Amy Schumer tells Punchline Magazine why she posed nude for Cosmo
In the March issue of Cosmopolitan, we’ll even get to check out Schumer’s writing prowess, and as it turns out, a lot more. Schumer penned an article for the popular mag, and posed nude for the piece. Punchline Magazine’s Emma Kat Richardson recently chatted to Schumer about her upcoming year. Here is an excerpt, wherein the rising comedian explains why she decided drop all her layers for Cosmo.. [Read More]
Fred Armisen Discusses Mocking Portland with Love with Portlandia
ortland is a strange city. There's no doubt about that. Its landscape is rich with unique characters and outlandish spectacle, all of which longtime Saturday Night Live mainstay Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney front woman Carrie Brownstein have brought to their collaborative sketch comedy show Portlandia, which is set to debut Friday, January 21 on IFC at 10:30 PM ET/PT. An instant classic, this first six episode run is not to be missed. We recently caught up with Fred Armisen to chat with him a... [Read More]
Amy Poehler on life in NY, Parks & Rec, SNL and Smart Girls at the Party | LA Times Magazine
"Everybody’s macro ideas of how they feel about taxes and gay marriage and whatever fade when you are actually doing the day-to-day work. Both conservatives and liberals watch Parks and Recreation, and they each think the show is for them, which is really cool. SNL was totally different. It was exciting because everyone was paying attention. Political humor works when people know what you’re talking about." [Read More]
Hannibal Buress on the trash on our streets, feeling funny and writing for TV | The FADER
Rolling Stone just called Hannibal Buress one of the “10 Funniest People Videos and Things of the Coming Year.” With a straight face and ease he’s a lot funnier than us, but we’ll keep trying to tell his joke about apple juice no matter how many times we bomb. Buress’ comedy record My Name is Hannibal is out now. We talked to him about the trash on our streets, feeling funny and writing for TV. [Read More]
James L. Brooks to be honored by SF Sketchfest | SF Gate interview
Brooks got on the phone just before the new year to talk about the evolution of comedy, his favorite TV shows and that Twitter account. [Read More]
Colin Quinn to interview Pat Cooper on January 25 at 92nd Street Y
Colin Quinn will appear at the 92nd Street Y on Tuesday, January 25 at 8pm, where he will interview comedian Pat Cooper. Cooper, one of the country's most popular comics for nearly 50 years, recently published his memoir How Dare You Say How Dare Me!. [Read More]
Alex Koll trained for the Air Guitar championships and LIve at Gotham at the same time | RooftopComedy
"It was this weird, worlds-colliding thing. In the end, I meant to get a haircut in the one day between the two of them so I didn’t look like an air guitar beast for my television debut and I kind of failed. And now I kind look like some kind of strange Big Foot." [Read More]
"Tim Harmston: Two Tickets to Paradise"
"...The vice I would like to kick? Probably margaritas. Well, not the margaritas themselves, just the tequila within the margarita and the crushed vicodin I salt the rim with. It’s a little drink I call Two Tickets to Paradise...." (Click to read full story.) [Read More]
Cringe Humor Comics To Watch: Jessimae Peluso | CringeHumor
We decided to kick off the series with the lovely & talented Jessimae Peluso. Originally from Syracuse, NY, Jessimae has moved to New York City and is completely focused on her stand up comedy career. Jessi has been seen on The Tyra Banks Show, Last Comic Standing, TruTV,, & more. With her good looks and incredible charisma, Jessimae is destined for comedy greatness. [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Q&A: Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly is looking forward to a busy 2011. He’s touring and working on material for a new one-hour special. He’s amazed to have a book deal with Joe DeRosa and fellow former Boston comic Bill Burr that sprang from a film the trio self-produced called Shooting Angles. They are currently waiting to hear back from several festivals about screenings. Kelly first came to the attention of national audiences when his buddy, Arlington native Dane Cook, put him on the HBO stand-up series Tourgasm. H... [Read More]