Will Forte on MacGruber, SNL weirdness & being a sex symbol | The A.V. Club
The A.V. Club recently spoke to Forte about the challenges of bringing MacGruber to the screen, as well as his SNL experience, including the stories behind some of the weirder sketches he’s brought to SNL (and those that haven’t made it yet), and how his reputation as the show’s resident male sex symbol affects the rest of the cast. [Read More]
Satiristas Uncut, Part 2 - The Love (Paul Provenza & Dan Dion interview) | Third Beat
Satiristas, a collection of interviews with comedians by Paul Provenza and photography by Dan Dion, is the type of book that people visiting comedy blogs (that’s you) would want to take note of. [Read More]
Conan O’Brien - 'I don’t know if I’ll get to do this again’ | Kansas City Star
"The biggest question will be: beard or no beard? When people ask what the TBS show will be like, I tell them I’ve gotta get there. We took some time out to research and find where we’re going to do it, but then I’ve gotta get into that space, get our people together, let it congeal. The biggest thing is, I’m always trying to do new things." [Read More]
Dan Cummins Interview | Rooftop Comedy
Dan Cummins is shooting like a rocket; he has been in the comedy game for only ten years, and in that time, he has been on Live at Gotham and had his own Comedy Central Presents. [Read More]
Mike’s World - Inside the Button-Down Mind of Mike Myers | NY Times
Mike Myers talks about his Canadian upbringing, Richard M. Nixon, Del Close, “Bull Durham,” the design of kaleidoscopes, Mies van der Rohe and oh, yes, “Shrek.” These are excerpts from that conversation. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman is working on her glutes | PopMatters interview
Silverman talks with PopMatters 20 Questions about her affinity for Bugs Bunny, an affection for Mr. Rogers, and how, with the help of a time machine, she might have helped steer Hitler from his destructive course. [Read More]
Kristen Schaal interview | The Days of Yore
Kristen Schaal to learn how she did it. Hers is a tale of work and life, how life begets work and how work sometimes trumps life. [Read More]
Reggie Watts - Master of the absurd | Punchline Magazine interview
Nobody’s quite sure what to make of Reggie Watts— not even Reggie Watts. This happens when you’ve never done the same show twice. Watts, the New York-via-Seattle absurdist-via-music, is is doing what hardly anybody dares in the world of stand-up comedy — making it all up as he goes. [Read More]
Andy Kaufman lives on in Tony Clifton | la times
Tony Clifton lumbered into the vacant Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon, decked in his usual powder blue tuxedo shirt and sunglasses with a glass of Jack Daniels in one hand and a brunette lovely on each arm, spewing racist jokes and lewd asides. It was clear that pointed questions would get an interviewer absolutely nowhere. [Read More]
Ask Dr. Steve Brule - The audio answers | The A.V. Club
Adult Swim gave him his own show, Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule, which premieres May 16. In honor of the occasion, Dr. Brule has agreed to answer your questions--audibly. [Read More]