Joe List on Letterman, “I am too dumb to meditate.”
Joe List has long been one of New York’s brightest comedians. A regular at the Comedy Cellar, List made his network television debut last night on The Late Show with David Letterman. List delivered a fantastic set, making the most of the given five minute spot filling in a bevy of hilarious jo... [Read More]
Joe List on Late Show with David Letterman
Joe List likes to worry. Fortunately, he only has to joke about worrying because this set on Thursday night's Late Show with David Letterman is fantastic. The kind of set that puts hair on his chest, drops a few pounds on the scale and makes him smile a big smile. Plus, List makes a really solid poi... [Read More]
This Week on TV: the rise of the The Half-Hour
Comedy returns big this week, with many people making the late night rounds to promote new movies or shows. Also great comedians are lined up for five-minute spots this week, including Nick Turner, Joe List, and Big Jay Oakerson. Also, this week is the premiere of the new season of Comedy Central&rs... [Read More]
R.I.P. The Ultimate Warrior
It’s been a weird week for writing about deaths… Wrestling legend, The Ultimate Warrior has passed away and it’s a damn shame. First off, he was young, 54 to be exact. Second, for many people growing up he was one of the larger than life Wrestling personas. Back when it was the WW... [Read More]
Joe List’s ‘Ultimate Worrier’ returns! Worries about things with Ted Alexandro (video)
It’s been a long time since comedian Joe List appeard as his altar ego, Ultimate Worrier. But it was time for the return. This ep, the Worrier sat down with comedian Ted Alexandro to talk about the things that concern him. Turns out it’s not much, which makes the Ultimate Worrier worry j... [Read More]
YKWD live at Jersey City Comedy Festival (photos)
We had the pleasure of presenting a live comedy show at this year’s Jersey City Comedy Festival. We set up shop in Batello with the regular comics of the YKWD Podcast for an evening of great comedy with Robert Kelly, Dan Soder, Joe List, Kelly Fastuca, Chris Scopo, and Luis J. Gomez. JCCF foun... [Read More]
The Laugh Button presents ‘You Know What Dude?’ live at the Jersey City Comedy Festival
Next week at the Jersey City Comedy Festival, The Laugh Button will present the comedians of Robert Kelly’s YKWD Podcast live! Kelly and the regular comedians from his show will set up shop at the Batello in Jersey City for an unforgettable night of stand-up comedy. Tickets are now available s... [Read More]
Week At The Creek: A residency for headliners to work out new hours of stand-up comedy
When Colin Quinn needed a venue to work out his latest one-man show, "Unconstitutional," he crossed the East River and found a second home club in Long Island City at The Creek and The Cave. Quinn is currently performing "Unconstitutional" at the Cherry Lane Theatre Off-Broadway (see my re... [Read More]
Weekend Flashback: Dan Soder, Joe List, and “Robert Kelly” record a podcast at Just For Laughs
It’s that time of the weekend where a good old flashback laugh is in order. From our last visit to the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, we met up with comedians Dan Soder and Joe List who were in town for showcases at the festival. We were all enjoying an afternoon beverage on the [...]We... [Read More]
Robert Kelly reviews his reviewer in person on his “You Know What Dude” podcast
In the documentary film, Heckler, Jamie Kennedy confronts some of the people who rightfully called him out for his shoddy stand-up comedy. This ain't that. This is the latest edition of Robert Kelly's funny, if oftentimes prone to tangents, podcast, ... [Read More]