Review: Triumph’s Summer Election Special on Hulu
A foul-mouthed puppet dog has persuaded me to finally sign up for Hulu. Hulu just announced this week it'd end its free streaming service (although you can find some of that programming via Yahoo! in a new deal), putting it more in line with Netflix with $7.99/month (ads) and $11.99/month (no ads) s... [Read More]
Remembering Matt Villines, half of comedy directing duo Matt & Oz
Matt Villines died in July after a two-year battle with kidney cancer. Villines was only 39, still approaching the heights of his career as a comedy director. As half of the directing duo, Matt & Oz, he was responsible for many of your favorite short films that have aired on Saturday Night ... [Read More]
Funny or Die Just Laid Off 37 People
Some sad news out of LA today: Funny or Die just laid off 30% of their staff, a total of 37 people, in a restructuring that new CEO Mike Farah says is part of a plan to “double-down and re-focus on making the kind of content that made us a household name in the first […] [Read More]
Funny or Die lays off 37, shutters Silicon Valley engineering office
Just a few days after throwing its annual bash in Montreal for the comedy industry gathered at Just For Laughs, Funny or Die announced today it'd lay off 37 jobs -- 30 percent of its workforce -- and close the office in San Mateo, Calif., where the comedy company's engineers worked. Here's the offic... [Read More]
Check Out the First Trailer for Funny or Die and go90’s ‘Tween Fest’
Streaming service go90 teamed up with Funny or Die to create their first big comedy series, Tween Fest, and its first trailer was just released. The series is about a dad creating what’s essentially a Coachella for teen social media stars and that somehow ending up not being a great idea. It s... [Read More]
Is a $160,000 Degree in “Comedic Arts” Worth It?
The average cost of tuition at a private college in 2015 was over $32,000 according to, but that number is even higher at Boston’s Emerson College, where tuition is over $42,000 per year — nearly $60,000 when room and board is included. Anyone who spends over $160,000 on ... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan, Hannibal Buress, John Mulaney, and More Are Headed to 2016’s Oddball Festival
The annual Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival returns next month, and today Funny or Die announced the tour dates and comedian lineup. The festival runs from Thursday, August 25th through Sunday, October 2nd and makes stops in Atlanta, Toronto, Portland, Denver, Austin, and more. Here are the s... [Read More]
Allow Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer to Interrogate You in 360°
It seems only right that Funny or Die would enlist the guys who host a live comedy show on a moving bus for their first-ever virtual reality short, Interrogation. Starring Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel as a a good cop/bad cop pair, the VR short (available for 3D Google Cardboard here) stars you, the al... [Read More]
Watch Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel interrogate you in VR 360-degree 3D
Funny or Die has launched into the 3D world of 360-degree Virtual Reality with this first sketch, in which Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel play funny cop/funny cop and you play the suspect in an interrogation room. Roll the clip! But get your 3D glasses first for full effect! [Read More]