The Laughspin interview with Eddie Pepitone
You might have have heard him singing his own name on Last Comic Standing a few seasons ago, you might have seen him yell at Conan O’Brien, or you might have seen him in the hit web series Puddin’ but, in any case, everyone, comedy fan or... [Read More]
Al Madrigal Juggles “The Daily Show,” Self-Censorship and Family Life
As our desk calendar grows leaner than the North Koreans who didn’t cry at Kim Jong Il’s funeral, a lot of us are looking back at 2011 with a sense of attainment.  Throw Al Madrigal into that pile.  When most of us go back to work next week, he’ll be... [Read More]
The Laughspin interview with Felipe Esparza
You likely know Felipe Esparza as the dude who won it all in August, 2010 on what was likely the last season of Last Comic Standing ever. He was in great company, as the final five comedians were Tommy Johnagin, Roy Wood Jr., Myq Kaplan and the late ... [Read More]
Wendy Liebman is Taller on TV and Just as Funny
It’s takes a lot of guts to simply get on stage.  It’s another thing entirely to be funny.  When you develop a comedic style that’s often imitated, then you’re really on to something. Enter Wendy Liebman. If you don’t know her name, you definitely kn... [Read More]
Louis CK opens up about the process in wide range of interviews, revelations
So rarely do you find out as much about a comedian's process as we are this week with the release of Louis CK's new stand-up special. Certainly, Louis CK is doing a lot of press to help promote it to the widest possible audience. But he's also openin... [Read More]
Pablo Francisco puts it all out there in “They Put it Out There”
Pablo Francisco is a whirling dervish of voices, noises, sound effects and impersonations. And on Francisco's new CD/DVD, "They Put It Out There," he puts it all out there. Before you can ask -- Who is they, what did they put and where did they put i... [Read More]
Running with the Devil: A Conversation with Anthony Jeselnik
Anthony Jeselnik’s debut album Shakespeare is one of the most unique, innovative and spectacular comedy albums I’ve ever heard. Part Steven Wright, part Andrew Dice Clay, Jeselnik has an artistic style that transcends all preconceived notions of how ... [Read More]
Mike E. Winfield Finds Fame at “The Office”
Mike E. Winfield’s celebrity has been growing steadily after landing a role on NBC’s Emmy winning comedy “The Office.” The hard-working stand-up comedian spoke with AmericasComedy about his upcoming tour, which includes a thre... [Read More]
The Softer Side of Lisa Lampanelli
Known best for her scathing roasts and even dubbed “The Queen of Mean,” Lisa Lampanelli has never been accused of being a nice person. Except by almost everyone she’s ever worked with. “I am absolutely aware that I am a softy ... [Read More]
Jubal Flagg’s Comedy Will Turn You On
AmericasComedy recently spoke with Seattle radio show host and stand-up comic Jubal Flagg.  Flagg has been writing comedy and performing on stage for years, and his radio show “Brooke and Jubal in the Morning” on Movin 92.5 is wildly creative, and a ... [Read More]