Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show's reaction to Osama being killed and what he thinks Donald Trump's life is really like
Wyatt Cenac might be one of the newest members of “The Best Fucking News Team Ever” on The Daily Show, but he has quickly become one of the show’s most reliable correspondents, creating a persona that’s nerdy, arrogant, and defensive all at once. In his dual position as writer and correspondent, he’s also been able to create silly characters such as a Muppet-ized version of former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele that’s too busy rhyming and establishing street cred to talk a... [Read More]
Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, and David Wain: The longtime collaborators and State-mates remember their Wet Hot American Summer
Like most cult comedies, Wet Hot American Summer didn’t make the most auspicious bow in its brief theatrical run—the frequently absurd, occasionally raunchy portrayal of one eventful day at a 1980s summer camp was in the paltry $30,000 range at the box office in 2001. But a number of funny things happened in the years following its release. For one, its cast members—many of whom came up in the New York comedy scene in the mid-’90s and were parts of venerable troupes The State and Upright Citizen... [Read More]
Nick Cannon to Punchline Magazine: “I forgive Eminem”
Nick Cannon returns to his roots tomorrow night, as his first-ever stand-up comedy special, Mr. Showbiz, premieres on Showtime at 9 pm EST. Most people today know the 30-year-old star from his work on Nickelodeon, in movies and on the radio– an... [Read More]
Jim Norton: I'm dangerous to other comedians | CNN (video)
When CNN met up with Jim Norton in Chicago he was a little under the weather, battling a bit of a cold. However, that didn't stop the in-your-face comedian from doing what he does best: Being brutally honest. And spreading germs [Read More]
The Showrunner Transcript: Community’s Dan Harmon on Finale Cameos and Season-Long Lessons | Vulture
Community's creator Dan Harmon spoke with Vulture about last night's finale, Cougar Town cameos and all, as well as Pierce's season-long story arc, his showrunner philosophy, and Cheers. [Read More]
Interview: Bridesmaids Director Paul Feig | CinemaBlend
Feig discusses the perception of women in the typical romantic comedy, the evolution of the script through production, finding the right male members of the cast, and landing some incredibly funny women for roles without lines. [Read More]
In-Depth Conversation & Big Smiles with Nick Thune | Serial Optimist
You know Nick Thune right? He’s that guy with over 3 million Funny or Die views of his viral video “masturbation”, he’s the guy that made Jay Leno’s short stint on prime time worth recording then fast forwarding to only the sketches he was in, he’s the guy who popped up in movies like “Knocked Up”, “Extract”, and killed on pretty much every late night talk show, he’s the good looking comedian who “scores” his comedy with his guitar, not singing, (well, sometimes singing) but telling stories, in ... [Read More]
Will Ferrell on being a happy drunk, speaking Spanish, and the loneliness of the field-goal kicker
Midway through his recent four-episode stint on The Office, Ferrell talked to The A.V. Club about being a happy drunk, speaking Spanish, and the loneliness of the field-goal kicker. [Read More]
Louis C.K. talks with Playboy about growing up in Mexico, Sarah Palin, doing drugs
Louis C.K., as he appears in the new issue of Playboy Though the new issue of Playboy won’t officially hit stands until tomorrow, we’re thrilled to give you a peek inside comedian Louis C.K.’s 20-Question feature.. [Read More]
Interview with Doug Stanhope: ‘If I could, I’d quit comedy’
Punchline Magazine got to chat with Stanhope recently about his new project and thankfully I got to delve deeper into his mind. We talked about his mother, who he says offed herself after years of debilitating disease; we chatted about the concept of love and romance and why, despite him being such a celebrated figure in stand-up comedy, he’d be thrilled to never stand onstage again. [Read More]