Mary Houlihan (@MaryHoulie) on Performance-Based Tweets and Sweet Trolling
Mary Houlihan is a standup comedian and painter located in Brooklyn. She co-hosts the live show Cartoon Monsoon running at The Annoyance Theatre every Friday at 8pm until the end of July, and the monthly stand-up and character show CUBE at Muchmore’s every third Monday of the month at 9pm. In ... [Read More]
Sarah Hagi (@geekylonglegs) on Twitter as a First Impression and Tweets That Go Viral
Sarah Hagi is a Toronto-based writer. She’s contributed to The Hairpin, the Guardian, The Toast, Buzzfeed, National Post, and more. This week Hagi shared some thoughts on three of her favorite tweets she’s written, and she talked to me about yearbook quotes, memes, and how it feels when ... [Read More]
Gabriella Paiella (@GMPaiella) on Acrostics and Tweeting’s Negative Impact on Her Writing
Gabriella Paiella is a New York-based writer. She works as a senior editor at Maxim, co-writes Lucky Peach’s monthly “Deranged Crafts” column, and has contributed to many other places, including The Hairpin, The Daily Beast, The Toast, and more. This week I asked Paiella to tell me... [Read More]
Tamara Yajia (@DancesWithTamis) on Crass Comedy and Sharing Her Twitter with Family
Tamara Yajia is a writer and performance artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who currently resides in Los Angeles. Yajia founded the production company Conga Line Productions alongside her friend Lauren Brown in order to create crass theatrical comedy, and she’ll be performing her one wo... [Read More]
@DjangoGold On Brevity And Seeking Validation On Twitter
Django Gold is a senior writer at The Onion and former journalist. He performs standup in Chicago and has contributed to Shouts & Murmurs, McSweeney’s, Splitsider’s humor vertical, and more. This week, I asked Gold to tell me a little about three of his favorite tweets, and we spoke ... [Read More]
@EmmaBarrie on Fitting a Feeling Into the Limited Space Twitter Gives You
Emma Barrie is a writer living in Los Angeles. She’s contributed to The Hairpin, The Rumpus, Death And Taxes, and more, and she’s made videos and cartoons that you can find on her website. This week I asked Barrie to tell me about three of her favorite tweets, and she and I spo... [Read More]
@MeganMaileGreen on Hummingbirds and if People Like Her Tweets for the Same Reasons She Does
by Jenny Nelson Megan Maile Green is a contributing writer for The Onion and ClickHole, and a cast member on The Wheel Show, a sketch comedy show at the NerdMelt in LA. She and her friends made a TV pilot called Cowards, which won "Best Comedy" at the 2014 New York Television Festival, and they'll s... [Read More]
Mitra Jouhari (@tweetrajouhari) on Making Connections Online and Writing Silly Tweets About Social Issues
by Jenny Nelson Mitra Jouhari is an improviser, writer, and actor living in Brooklyn. She performs improv, sketch, plays, and character stuff all around NYC at a bunch of different theaters/bars (most often at the Annoyance), and she encourages you to come watch! Her play Three Busy Debras, which sh... [Read More]
Talking to @JamesHartnett About Tweeting in Character and More
by Jenny Nelson James Hartnett is a comedian, writer and actor from Toronto. He's won a Canadian Comedy Award and worked on shows like Funny As Hell, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, This Is That, That's So Weird and Sunnyside. Hartnett is a member of the live comedy show Laugh Sabbath, and makes the podca... [Read More]
Drew Koshgarian (@MostlyPregnant) on Social Media and Jokes Being Thoughts
by Jenny Nelson Drew Koshgarian is a writer and baker living in Los Angeles. She supplies pastries at UCB Sunset's Inner Sanctum Cafe. You can find Koshgarian's work online at The Impolite, a collection of comic writing from LA comedians that she edited with Matt Ingebretson and Bridger Winegar, as ... [Read More]