Q&A With The Daily Show's Elliot Kalean | 92Y Culture Klatsch
Elliot Kalan, who writes for The Daily Show, talks about clearing his mind, "The closest thing to disconnecting is when I’ll suddenly stop paying attention to a conversation… and think about cowboys or dinosaurs." [Read More]
Interview: Sandra Bernhard loves being her–and we would, too
Comedian, singer, writer, mom and all-around kick-ass broad Sandra Bernhard took some time out of her insanely busy schedule to talk to us about her newest album, I Love Being Me, Don’t You? (out June 7), fictional girl fights and Roseanne Barr. [Read More]
Morgan Murphy Talks Twitter on The Download
On the latest episode of The Download, Jordan and Molls talk to @Donni and Morgan Murphy about being funny on Twitter, which is not that much different from being funny in a comedy club.. [Read More]
AST Interviews Mike Royce
Mike Royce is a former stand-up comic turned writer and producer whose credits include "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Lucky Louie." His latest project is TNT's genre-busting comedy-drama hybrid, "Men of a Certain Age." The second half of the show's second season (the 12 episodes were split into two six-episode runs) begins tonight, June 1 at 10:00 pm. I recently spoke with Mike just days removed from his return from New York City, where he and MOACA's three leads, Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and ... [Read More]
David Dobkin ("The Change-Up", "Wedding Crashers") Interview
in 2005, director David Dobkin was behind the biggest R-rated comedy of all-time with Wedding Crashers. After taking a detour with the PG Fred Claus, Dobkin has returned to R-rated comedy with his new film The Change-Up. The film stars Jason Batetman and Ryan Reynolds as two old friends who piss in a fountain and end up switching bodies. Freaky Friday this is not. Collider spoke with Dobkin on the set of the film and talked about his return to R-rated comedy, borrowing the visual language of ... [Read More]
Q&A: Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman on the hard R for The Change-Up | HitFix
"The R rating is the reason that I'm here. [We] do all the things you wish you could have seen in those other movies. Also seeing these two guys, in their own way, take advantage of the situation. It's a hall pass. You get a day pass here, and what would you do with it?" [Read More]
Interview: Meet comedian Roger Hailes
Roger Hailes, has long been popular within New York City’s comedy scene. He’s beginning to catch the general public’s attention too with his positive energy, unapologetic delivery and boyish good looks. I met with him to discuss his writing experience and what led him to a job at Fuse TV. For those aspiring writers out there, I also asked him to give a few tips on how to get work in television. [Read More]
Pat Dixon on walking the line | Matt Ruby's Sandpaper Suit
"If you have two emotions at the same time, pain and anger. In fact, those two are kind of inseparable. Relate to the pain and it will improve your comedy. Not the anger. Because if you're relating to the anger, it's harder for people. It's a bolder thing. Even if you are talking about the anger, the pain has to be there. That's where the vulnerability comes in. And that's what I've never been good at onstage. To be like "This hurts. This is me. This is what's wrong with me. This is what I did.... [Read More]
Nick DiPaolo on political correctness, Louie, "Raw Nerve" and more | LAist interview
"I laugh when I hear minorities, women, or gay [comics] complaining about political correctness because it's not stifling their speech. It's stifling white heterosexual Christian males for the most part. Really, is a black comic going to get in trouble for making fun of white people or a gay woman comic going to get in trouble for making fun of me?" [Read More]
Kristen Wiig vs. Jason Sudeikis: on their comedy roots, crazy tabloid rumors & the future | Newsweek
Newsweek's interview with Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig not only touches on Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses and Sudeikis' upcoming duties at the MTV Movie Awards, it also serves as a reminder of the greatest rumor of 2008: Kristen Wiig sleeping with Joe the Plumber. "So random!," Wiig says. [Read More]