John Mulaney on SNL, March Madness and headlining his first NYC weekend at Carolines | the comic's comic
"SNL is very intense when it's intense, and then we have stretches where we're off and on a break. So it does work out just fine in terms of being able to perform," Mulaney said. "Oh, I worry about everything all the time. It's a very consuming job, but not all-consuming. There is time for other things." [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk on Breaking Bad, the future and cooking | The A.V. Club
Bob Odenkirk recently spoke to The A.V. Club about landing on Breaking Bad, what he’s got cooking for the future, and what he’s learned to cook in the last decade. [Read More]
Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh of "Players" - Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh are two of the founding members of the legendary comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade. They've both had stints on Reno 911! and Arrested Development, as well as roles in a slew of films, from The Hangover to Bring It On. They're pairing up once again to use their comic chemistry in a new sitcom on Spike TV called Players, in which they star as brothers who attempt to live the dream of co-owning a sports bar. [Read More]
Aisha Tyler on "Archer", acting and stand-up | LiveComedyLA podcast
We chatted about Aisha Tyler's current show “Archer” which airs on FX and her history in acting and stand-up. [Read More]
Josh Gondelman talks Laughing Skull and open mics (video interview) | Boston Comedy
Earlier this month, Josh Gondelman won the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival competition in Atlanta, goign up against comedians from around the country. [Read More]
Nick Thune deadpans for gold | The A.V. Club Chicago interview
Nick Thune talked to The A.V. Club about Internet comments, breaking the rules on Leno, and the kinds of jokes his parents don't like. [Read More]
Inside With Devin Clark, Animator and Series Creator of Ugly Americans | The Apiary
To get pumped for the premiere of Ugly Americans, we chatted with the braintrust behind the show. First up: animation wiz and series creator Devin Clark. [Read More]
Leslie Jones Just wants to make you laugh | Punchline Magazine
Comedian Leslie Jones has no reason to be intimidated by the male-dominated comedy world. She is genuinely funny and she can beat most men up. The abrasive diva made the industry take notice after her successful run as a complementary act on Katt Williams’ It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’ tour. Following the recent release of her first comedy DVD, Problem Child, the 6-foot tall, foul-mouthed female apprentice of comedy pimpin’ caught up with Punchline Magazine to discuss her past influences, her present suc... [Read More]
They’re here. They’re queer. And they live next door to Sarah Silverman - Posehn & Agee interview | EDGE Chicago
Edge’s Jim Halterman recently did a three-way call with Brian Posehn and Steve Agee to talk about being gay for each other, their less-than-traditional gay fans and what happens when they’re seen out in public together. [Read More]
Comedian Robert Hines ("Jones Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage") is Chicago, and funny | chicago tribune
The spot was for "Jones Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage," and in it, Hines plays Toby Jones, the "drunk," dealmaking proprietor of a desolate lot on which he's willing to store whatever you've got. "This is a bus. Do you know how big a bus is?" he asks. [Read More]