This July, Joe List will wonder, “Are You Mad At Me?”
Joe List is prepping for the release of his first ever Comedy Central album. This week the NYC comedian revealed that he was going to put out a new album in about a month’s time on July 15th. The album, Are You Made At Me? will be released on Comedy Central Records, List’s first for [&he... [Read More]
Joe List on Conan
Joe List has a sweet fiance, but perhaps there's a better way for her to let him know he's not hot? Don't worry, though. He'll never cheat on her. For the obvious reasons, and also for several funny ones, which List explained in his performance Monday night on Conan. Roll the clip! [Read More]
Joe List Is Not Too Stressed Out (Anymore)
Fifteen years ago, Joe List started doing standup straight out of high school. Despite earning the respect of his peers and audiences in Boston and New York, it took well over a decade for List to crack into the national spotlight. That opportunity came last year in the form of a coveted spot on The... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 9: The Showdowns, from Top 10 to Top 5
Why was 6 afraid of 7? You know the joke: Because 7 8 9! Say it aloud. Spell it if you have to. But here we are, in episode seven of a short-order of eight episodes for season nine of NBC's Last Comic Standing, and we're cutting the field of stand-up comedian contestants from 10 […] [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 9: The Semifinals (Part Two)
We're in the homestretch of episodes that don't have nearly enough time to showcase 21 stand-up comedians in 44 minutes, as this is the second and final semifinal of season nine of NBC's Last Comic Standing. A quick pan across the green room and there's Andi Smith revealing to us she didn't even pac... [Read More]
Comedy Central Records will release six albums from comedians appearing on this season of “The Half Hour”
The fourth season of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour premieres August 22 at Midnight immediately followed by a second episode. Up first are comedians Liza Treyger and Hampton Yount respectively. The specials were filmed at The Royale in Boston and they showcase some of the best up-and-coming st... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing remixed and the Top 100 know who they are
Last Comic Standing gets remixed. Mark your calendars for the return July 22 on NBC. Some comics have been letting everyone know they are one of the Top 100 including Joe List, Dan Crohn, Kelly MacFarland, Mehran Khaghani and Steve Macone. More names to come. Last Comic Standing remixed and the Top ... [Read More]
Here’s the 2015 class of comedians taping Comedy Central Half Hour specials
Every year Comedy Central selects a handful of some up-and-coming comedians and gives them a half-hour special. It’s a great and long-running series the network has utilized to showcase the next wave of comedians and give some of them their first look at screen time. This year’s class of... [Read More]