Bunk! An interview with Kurt Braunohler
During the Just For Laughs festival, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kurt Braunohler to discuss his TV show BUNK, shed some light on upcoming projects with his writing partner Kristen Schaal, and broke down the differences between American and UK comedy audiences. And if that wasn’t en... [Read More]
An interview with My Damn Channel creator, Rob Barnett
During the madness of Just For Laughs we got the chance to sit down with the founder of My Damn Channel, Rob Barnett. Barnett and My Damn Channel are about to celebrate its 5th year in business. We sat down to talk with Barnett to get advice on the changing state of the industry and [...] ... [Read More]
Andy Nulman reflects upon 30 years of Montreal’s Just For Laughs
Just For Laughs may never have become the world's largest international group of comedy festivals if not for Andy Nulman. After all, it's difficult to imagine now. But in its first two years, Just For Laughs only existed for a weekend in Montreal -- ... [Read More]
Adam Norwest: Standout Comedy
To be a success as a stand-up comic you need to be one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s your material, personality, looks, or even age, a comic must be unique. When you’re stand-up comedian Adam Norwest, you have all four going for you.What makes ... [Read More]
Fred Armisen on ‘The Front Desk’ and Buying the Second Cheapest Wine
Since the season finale of Saturday Night Live, I’ve been having withdrawals. Lucky for me Fred Armison, cast member of SNL, just so happened to appear on the new web series “The Front Desk.” The phrase “actions speak louder t... [Read More]
It’s Funny How Normal Don Friesen Is
AmericasComedy.com had the chance to talk to comedian Don Friesen about his Showtime special and companion album Ask Your Mom. The hour is a sort of Greatest Hits for Friesen, an energetic comic with a very physical stage presence, whose material cov... [Read More]
Andrew Ginsburg: Comedy Strong
If there is one constant in the world of comedy; it would be that in order to be funny you have to be fearless. Sounds like an easy task for a bodybuilding champion turned comedian named Andrew Ginsburg. However, the New York City comic has found tha... [Read More]
Please Be Offended: An Interview With Jim Norton
Unabashed sweetheart/creep Jim Norton talks Ozzy Osbourne, Patrice O’Neal, The Opie and Anthony Show and and his new one-hour special, Please Be Offended, airing Saturday on Epix. You had two previous HBO specials plus the Down and Dirty with Jim Norton showcase. How did Epix come into consideration... [Read More]
Rom-Com About Twitter Fanatics and ‘Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York’
If our goal in life is to make sure there is no human contact whatsoever, I would say that we are definitely on our way. Spoofing that sentiment is, “You got Retweeted,” a fake trailer that pokes fun at our use of twitter and other forms ... [Read More]
Jim Norton: The New King of All Media?
AmericasComedy.Com got a chance to speak with comedian Jim Norton while he was perfoming in Los Angeles recently.  The veteran comedian has had success across almost every form of media  - he’s a regular on the Opie & Anthony Show, has made numer... [Read More]