Jimmy Pardo on podcasting, Conan & his favorite joke
Jimmy Pardo is a comedian’s comedian — which is to say he’s better known by other stand-ups than he is the general public. Of course, anyone who’s seen a “Conan” taping has watched Pardo warm up the crowd, and he’s steadily becoming more visible these days thanks to another invaluable tool for contemporary stand-ups: the podcast.. [Read More]
Interview: Kurt Metzger talks “trust fund pussy” comedians, Ugly Americans and more
The Philadelphia-area bred comic and I recently connected to chat about the new album, what’s been going on in his career and how he got where he is now. What ensued went far beyond my initial predictions; we hit on everything from how Kurt feels about “bringer” shows and “trust-fund pussies” in alterative comedy. He compared East and West Coast comedy and talked about when he just stopped giving a fuck. Be warned, Kurt is as unapologetic in this interview as he is onstage. [Read More]
Joan Rivers on Her Louie Appearance, Casey Anthony, and Why a Hitler Joke Is Funny in Context
Vulture spoke with Joan Rivers ahead of the 'Louie' episode about how she got hooked up with Louis C.K., what she thinks of his work (“He’s so good, I had more fun doing that show than I’ve had since Curb Your Enthusiasm”), and where she sees him in 20 years. [Read More]
J. Chris Newberg's exit interview and debriefing from America's Got Talent 2011
On last night's episode of America's Got Talent, musical comedian J Chris Newberg did not get one of the four spots in the semifinals. Spoiler alert? Although if they're doing four out of 12 in each of the quarterfinals, you'd... [Read More]
Simon Pegg, Actor and Filmmaker: Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Simon Pegg joins Jesse Thorn to talk about nerd rants, his philosophy on zombies, and his close-knit relationship with colloborator and friend Nick Frost. He's best known as the actor, writer, and director whose guiding hands have been involved in British TV comedy Spaced and films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Paul. His new memoir follows his own journey as the nerdy everyman; Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid is out now. [Read More]
Adam Newman interview | Rooftop Comedy
Rooftop Comedy Productions is proud to release Not For Horses, the debut comedy album from Adam Newman. A hilarious mix of dead-on observational humor and wonderfully quirky insights into pop culture, Not For Horses showcases Adam’s style of comedy—... [Read More]
How does an American comedian perform on Kenya's version of The Tonight Show? Ask John Ramsey
John Ramsey has enjoyed success as a comedian in America, among his credits having reached the late, great HBO U.S. Comedy Arts festival in Aspen and performing on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham. But for the past year, Ramsey has served as a volunteer in Kenya. Not so funny, right? That didn't stop him from trying, though. You can read about his experiences adapting his sense of humor for what Africans find funny on his personal blog -- and in many instances, he found out "Why My Jokes Don't Wo... [Read More]
Comic Spotlight: Lee Camp’s Political Comedic Voice Not to be Missed (interview)
Lee Camp’s critically lauded new album, Chaos for the Weary is a Carlin-esque cannon of improvements America could use. He is even introduced by Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late comedy legend George Carlin. Modern consumer culture gets the brunt of his comedic venom. We caught up with him for a brief chat about his transition into political comedy, the comparisons to Carlin and telling off Fox News. [Read More]
Mila Kunis In Panties In GQ, Talking Sexism In Hollywood (PHOTO)
Citing "Bridesmaids" as an example of a film that showcases just how funny women can be, Kunis says, "You have no idea how hard it is for a woman in this business. A lot of people don't even think women are funny. It's f*cked-up, but you have to deal with guys like that. I've learned to roll with it." [Read More]
America's misguided war on offensive humor - Paul Provenza Interview | Salon
Paul Provenza knows what makes comedians laugh. He is, after all, the director of 2005's "The Aristocrats," the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the blue jokes that get seasoned veterans chuckling. His program on Showtime, "The Green Room with Paul Provenza," premieres its second season this Thursday, and is a sort of comedy version of "Insider the Actor's Studio" with Paul as James Lipton and a roundtable of funny people that can include anyone from Penn Jillette, Eddie Izzard, Bo Burnham, an... [Read More]