From The Lovemaster to my three sons: Craig Shoemaker on developing a case of “Daditude”
For many years, Craig Shoemaker proved that pervy was funny. Or at least sounding pervy could be very funny. His vocal impersonations of "The Lovemaster" filled comedy clubs with laughter across America, and in 1997, he won the American Comedy Award ... [Read More]
The Evolution of Dan Cummins
The old adage in baseball is that home run hitters strike out the most. If you aim for the fences, you’re going to miss — a lot. But you can’t hit if you don’t swing. If this philosophy transferred to show business, stand-up comic Dan Cummins would u... [Read More]
The science of comedy with Dan Telfer (interview)
Dan Telfer is a comedian currently hanging out in the Midwest riding a wave of some very successful Youtube videos that have allowed him to record shows for BBC and the Science Channel. He’s been named a best comedian of the year and earned a best album of the year recognition by The Onion A.V... [Read More]
Darryl Lenox on his “Blind Ambition” and reaching for the Starz
For Darryl Lenox, hindsight was 20/20. An incident in his young adult life left Lenox almost permanently and completely blind, and the comedian discusses it as well as his path to regaining sight in his new stand-up special, Blind Ambition, which deb... [Read More]
An Interview with the Forever Honest Susie Essman
Actress and comedian Susie Essman is amazingly cool.She’s a brash New Yorker and a confident woman. She has a great heart, and can make you laugh as easily as she can make you think. Essman is smart and honest – the only way she knows how... [Read More]
Comedian Luenell: The Next Hollywood Powerhouse?
From her breakout role as the “stripper with a heart of gold” in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, to her recurring roles in movies starring Adam Sandler, to her most recent appearance in the blockbuster film Taken 2, Luenell has establish... [Read More]
Adam Carolla talks Trump, O’Reilly, DIY and his funniest fart joke ever
When Adam Carolla came calling last week, Donald Trump merely was embarrassing himself for attention with a $5 million challenge that was as unnecessary as it inevitably would remain unfulfilled. The Donald had yet to to reveal the depths to his rese... [Read More]
George Wallace: The Flamingo Kid
I have always been a huge fan of George Wallace. His comedy is hilarious and his social commentary spot-on. Some time back I found George on Twitter, where he cracks jokes just before going on stage at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.I’m a fan ... [Read More]
Soul Joel Richardson: The Soul of Staten Island
Soul Joel Richardson proves if you want something bad enough, you gotta work for it.After being encouraged to take on stand-up by a frat brother, Joel knew it was his avenue to the success he felt destined to achieve. A graduate of Staten Island̵... [Read More]
Before he can go “Legit,” Jim Jefferies performs “Fully Functional” stand-up on EPIX
The last time I hung out with Jim Jefferies, we were not only in another country, but also in Doug Stanhope's hotel room, before eventually taking the party to the hotel's outdoor terrace as the sun rose over the French-Canadian skyline of Montreal. ... [Read More]