Meet Me In New York - James Smith
James Smith is one of my favorite people to talk comedy shop with, because he does not hold back his opinions about anybody. Why not get to know a little bit more about him. Before he was a comedian, Smith was a lawyer in Australia. Since moving here, he has appeared on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, performed at Montreal's Just For Laughs, and even done a gig on the Mayercraft. [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview - Lil Rel | Comedy Central Insider
Putting "lil" in front of anything can have two meanings: simply adorable (for example, lil kittens, lil baby, lil baby kittens) or you are a rapper (Lil Wayne, Lil John, Lil Kim). Lil Rel i... [Read More]
"Children's Hospital - Rob Corddry" interview on CollegeHumor
Rob Corddry debuted on The Daily Show in 2002 and quickly became one of the show's most popular correspondents. Corddry has appeared in dozens of features films, notably Old School, Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, and, most recently, Hot Tub Time Machine. Rob is the creator, writer, and star of Children's Hospital, now airing on Adult Swim. [Read More]
Comedian Mo Mandel: Weird Hippy Jew | BEHIND THE MIC
It’s not like Mo Mandel was raised by wolves. His parents were hippies who brought up a young “Mohan” in the woods of Northern California. So what if he was bar mitzvahed to the beats of a native American drum lord. Mo’s colorful “weird-Jewish” upbringing is just one notch on the “Chelsea Lately” comedian’s well-worn belt. [Read More]
Dan Finnerty Interview | Rooftop Comedy
Dan Finnerty is the founder and lead singer of The Dan Band. Once a Los Angeles staple, The Dan Band now tours America, and has just released a CD, The Dan Band Live. Between stops on his current tour, Nathan Timmel was able to chat with the exceedingly affable Dan about singing, swearing, and marrying up. [Read More]
Carolines breakout artist: James Smith
James has appeared on the HBO series Flight of the Conchords, and Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. He has performed at the Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival numerous times. A former banking and finance lawyer, James became one of Australia’s best stand up comedians. The winner of Australian Star Quest, and the Australian Public Speaking Championship, he was selected to compete in the World Debating Championships at Princeton University. After st... [Read More]
Exclusive video: Todd Barry airport interview
MONTREAL — Our coverage of the Just For Laughs comedy is almost done. But That didn’t stop me from shoving my camera in Todd Barry’s face at the airport here. He was kind enough to c... [Read More]
Michael Cera Playboy Interview
Michael Cera tells Playboy about losing his virginity on the roof of a Public Storage, on-set shenanigans with Judd Apatow and Jonah Hill, and why he likes women that take charge. [Read More]
Demetri Martin on leaving law school, his thoughts on Wes Anderson, and his dynamic comedic approach.
In a weird way, it seems like time is really kind to the person who makes a lot of things, because as time goes on, the best things seem to float to the top and those are the ones that people notice. What I extract from that is, to just make as much stuff as possible and don’t be self conscious about the quality of it. As long as you’re learning along the way, and you don’t stop making stuff, it seems like you have more chances of making the good stuff that kind of floats to the top … It seems l... [Read More]
Exclusive video: Doug Stanhope’s Montreal car wash party, Canadian tour and the problem with comedy classes
MONTREAL — Earlier today, Doug Stanhope popped into the Hyatt’s lounge here, ground central for the Just For Laughs comedy festival. It’s noteworthy because Stanhope isn’t one ... [Read More]