Jim Florentine: The Crossroads of Metal Music and Cringe Comedy
After watching Sam Kinison and Andrew “Dice” Clay, once-aspiring musician Jim Florentine realized that comedians can be rock stars, too.His uncanny talent for wrestling humor out of uncomfortable situations led to a career in stand-up, followed by a ... [Read More]
Scott Aukerman Talks Taking Comedy Bang! Bang! on Tour
While most fans know Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! from his loopily inspired weekly podcast or aggressively absurd IFC faux-talk show, the franchise formerly known as Comedy Death Ray actually got its start as a showcase at M Bar back in 2002 (it now sells out in minutes each month at UCB). So it makes sense Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! would return to its roots with a 12-date tour across the country. We spoke to the West Coast native about his plans for touring, what to expect when Co... [Read More]
Judah Friedlander on the final season of '30 Rock' and possibly going into politics
He spoke with me about how the World Champion was born, the Champ’s (possible) foray into politics, the final season of “30 Rock” and his experience on “American Splendor.” [Read More]
Q&A with Greg Proops: On the Best S.F. Haunts and Fuckin' Kindles
Talking to Greg Proops is always a relaxed and unpretentious experience. Because he is a well-rounded, well-spoken man of many interests, the conversation is apt to go in unpredictable directions. This time around, it wound up focusing on men's apparel and American crime fiction. [Read More]
Doug Stanhope special premiers on Showtime tonight, kicks off tour in Chattanooga next week
Fans who see Doug Stanhope at Lindsay Street Hall on Tuesday will be getting a rested comic. His stop here will be the first on his latest tour and comes after a self-imposed hiatus, something he does on a regular basis to cleanse himself mentally and physically. [Read More]
Adam Ray’s Inspired Comedy Etiquette Video (interview)
With the recent wave of very public incidents involving audience members getting out of hand at comedy shows – from Daniel Tosh’s vocal heckler to Tammy Pescatelli & Eddie Griffin’s assaults – comedian Adam Ray realized there was an e... [Read More]
Talking comedy with Paul F. Tompkins (video)
Paul F. Tompkins is a sharp dressed man, and we didn’t waste time letting him know this when we sat down with him at Just For Laughs. While he shed some insight on his festival experience, the comedian really opened up when the topic turned to comedy podcasting, offering his take on the medium’s future and offering advice for others. [Read More]
Q. and A. - Chris Rock Is Itching for Dirty Work | NY Times
IN a sumptuous beach-side house here in this coastal community north of Boston, surrounded by sand, grass, ocean and all the DVDs one could ask for, Chris Rock was feeling cooped up. “I haven’t done any dirty work in a while,” he said through the Nike-swoosh of a smirk on his face. “I’m ready to curse. I’m ready to really, really be a bad boy. I’m ready to actually be Chris Rock.” [Read More]
Bunk! An interview with Kurt Braunohler
During the Just For Laughs festival, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kurt Braunohler to discuss his TV show BUNK, shed some light on upcoming projects with his writing partner Kristen Schaal, and broke down the differences between American and UK comedy audiences. And if that wasn’t en... [Read More]
An interview with My Damn Channel creator, Rob Barnett
During the madness of Just For Laughs we got the chance to sit down with the founder of My Damn Channel, Rob Barnett. Barnett and My Damn Channel are about to celebrate its 5th year in business. We sat down to talk with Barnett to get advice on the changing state of the industry and [...] ... [Read More]