Audio Interview: On the Screen and off the Grid
Ed Begley Jr. is a prolific actor in both film and television. His credits include St. Elsewhere, A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, Arrested Development, Pineapple Express and countless others. Begley is also a leading environmental activist who lives off... [Read More]
Talking Comedy with Godfrey and Debora DiGiovanni (video)
Godfrey and Debora DiGiovanni were headed out on tour of Canada as a part of a Just For Laughs-sponsored tour of the great white north. We caught up with them shortly before the tour to hear some of their war stories about the life of a touring comic. Some of the dialogue is NSFW so [...]Talking Com... [Read More]
Scott Moran: Modern Comedian
Proof that one man can do it all, Modern Comedian is a weekly web series shot, edited, and produced by Scott Moran. The series features comedians in their homes and on-stage, sharing stories that are both intimate and hilarious. In October, Moran ink... [Read More]
Chris Spencer on creating BET’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood” for Kevin Hart, guest-writing on SNL for Jamie Foxx
Chris Spencer is really a husband in Hollywood, but when he created Real Husbands of Hollywood for BET, putting Kevin Hart and other funny celebrities together in an awards show sketch proved so popular that it's a cable TV hit even before the first ... [Read More]
The Junior & Leo Show with Comedian Leaf
When it comes to turning a negative into a positive Leaf the Comedian is no stranger. On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show Podcast we speak to Leaf about his life before comedy as a mortgage lender and being a father (including a hilarious st... [Read More]
Audio Interview: The Legend of Kyle Grooms
One night at the Boston Comedy Club (which ironically is in New York City), stand-up comic and New Jersey native Kyle Grooms was watching a fellow comic perform. After the comic’s set was over, Kyle approached him to congratulate him on a job w... [Read More]
Exclusive: Jim Jefferies talks fatherhood, stand-up tour, new show ‘Legit’ and more! (Audio)
For the better part of the last decade, Australian born, British bred comedian Jim Jefferies has endeared himself to dedicated fans of comedy with a taste for real-life, often X-rated stories. But come Jan. 17, when his series Legit (about a comedian... [Read More]
Yes! Brody Stevens Keeps it Positive
Steven Brody Stevens is a complicated man.  As a comedian, Stevens is equally as complicated – and it works. On the stage,  Stevens masters blurring the line between stand-up and performance art. Off-stage, you guessed it – Stevens is still blurring ... [Read More]
Talking Comedy with Hannibal Buress (video)
Hannibal Buress had a very busy 2012 – a new stand-up special, development deals, TV appearances, that time he took extacy and peed himself at an SNL wrap party, had a beef with a school newspaper and release a gibberish rap. He even picked up a few awards along the way including “Best C... [Read More]
Michael Malone: Talking with Them, Not at Them
If nothing else, Michael Malone has remarkable timing. His new CD, Casual Sext was released just two days before he dazzled judges in the Seattle International Comedy Competition thoroughly enough to take first place in the prestigious contest. On st... [Read More]