John Pinette: “Still Hungry” as a comedian after 25 years
John Pinette is still hungry. Not just for food, which he will recount, regale and reheat his temper over in his upcoming Comedy Central special, which is called Still Hungry and premieres on Friday night and arrives in DVD and CD forms on Aug. 2, 20... [Read More]
John C. Reilly on Terri, Confounding Expectations, and Step Brothers 2
In the Azazel Jacobs-directed Terri, Reilly stars as Mr. Fitzgerald, a blustery vice principal who takes a shine to the film’s titular teenager, an overweight misfit who wears pajamas to school every day. It’s a perfect role for Reilly — broadly funny, but with an underlying sense of real humanity — which isn’t all that surprising since his wife, Terri producer Alison Dickey, was the one who suggested he take a look at the material in the first place. The Oscar nominee spoke to Movieline about t... [Read More]
Jon Benjamin Has an Interview
A van. That's all it takes. I moved to the Jersey shore, hoarded mountains of moldy board games, got pregnant at 16 and still no show. But suddenly, Jon Benjamin Has a Van, and he's Comedy Central's next big thing. The fancy van owner,... [Read More]
Paul Mecurio – Living His Dream
An AmericasComedy Video Interview You may not recognize the name of stand-up comedian Paul Mecurio, but if you’ve ever watched “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” you certainly know his writing. Mecurio, the winner of two Emmy awards and a Peabod... [Read More]
Inside With: Jane Borden, Writer and Time Out Comedy Editor
Jane Borden's love letter to New York, I Totally Meant to Do That, is a fantastic collection of humorous essays about growing up in the South, living her post-college years in NYC, and coming head to head with the question we all have to come to term... [Read More]
The Daily Show Green Room
If a Daily Show interview has ever left you wanting more, then the brand new Daily Show Green Room is for you. Not only does it feature an archive of past interviews and information on upcoming guests, it also includes past appearances by each guest ... [Read More]
Boston Comedy Q&A: Kate Clinton
Kate Clinton is in Boston tonight for Fenway Health Kate Clinton celebrated thirty years in stand-up comedy on March 21. Since then, she has established herself not only as a stand-up comedian but as an author and columnist with The Progressive ma... [Read More]
Matt Fisher, Steve Soroka & Mamrie Hart | Photo: Eric Michael PearsoBy: Meghan O'Keefe Friends are people who see the best in us and like us for it. Best friends are people who see the best and the worst in us and still love us for it. Mamrie Har... [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents Speed Dating: Natasha Leggero
During Natasha Leggero's Comedy Central Presents this Friday at 11/10c, I am going to wear my finest diamonds and furs and create a drinking game with champagne (down an entire flute every time money is mentioned). Dive into the Leggero decaden... [Read More]
Matt Stone and Trey Parker on Good Morning America
Yesterday, Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on Good Morning America to talk about The Book of Mormon, which interviewer Jake Tapper called "brilliant." Has anything ever been as universally acclaimed as this show? Last I checked, The Book of... [Read More]