Talking to Brian Posehn About His New Album, 'Mr. Show,' and Who Should Direct the New 'Star Wars' Movies
by Jeremy Popkin Throughout an insanely prolific career, Brian Posehn has been far more active than one would expect a headbanging stoner with a comic book obsession to be. The Comedian of Comedy has lent his distinctive monotone and alternative sensibilities to all manner of cult classics in the la... [Read More]
Talking to Anthony Jeselnik About 'The Jeselnik Offensive,' His Career Goals, and What Comedy Central Won't Let Him Say
by Blair Socci 2013 has been a prolific year for comedy’s resident dark lord, Anthony Jeselnik, with the debut of his new show, The Jeselnik Offensive, and his new album, Caligula. Fresh off last week’s premiere of season two, I caught up with Anthony to find out what we can expect this ... [Read More]
Anjelah Johnson talks about Bon Qui Qui’s wild ride and her “Homecoming Show” special on NUVOtv
NUVOtv officially kicked off its relaunch in style last night with a party in West Hollywood, Calif., and the cable TV channel formerly known as Si TV goes Bon Qui Qui comedy crazy this weekend with the premiere of Anjelah Johnson's Homecoming Show. Here's a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of John... [Read More]
Talking to Jack Handey About His New Novel 'The Stench of Honolulu', Deep Thoughts, and More
by Bryan Bierman I’ve read Hemingway, Faulkner, and McCarthy, but I say without facetiousness that Jack Handey has made a bigger impact on my writing than any of them. It’s almost sad to read one of his signature Deep Thoughts, because you know you will never write anything even half as ... [Read More]
Addicted To Comedy: How to be a Writer Who Writes – The Greg Miller Interview
Have you ever had problems with a writing project? Maybe your goal is to publish a book, write a screenplay, or submit a sitcom pilot to your favorite competition? The biggest problem I encountered as a comedy writer was not having enough time to write. Or so I thought. I discovered "How to be a Wri... [Read More]
Talking to Michael Cera and Sebastian Silva About 'Crystal Fairy,' Chile, and Directing
by Joel Arnold Michael Cera’s been up to a lot lately. Between popping up on Burning Love as a mild-mannered guy with a significant nut allergy, reprising his role as a grown-up if woodblock-loving George Michael on the fourth season of Arrested Development&n... [Read More]
Comedian Byron Bowers Is The LOL From The ATL
Byron Bowers is a super funny Atlanta comic currently in LA. If I were to describe him, he would be a politely edgy guy. He’s constantly performing at all different [...]Author informationJazmine HillAssociate Editor at Serial OptimistFuture writer director. 22 year old girl with the sensibili... [Read More]
Talking to Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts About 'Comedy Bang Bang' Season 2
by Bradford Evans One of the funniest new TV shows of last year, Comedy Bang Bang is returning for a second season this Friday on IFC. Even better, it's a super-sized 20-episode season that looks pretty action-packed based on the trailer (embedded below) and the couple of episodes I've gotten to see... [Read More]
Scott Aukerman talks about presiding over the second season of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!
Scott Aukerman doesn't host Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC, so much as he presides over a circus of characters and interviews that aren't interviews, to the point where any viewers who thought they'd tuned into a proverbial late-night talk show come to realize that they'll enjoy it once they embrace the ... [Read More]
Ten Questions with Daisy Eagan
Daisy Eagan is a writer, actor, singer, performer, and self-described all around person. Her television credits include “The Mentalist,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “The Unit.” At age 11 Eagan became the youngest female to win a Tony Award for her performance in &ldq... [Read More]