Comedian Steve Hofstetter launches Animated Revolution; Ted Alexandro becomes a pirate
Comedian Steve Hofstetter recently debuted his newest online project—a series called Animated Revolution, backed by Fremantle (the online arm of the company that produces American Idol). And the premise is pretty similar to what Comedy Central attempted to do years ago with Shorties Watchin’ Shorties. [Read More]
Dear Wisconsin: XOXO, Andi Smith - An exclusive guest post.
"I was wrong about you Wisconsin. I know now that there is no place on earth (considering budgetary restraints) that I would rather be. Let’s get back together. Just for the weekend. Your wife will never find out. I’ve missed you." ............ [Read More]
David Cross on 'The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret,' his Anglophile tendencies and his own awkward moments
"The show is completely organic and edible. It's good for you and it's biodegradable. So when you watch the show, and possibly eat it, there's no ill effect on the environment." [Read More]
Sarah Silverman at the Toronto Film Festival: Not ‘the Bitchy Friend’ Anymore! | NY Mag
NY Mag caught up with Sarah Silverman at the Toronto Film Festival, which she was attending to support her new film Peep World, which co-stars Michael C. Hall and Rainn Wilson; she plays a bitter failed actress who fights with her three siblings at her dad's 70th birthday party. We met before the screening, where she'd see the film for the first time: But regardless of whether she'd turn out to like the finished product or not, she told us she was relieved that she had a chance to play something... [Read More]
She Won't Forget About Him: Molly Ringwald Remembers John Hughes | NY Times
Molly Ringwald spoke recently with ArtsBeat about her work with John Hughes, his filmmaking legacy and how she thinks her movies will be received by her children. [Read More]
Doug Stanhope returns to L.A. to play The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club | LA Weekly interview
"I don't really hate coming to L.A. as much as I hated living in L.A. Now it's more like visiting your old high school: It's funny that you once took it seriously, and now you laugh at the people who still do." [Read More]
The Writer’s Room: A Conversation with SNL Writer John Mulaney | Splitsider
"Well with comedy in general, start doing it non-professionally for an audience. If I had known before I was twenty that you could just go to open mics or start your own comedy show at a bar, I would have done it earlier. Start a sketch show, write things. You have to do it to do it. And you can’t do it in a bubble. You have to do it for some audience, be it the editor of a magazine you send a piece to, or the audience at a tiny theater where you organize some sketch show. (pause) Or the much be... [Read More]
Danny Devito: "Always Sunny" Has Added Years to My Life
“I like to have a party,” Devito said with a smile. “I like to drink, I like to carry on, I like to flirt with the pretty girls, I like to hang out, you know, and if it’s a dance party, I like to dance, too. I think you have to keep doing those things no matter how old you get.” [Read More]
The BostonComedy Q&A: Jon Fisch
Newton native Jon Fisch doesn’t have any comic gimmicks. No props, no politics, no nerdy stereotypes. What you get with Fisch is just flat-out funny. Great writing, an easy sense of himself onstage, ... [Read More]
Interview: Irish powerhouse Tommy Tiernan hits New York this weekend
Tommy Tiernan is one of the UK’s most successful comedians. Sadly, he doesn’t make it over to the good (bad?) old USA nearly enough. But, there’s great news for a small portion of the country: he’ll be in New York City at Com... [Read More]