Jamie Kilstein: Almost always fearless | Third Beat interview
Jamie hereby presents the VIA Rail border-crossing story, along with tales of selling books, being booked, and educating himself beyond the books, and a surprising experience he once shied away from. [Read More]
Bill Cosby talks about the 'stuff' that makes up his funny stories
"It's life," Bill Cosby said of his act. "I'm not going to demonstrate how to have sex. I think people already know how to do that. Nor am I going to sit there and tell them how to have a better war or have a better country ... I walk out. I sit down. I tell stories." [Read More]
All Smiles with Paul Rust | Serial Optimist interview
Rust is an actor, writer, and comedian who you might recognize from starring in the movie “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, his role in “Inglourious Basterds”, and multiple Funny or Die videos. He is a regular at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles where he has been performing sketch and improv, and writing and directing shows since 2005. Last year he was hand picked by Judd Apatow to co-write the new “Pee-wee” movie with Paul Reubens, which Apatow is producing. [Read More]
SanDiego.com Interview With Orny Adams
Adams sat down for a chat with SanDiego.com to discuss his origins as a comedian and his new TV show Teen Wolf. [Read More]
Jenna Fischer talked about how she got involved with Hall Pass, the importance of chemistry in comedy, and how much she enjoyed working with this cast. She also talked about her upcoming unusual romantic comedy The Giant Mechanical Man, written and directed by her husband Lee Kirk, and what fans of The Office can expect once Steve Carell leaves the show. [Read More]
Bruce Vilanch | The A.V. Club interview
Frequent appearances on the Whoopi Goldberg-led Hollywood Squares aside, Bruce Vilanch has spent most of his nearly four decades in show business in the writers’ room. The chubby, fuzzy, T-shirt-wearing Vilanch started out writing for ’70s variety shows ranging from The Bette Midler Show to Donny And Marie to the infamously bad Brady Bunch Variety Hour and The Star Wars Holiday Special, but he made his name writing for award shows, the most famous being the Academy Awards. This year marks his 22... [Read More]
"Mr. Funny Pants": Michael Showalter explains comedy memoirs | Salon
"The State" writer is the latest stand-up to tell all. He talks to Salon.com about Hollywood, hipsters and Judy Blume [Read More]
Adam Reed ('Archer', 'Sealab 2021', 'Frisky Dingo') interview | The A.V. Club
Adam Reed has been creating animated shows with a distinctive sense of humor for more than a decade. In 2000, he and co-creator Matt Thompson went underwater with Sealab 2021, a takeoff on the short-lived ’70s show Sealab 2020. The series aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block for five years, developing a cult following that would follow Reed to his next Adult Swim venture: Frisky Dingo. Now Reed has taken his comic sensibility to FX and aimed it at the spy genre with the animated comedy Ar... [Read More]
Jay Leno talks David Letterman, Howard Stern, and when he'll retire [AUDIO] | Minneapolis / St. Paul News
"I've never had a reputation for taking other peoples material. But that's Howard's thing, if he can get any traction with it--good luck. Let me know if any other comics agree with him, and then we'll deal with it. But Howard is Howard, that's what he does, the idea is you try to pick a fight with somebody and then they fight with you back in the media. And I don't do that, I just ignore him, and it's fine, he can do whatever he wants." [Read More]
The Poehlers: WSJ Interview with Amy Poehler's Parents
It's widely assumed that most comedy comes from pain, unhappiness and conflict. How then does one explain Amy Poehler? "They were incredibly supportive," the actress says of her parents. "But you weren't allowed to take yourself very seriously." The elder Poehlers—Eileen, a retired teacher, and Bill, a retired teacher-turned-financial-planner—still live in the same house in Burlington, Massachusetts, that Amy and her younger brother, Greg, grew up in.. [Read More]