"Chappelle's Show" writer Neal Brennan on Dave Chappelle, writing for Seth Myers' White House Correspondents Dinner set
"My experience was he wasn’t victimized and that it was a matter of pressure and needing to eject from the pressure. And the fact that somehow I wasn’t a good friend is, you know, garbage." [Read More]
Comedian John Roberts Talks New Podcast, 'Bob's Burgers' And Tracy Morgan Controversy (video)
John Roberts, who currently voices Linda Belcher on "Bob's Burgers," has found a new outlet for his comedy: podcasting. He and some special guests will perform and record "John Roberts' Podcast Theater" at Caroline's this Thursday, and we had a chance to catch up with the busy comic. [Read More]
Interview: Bryan Callen – comedian, actor, zombie killer
If you’re like me, you first caught glances of comedian Bryan Callen during his years on MadTV. But over the last few years, the man has established himself as an in-demand, nationally headlining comedian and recognizable flick actor– thanks, in no small way, to his appearances in both Hangover movies. Punchline Magazine recently got to chat with the Los Angeles-based comic about his good times in Bangkok, his upcoming MTV show, the proper way to shave your nutsack and much more. [Read More]
Talking to Rob Huebel about Childrens Hospital, Filming in Brazil, and Scott Aukerman’s Heroin Addiction
Rob Huebel is in high demand in the comedy world these days, splitting his time between a wide range of acting roles in film and TV, most notably on the Adult Swim series Childrens Hospital. Huebel has also had scene-stealing turns in I Love You, Man, The Other Guys, and The Office, and he keeps bus... [Read More]
Why SNL Is to Blame for Justin Timberlake Quitting Music
Want a new Justin Timberlake album? Too bad! He's done with music for the time being, instead focusing on acting and stuff. What gave him the acting bug, pray tell? Here's what he told Playboy.. [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Talks to Terry Gross About Performing on Broadway
Stephen Colbert was on yesterday's Fresh Air with Terry Gross and discussed how he ended up working in this year's celebrity-filled New York Philharmonic production of the world-famous musical Company. It's a really interesting story. ... [Read More]
Q&A: Jaleel White on His 31-Year Career | Vanity Fair
Jaleel White will never understand your pity. White, who has branched out into a plethora of projects over the last 13 years since Family Matters ended, still gets a tad touchy when the subject of Über-nerd Steve Urkel comes up. Not because he’s trying to disassociate himself from the character that made him a star (although he did once plead, “Put a bullet in my head” if ever caught playing the role again), but more because he doesn’t quite understand why some people think it was such a bad gig... [Read More]
Jon Benjamin Has an Interview
A van. That's all it takes. I moved to the Jersey shore, hoarded mountains of moldy board games, got pregnant at 16 and still no show. But suddenly, Jon Benjamin Has a Van, and he's Comedy Central's next big thing. The fancy van owner,... [Read More]
Jon Benjamin Has a Van and a Bunch of Other Shows, Too | SplitSider interview
..tonight with Comedy Central’s Jon Benjamin Has a Van, a co-venture with FunnyorDie, Benjamin plays a fictionalized version of himself leading an investigative team on a news magazine-type show. Oh, there are sketches also. SplitSider recently spoke to Benjamin about carousels, his new show, and something called SemenX. [Read More]
Jon Benjamin on deceiving Comedy Central, and why he hates working | The A.V. Club interview
A year ago, Comedy Central announced that H. Jon Benjamin—of Home Movies and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist—would be getting his own sketch show, and fans were psyched. Jon Benjamin Has A Van premières June 14. It’s loosely based on news-magazine programs, finding Benjamin reporting on ridiculous fabricated events in an earnest deadpan, or shooting silly gonzo-style pieces like “Cash Stall” and “You Can’t Shoot Here.” Then, once each episode gets started, the conceit breaks down, and Benjamin’... [Read More]