Judd Apatow talks comedy nerdness on WTF with Marc Maron
Another booking coup for our favorite podcast: this week on WTF with Marc Maron, the comedian turned podcast king interviews writer/director Judd Apatow. In this special two-part interview, the second of which just went live online, Marc and Judd cov... [Read More]
Paul Rodriguez – The Original Latin King of Comedy
Revered as the original Latin “King of Comedy,” Paul Rodriguez has done just about everything there is to do over the last thirty-three years of his comedy career. Philanthropist, actor, producer and comedian, Rodriguez has had starring roles and guest appearances in more than forty films, as well as in countless television series and comedy specials . . . and more. [Read More]
Chosen Comedy: Asie Mohtarez interview | Heeb Magazine
Despite the growing hatred between Israel and Iran, there is still one Persian issue that we can all agree on: Asie Mohtarez is funny. Mohtarez came to the U.S. following the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and she is now blowing up New York comedy clubs with jokes about her family, her religion and her New Jersey upbringing. The Brooklynite sat down with Heeb to talk about her formative years, her introduction to corrupt politics and the importance of “bro-ing out.” [Read More]
Gilbert Gottfried on the rost of Hasselhoff and telling dick jokes to 10-year-olds | The A.V. Club
The A.V. Club recently spoke with Gottfried about the recently aired Comedy Central roast of David Hasselhoff, telling dick jokes to 10-year-olds, and the influence his new family has on his act. [Read More]
Extended Louis C.K. interview about making 'Louie' for FX
"I think making your own things is the best way now. Like making something; there's nothing that beats proving you're funny by making a funny thing, and right now there are huge outlets for that, with You Tube and all the other stuff online. You can get a good high def camera for very cheap, and you can buy a Mac book, put Final Cut Pro on it and you can make a whole TV show with those two items. I recommend some good microphones, because most little cameras don't have good sound, but that's how... [Read More]
Exclusive video interview with Doug Benson
Doug Benson, just today, released a new album through Comedy Central Records. It’s called Hypocritical Oaf. And it is filled with what you’d expect– stoned out ruminations on the mundane facets of life. [Read More]
Colin Quinn on Long Story Short, Jerry Seinfeld, gun control and more | The A.V. Club
The A.V. Club recently spoke with Quinn about Seinfeld’s involvement in the show, why all comics seem to know each other, and his take on gun control and other constitutional issues. [Read More]
Don't Forget His Name: An Interview With Hannibal Buress | The Laugh Button
Hannibal Buress is a man who is serious about his comedy and his career – he used to write for Saturday Night Live, and is now writing for 30 Rock. He just released a new album of stand-up called My Name is Hannibal, which has caused a number of laughter outbreaks in the office, but if you want to see his jokes live and in person, check out his weekly free show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn each Sunday. And seeing how we now all know where he lives, let’s drop off a jar or two of pickles w... [Read More]
Philly Improv Theater scouts a new space
Since 2005, The Philly Improv Theater has served not only as the only longform improv training center in Philadelphia, but as the area’s strongest source of off-beat comedy shows. It’s grown into a full-blown comedy hub, fostering a comedy community ... [Read More]
MacGruber star Will Forte talks about leaving SNL | JoBlo
"I think people thought, 'Oh this guy thinks he's some big hot shot! Thinks he's gonna go out and get a bunch of movie deals!' But it really had nothing to do with that," Forte explains. In fact he would later admit he has no future plans other than playing volleyball and drinking beer. [Read More]