Ryan Singer interview | Rooftop Comedy
Ryan Singer is the rarest of breeds: A comic's comic who electrifies mainstream audiences with material that is both uncompromising and unpretentious. The premeditated chaos of Singer's comedy can now be heard on his debut album, HOW TO GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS, an intense exercise in wordplay, improvisation, and storytelling produced by Rooftop Comedy Productions and recorded at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati, OH. Those who enter Singer's world will be rewarded with knowledge of the connect... [Read More]
"Community" Star Donald Glover on Comedy, Critical Acclaim and "30 Rock" | WSJ
Donald Glover, 26, plays Troy Barnes, a former prom king and high-school quarterback, who takes classes at Greendale Community College, opposite Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. Speakeasy spoke to Glover about the show. [Read More]
Artie Lange Interview | The A.V. Club
Prior to his recent hospitalization for undisclosed causes, The A.V. Club chatted with Lange about apologizing for jokes, criticism of his act, what really happened during his controversial June appearance on Joe Buck Live, and performing sober vs. performing under the influence. [Read More]
Thomas Lennon on Sketchfest | pop rock candy mountain
Reno 911's Thomas Lennon answers a few questions about the upcoming SF Sketchfest. [Read More]
Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday Interview | The A.V. Club
The A.V. Club recently sat down with Cera and Doubleday to talk about promiscuous prepubescent Canadians, why explicit gay rape is box-office gold, and why Cera hates Arrested Development fans. [Read More]
Steve Agee Weighs in on SF Sketchfest | pop rock candy mountain
For the better half of the month of January SF Sketchfest will be taking place all over the city of San Francisco with acts like Conan O'Brien, Terry Jones, The Whitest Kids You Know, the cast of Reno 911 and many more. Our buddy Steve Agee gave us his thoughts on playing the festival this year. [Read More]
Meet Me In New York - Harrison Greenbaum | the comic's comic
When I wrote about comedian Harrison Greenbaum co-hosting the first-ever official Times Square live New Year's Eve webcast, perhaps a few of you said, who's this kid? But if you lived in New York City's comedy scene in 2009, you probably knew exactly who he was, because he performed seemingly everywhere last year. Did you know, however, that he really is still a kid, fresh out of college? Did you know that he interned for the Internet's Julia Allison and NonSociety and lived to tell about it? Di... [Read More]
Paul F. Tompkins interview | The A.V. Club
It's a gamble to have improvisational riffing account for a third of your album, but it's a testament to Tompkins' skill that it works so well. It also speaks to that newfound maturity, which allowed him to trust himself (and the audience) enough to go with it. On the day of Freak Wharf's release, Tompkins talked to The A.V. Club about changing his approach to stand-up, Best Week Ever, and not wanting to party. [Read More]
Portrait of a Comedian - Featuring Rory Scovel and Neal Stastny | The Apiary
This episode features Rory Scovel and Neal Stastny. Tune in to hear Rory, one of the most innovative comedians working today, talk about his Southern heritage, playing with the conventions of comedy, and how 3-D movies are preventing him from quitting pot. You'll also hear Neal Stastny, an up and comer who you'll definitely be hearing more from, talk about growing up in the zoo business, witnessing future murders in pawn shops, and why New Orleans has fostered so many good comedians. [Read More]
Glennis McMurray ("I Eat Pandas" @ UCB NY) interview | funny not slutty
When it comes to making fart jokes with a pretty smile on your face, few do it better than funny woman Glennis Mcmurray. With a gorgeous voice, quick wit, and talent for hilarious poop jokes, Glennis is a force to be reckoned with. Recently FnS got to pick her brain about her beginnings in NY, work with improv and voice over, and where she is headed. [Read More]