Talking with James Adomian About His New Album, 'Comedy Bang! Bang!,' and the State of Gays in Comedy
James Adomian is probably best known for his appearances on the podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, where he appears regularly as demented, hilarious versions of celebrities like Jesse Ventura and Huell Howser, but he’s also a talented stand-up comedian, constantly performing all over the country. SplitSider talked to him about the new album, the obstacles faced by modern gay comedians, and his run-in with the real Huell Howser: [Read More]
Robert Kelly: A Long Time Coming (interview)
FX recently green-lit a pilot called Bronx Warrants; a dark comedy based on the true exploits of a New York City police unit which lands Kelly in a leading role. After two decades in a business that can be cruel and disappointing, the cynical and often-jaded comic is always hesitant to count his chickens before they hatch. However, this time, he’s arrived for battle well armed.. [Read More]
Comedy best served raw: Neil Hamburger interview
Currently on tour with sexy-voiced veteran Todd Barry [Louie, The Wrestler] and up-and-comer Brendon Walsh, Xpress caught up with Hamburger to ask him about his return to Asheville and to get the story behind his latest comedy album, “Live at Third Man,” recorded by none other than Jack White. [Read More]
Q&A: Jimmy Kimmel On Hosting Emmys, late night wars, more
Jimmy Kimmel On the Emmys, the late-night wars, the competition, and a certain business venture he’s got an eye on. [Read More]
Lil’ Rey dishes on the “In Living Color” re-boot and it’s not looking good (video)
Lil' Rel from the upcoming 'In Living Color' Reboot gives an update on the FOX and In Living Color reboot aired situation. This came about after the president from Fox Broadcasting Company Kevin Reilly stated in an interview with USA Today that the show "Won't see the light of day" along with Seth Macfarlane's 'The Flintstones' series. [Read More]
Carlos Mencia transitions to new style of comedy
Two years and 70 pounds ago, Carlos Mencia would have gone on stage after the Colorado theater massacre and attacked his audience with blunt-force comedy about an unthinkable tragedy that left a dozen dead and 58 people wounded. [Read More]
Marc Maron’s Gospel of Comedic Revelation
“It requires real emotional risk to be truly revealing and to process that in a funny way in front of other human beings. A lot of people can’t even process it with themselves,” Maron explains. “There’s never been that many comics that have ever done it in a genuine way. The risk of failing, the risk of not being funny precludes or overshadows most people’s ability to take other risks deeper than that.” [Read More]
Everything you need to know about W. Kamau Bell, in his own words; those of his “Totally Biased” writers
The first of six episodes of FX's newest talk show, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, premieres tonight. Some of the promotional clips have executive producer Chris Rock and others asking, "Who is W. Kamau Bell?" [Read More]
Laughing at Transgender Comedy | Rae Drew interview
Rae Drew, a standup transgender comic in Philly who started an online campaign – 7000 People Project – in part, to help finance transgender surgery and to shed a little lights on Drew’s own artistic express and search of self. The insightful twentysomething talks to us about why transgender comedy can be taboo, but why we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. [Read More]
Jason Sudeikis might bolt 'Saturday Night Live'
Just weeks before the national political conventions get underway, a crucial figure has yet to commit to the presidential race. Jason Sudeikis, who plays "Saturday Night Live's" Mitt Romney as a cheerfully button-down, out-of-touch, Ward Cleaver-like figure, said he has not yet decided whether to return to the sketch show when it resumes this fall. [Read More]