Joan Rivers Interview | The A.V. Club
in a spacious suite filled with busy assistants, and with a package of false eyelashes laid out on a nearby table, Rivers talked to The A.V. Club about exposing herself on film, why she thinks of herself as an actress rather than a comedian, and the best way to tell jokes about Haiti, 9/11, and Hitler. [Read More]
Simon Rich - Funny in high places (interview) Third Beat
Simon Rich has a knack for making writers over 30 feel bad about ourselves. He was a published author at 22, followed that up by becoming the youngest Saturday Night Live writer ever, and at just 26 has just published his first full-length novel entitled Elliot Allagas. He recently swung through Toronto for a reading and q&a session, where he shared behind-the-scenes tidbits with SNL fans and had fellow writers pondering that, perhaps, we should work a tad harder. [Read More]
SketchFestNYC 2010 - HItting Up Kimmy Gatewood | The Apiary
SKETCHFESTNYC is back, New York! So get yourselves to the UCB this Thursday for a three-day bender of sketch bits and bobs. All week long The Apiary is spotlighting a few of the SFNYC performers and producers, all of whom traded at least a portion of their souls for the Written Word of Comedy. To get it started, we lofted a softballs to Kimmy Gatewood (The Apple Sisters, Make Up Break Up, Nerdcore Rising). [Read More]
The Deadbolt Interview - Last Comic Standing with Craig Robinson and Natasha Leggero
we hopped on the line with Craig Robinson of The Office, comedian Natasha Leggero and executive producer Jayson Dinsmore to get the comedy scoop on season seven of The Last Comic Standing. [Read More]
Rob Corddry Interview | Rooftop Comedy
Members of Improv troops are known to have impeccable comedic timing, and Rob Corddry wears the stereotype well. [Read More]
Nick Thune - Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Nick Thune is a stand up comedian, actor, guitarist and writer. His observational humor often interlaces storytelling and music. He's made the late night rounds doing stand up on The Tonight Show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and as a correspondent on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He's also had his own Comedy Central special and created the web series "Nick's Big Show". He recently released his debut album, Thick Noon, on Comedy Central Records. [Read More]
Natasha Leggero on being a judge for Last Comic Standing | MovieWeb
"The people in New York camped out for three days. They brought their own toilets. It was crazy. And they didn't even have an act! They remembered to bring their own toilet, but they didn't bring any jokes. That was always a little sad." [Read More]
Samantha Knows What You Are, But This Is An Interview
Someone call in a domestic disturbance, because Samantha Bee's new book I Know I Am, But What Are You? has HIT the shelves! JK! Don't call the cops. I was just taking a common phrase very li... [Read More]
Doug Stanhope coming to Charlotte Saturday - interview | theCLog
"If you watch American Idol for the good singers, you should probably see another comic. But if you like to watch the train wrecks and you find that funny, then you’d like me." [Read More]
How Comedian Reggie Watts Has Become a National Phenomenon | New York Magazine
Watts described his method to me as “culture sampling.” He picks templates, he says—a scientific lecture, a corporate report, hipster gossip—and then fills them out, off the top of his head, like Mad Libs. When I asked if he’d ever considered writing material in advance, he basically recoiled. “No. That would suck.” [Read More]