Funny Or Die Is Responsible for Hoverboard Viral Video Hoax
by Bradford Evans Earlier this week, a company called HUVr posted a YouTube video announcing the first commercially-available hoverboards featuring Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, and Moby, but it turns out it's all a hoax and comedy website Funny Or Die is behind it. Mashable reports that the hoax wa... [Read More]
Funny Or Die, CeeLo Green, Goodie Mob team up to tackle interracial romance using puppets
The folks at Funny or Die have teamed up the closet freak himself CeeLo Green and Goodie Mob for a fun an informative program about interracial romance. It features puppets of course. Because we all know when it comes to such topics, the best way to tell the story is by using puppets.Funny Or Die, C... [Read More]
Dave Foley, Michaela Watkins, Martin Starr and More Read James Joyce's Dirty Love Letters
by Megh Wright James Joyce was a dirty, dirty man, and Funny Or Die has been capitalizing off that this week in the spirit of Valentine's Day by having Dave Foley, Michaela Watkins, Paget Brewster, Natalie Morales, and Martin Starr give dramatic readings of real love letters written by Joyce. Above... [Read More]
Jay Leno’s last night, after the Tonight Show, as imagined by Funny or Die
Tonight is Jay Leno's second final night as host of The Tonight Show on NBC. Instead of revisiting what happened the first time around, Funny or Die looks forward to what happens next. What would Leno do after wrapping production on tonight's Tonight Show? Where would he go? What would he do? Funny ... [Read More]
Watch Scott Gairdner Enact Jesse Eisenberg's 'Batman vs. Superman' Audition
by Megh Wright This isn't the first time Scott Gairdner has posed as Jesse Eisenberg for a fake audition tape, but it's certainly the most time-appropriate, as news of Eisenberg's casting as Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman just leaked a few days ago. Hopefully the producers of the real movie see ... [Read More]
Watch Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael Do 'The Confrontation' from 'Les Misérables'
by Bradford Evans Here's a new video that comedy duo Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael made for Funny Or Die in which they have a giant showdown while lip syncing "The Confrontation" from Les Misérables. Hopefully, they'll be doing the entire musical, piece by piece. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Funny Or Die Is Putting Together the Next Big Boy Band
by Bradford Evans Here's the first episode of Funny Or Die's new web series Boy Search, which just launched today. Boy Search is a reality show in which a panel of teenage girls (and adult male Armen Weitzman) audition real contestants to build the next great boy band. Things are going pretty swimm... [Read More]
IFC’s multi-generational miniseries parody, “The Spoils of Babylon”
Meeting today's TV Critics Association in Pasadena, the cast of IFC's new miniseries spoof, The Spoils of Babylon, seemed both apologetic and triumphant. Tragically triumphant? Tobey Maguire told the critics: "For those of you who will watch this, I'm sorry and you're welcome." Kristen Wiig added: "... [Read More]
Shez Cassim Released from UAE Prison After Serving 9 Months Over a Comedy Video
by Megh Wright This morning, CNN reported that Shezanne "Shez" Cassim, the American citizen who was jailed in the United Arab Emirates after making and posting an amateur comedy video online, has finally been released from prison and is heading home to the States. According to the report, Shez left ... [Read More]
Real Life Twitter
Comedy threesome The Grawlix, aka Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy and Andrew Orvedahl, and comedy bros The Nix Brothers, aka Evan and Adam Nix, just released a new video on Funny […]Author informationDavid DeanPublisher at Serial OptimistDavid is the publisher of Serial Optimist and writer of th... [Read More]