Paul Provenza talks about his eye patch, "The Green Room," "Satiristas" and mediocre comedy | AmericasComedy.Com caught up with Provenza while he was in Montreal for the “Just for Laughs Festival,” where he was hosting Second City’s 50th Anniversary bash and giving book readings and signings. [Read More]
Going Inside The Comedy Mind With Inside Joke | The Comedy Nerds
Is there a big comedian of which you are a fan? If so, then Carl Arnheiter has probably talked to them on his fantastic show Inside Joke. Carl specializes in smart, fun, insightful talks with the bi... [Read More]
Pauly Shore Says His Mom Wants to be His Girlfriend | Heeb Magazine interview
"Well, I’m Jewish and the son of Mitzie Shore, obviously a powerful woman in the comedy scene. so at both levels she controls me, which means I’m kind of perpetually single." [Read More]
Inside With: Will Luera, Artistic Director of ImprovBoston
The Del Close Marathon not only showcases the best improv New York City has to offer, but also the best from the rest of the country. ImprovBoston will be represented by three tea... [Read More]
Carolines breakout artist: Joe Larson
Chosen College Comedian of the Year at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, Joe was also nominated as best up-and-coming comedian at NYC’s MAC awards and was part of this years prestigious Johnny Carson Great American Comedy Festival. Joe has also been featured on screen many times including Comedy Central, Loco Comedy Jam and in the film “Stand-Up 360.” [Read More]
The BC Q&A: Myq Kaplan
Former Boston comic Myq Kaplan will appear again tonight on NBC's Last Comic Standing, one of seven finalists. Kaplan is a smart writer, and he generally writes short material, giving him an edge in ... [Read More]
Inside with - Positively Awesome's Abbi Crutchfield and Andrew Singer
Leave it to Abbi Crutchfield and Andrew Singer to come up with "Positively Awesome," quite possibly the most host-friendly comedy showcase in the five boroughs, or at the very least, in the Lower East Side. Their showcase has quickly gained traction among the city's Funny Illuminati, if only because the co-hosts share less than one degree of separation with nearly every living, breathing comic in the tri-state area. The next installment of Positively Awesome is next Tuesday, and to beat the drum... [Read More]
Interview: Comedian Sam Morril
Earlier this year, Comix comedy club in New York City held its 4th annual March Comedy Madness, wherein 64 comedians competed in a NCAA basketball-style competition. There would be one comedian chosen... [Read More]
Steve Byrne not confused about his comic identity | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Former Pittsburgher and comedian Steve Byrne debuts his Comedy Central special Sunday. "The Byrne Identity," which airs at 10 p.m., isn't just a pun on his surname. The Irish-Korean Byrne uses the comedy stage to examine the concept of ethnicity and personal identity. He says Sunday's show is a more structured and in-depth approach than his previous Comedy Central special, "Happy Hour," where he poked fun at Asian stereotypes. [Read More]
The BostonComedy Q&A - Marc Maron
What the Fuck? That’s the name of Marc Maron’s podcast. If you know Maron’s comedy, you know how perfectly that fits him. It captures his penchant for questioning things. For bluntness. [Read More]