, staying in Saddam Hussein’s palace, and why he used to be intimidated by Nick DiPaolo. You can hear more of Joe on his debut album, So F... [Read More]
Joe List: I Wish My Ex-Girlfriend Could See Me Now
Aside from not having to write papers or ever get up early, college seems like it would have been way funner than just doing comedy from age 18 to 22, but nobody told me until it was too late. When I was in high school nobody mentioned that college was full of drinking and sex…they told me show-biz was like that. I got bad info. [Read More]
Carolines Breakout Artist - Joe List (interview) | Punchline Magazine
Born in the greater Boston area, comedian Joe List began his career in 2000 weeks after graduating from High School. His rapid ascent in the Boston club scene and quirky humor prompted the Boston Globe to profile him in 2005, describing him as the “most talented” and “the city’s freshest new comedian(s), showing real promise, real early. [Read More]