T.J. Miller’s Gorburger Show goes to HBO
The Gorburger Show is coming to HBO. The premium cable channel ordered a pilot of Miller’s monster-hosted Funny Or Die anti-talk show. This is HBO’s second recent web series acquisition after greenlighting Vimeo’s High Maintenance for six episodes. Miller has grown at home at HBO o... [Read More]
Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi and Funny Or Die launch ‘Halal in the Family.’ Watch all four episodes now.
Family sitcoms of the 80′s followed a tried and true formula: an out of touch but well-meaning dad, the peacemaker mom, cool but combative teenage kids and a corny but catchy theme song that tied it all together. While the recipe for a successful comedy has long since evolved, some modern day ... [Read More]
Keeping It 'Halal in the Family' with Aasif Mandvi and Miles Kahn
by Megh Wright Funny or Die premiered a brand new web series today called Halal in the Family, a retro sitcom parody co-created and written by Aasif Mandvi and Daily Show producer Miles Kahn that reimagines the typical multi-cam family show through the eyes of an all-American Muslim family and all t... [Read More]
Broken Lizard attend boot camp in anticipation for Super Troopers 2
Last week, Broken Lizard raised a lot of money to fund the long-awaited sequel to their cult comedy, Super Troopers. In order to get prepared, the troupe decided to get some real police training before taping the sequel, this way they don’t have to use stunt doubles and appear more believable ... [Read More]
Watch a Very Special 'Billy on the Street' with David Letterman
by Megh Wright Billy Eichner was a guest on Late Show last night, and he paid tribute to Letterman's long late night career in the best possible way — a brand new Billy on the Street segment on the streets of New York. Watch a clip from Eichner's interview with Letterman below, where he looks ... [Read More]
Billy on the Street with David Letterman
"What's David Letterman going to do next?" Who better to ask that question of random pedestrians passing by than Billy Eichner, host of Billy on the Street. So Eichner did just that, with Letterman by his side. You saw part of it last night on Late Show with David Letterman. See the rest of it now w... [Read More]
Funny or Die Is Changing the Comedy Game with Their New Venture 'Dips'
by Megh Wright Just in time for April Fools' Day, Funny or Die launched a brand new venture today called Dips, a cutting-edge 1.5 second looping video platform that they seem confident will completely change the online comedy content game. Check out the official launch video above, then head over to... [Read More]
Watch Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart audition for each other’s iconic TV/movie roles
To promote their new movie, Get Hard, stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart made fun of the fact that they hadn't worked together until now by revealing via Funny or Die video that's because they'd always been auditioning for the same parts. So now you can see what Hart would have looked like in Anchorm... [Read More]
Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Share Some of Their Failed Audition Tapes
by Megh Wright To promote their new film Get Hard, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell debuted a new video at SXSW over the weekend that's a collection of "failed audition tapes" of the guys trying out for some of each other's most iconic roles. Hopefully someday we'll get to see more footage from Ferrell's... [Read More]