Marc Maron - "I usually attract sensitive people who like real shit" | Express Night Out interview
"There's not a lot of difference between who I am and who I am onstage. ... I usually attract sensitive people who like real shit" [Read More]
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Cameron Esposito interview | Rooftop Comedy
Cameron Esposito grew up in the city of Chicago, most famously known for Second City, which sent many alumni to Saturday Night Live and Hollywood. But oddly enough, she didn’t get into performing until she moved to Boston. While in college there, she started training in improvisation, eventually moving back home to the windy city where she took to the stage as a comedienne. Cameron is currently on tour in the Pacific Northwest, and recently released her first CD, “Grab Them Aghast,” on the Rooft... [Read More]
Josh Gondelman wins inaugural Laughing Skull Comedy Festival | the comic's comic
Josh Gondelman talks to The Comic's Comic about winning the stand-up contest at the inaugural Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta. [Read More]
Sugar Sammy podcast interview | LiveComedyLA
Sugar Sammy is the next big international comedy sensation coming out of Canada. He’s like Russell Peter’s revisited in many ways…but obviously has his own style. It’s interesting to hear the strategy of becoming big in Canada and other international markets…THEN the U.S. [Read More]
Donald Glover - why nerds are achievers | The A.V. Club interview
Donald Glover recently spoke to The A.V. Club about why nerds are achievers, how he figures out whether something is funny, and what it was like pursuing stand-up even though it meant leaving a job where he “pooped Emmys.” [Read More]
John Mulaney on SNL, March Madness and headlining his first NYC weekend at Carolines | the comic's comic
"SNL is very intense when it's intense, and then we have stretches where we're off and on a break. So it does work out just fine in terms of being able to perform," Mulaney said. "Oh, I worry about everything all the time. It's a very consuming job, but not all-consuming. There is time for other things." [Read More]
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Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh of "Players" - Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh are two of the founding members of the legendary comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade. They've both had stints on Reno 911! and Arrested Development, as well as roles in a slew of films, from The Hangover to Bring It On. They're pairing up once again to use their comic chemistry in a new sitcom on Spike TV called Players, in which they star as brothers who attempt to live the dream of co-owning a sports bar. [Read More]