Donald Trump to Host ‘SNL’ on November 7th
Donald Trump is heading to SNL next month, but it’s a lot more than just a cameo. According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC confirmed today that the presidential candidate is slated to host the November 7th episode. It will make his second hosting stint following his appearance in 2004. [Read More]
Katt Williams Not Impressed With Presidential Campaign, For Jokes
Election season for many comedians can be a moment to find countless new material. With his new Conspiracy Theory tour, you would think Katt Williams will be taking aim at the current presidential election but according to him the candidates haven’t provided much to joke about. In an intervie... [Read More]
Donald Trump, PFT Commenter, and Political Satire on the Internet
I’ve been saying it for years: every generation gets the Father Guido Sarducci it deserves. And when Stephen Colbert stepped down as America’s pre-eminent Fictional Character Who Comments On Current Events Through a Familiar and Recognizable Cultural Lens, Thereby Reflecting the Inherent... [Read More]
Donald Trump Is Being Very Coy About His Inevitable ‘SNL’ Appearance
Now that we know Taran Killam is playing Donald Trump on SNL this year, the next big question is the obvious: When will Donald Trump play Donald Trump on SNL this year? While speaking with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota recently, Trump was asked about whether or not he’s signed on to visit the sh... [Read More]
Donald and Stephen Play a Game of “Trump or Colbert”
Stephen Colbert had the distinct honor of interviewing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on last night’s Late Show, so he decided to challenge Trump with a little game called “Trump or Colbert.” As Stephen points out to Trump, “for years I played an over-the-top ... [Read More]
Taran Killam Will Play Donald Trump on ‘SNL’ This Season
SNL has found its Trump for season 41. According to Deadline, Taran Killam has landed the role of presidential candidate Donald Trump this year, carrying on the impersonation torch from previous Trump Darrell Hammond. Deadline reports that several cast members auditioned for the role; Hammond was no... [Read More]
Katt Williams Talks Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, And Comedy With THR
Katt Williams is about to hit the road for his newest tour, The Conspiracy Theory. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Katt hinted at a few things he may discuss while on tour. In the interview he touched on the Black Lives Matter movement, Donald Trump, and the current state of comedy. Ch... [Read More]
Donald Trump Is Headed to ‘The Tonight Show’ Next Week
The Donald is headed to The Tonight Show next week. Variety reports that Trump is set to appear on Fallon’s show next Friday, September 11th alongside Terrence Howard and musical guest Pharrell Williams. It should be an interesting week for Fallon considering it’ll also be Stephen Colber... [Read More]
Remembering Donald Trump’s Sex Comedy Debut in the Afterlife-Themed ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’
At the sub-Vaudevillian freak show that was the recent Republican debate, freak-in-the-lead Donald Trump was introduced as a “businessman.” That is technically accurate. As Trump has established to a nauseating degree over the past thirty years, his “art” is the art of the de... [Read More]
Donald Trump Says ‘The Daily Show’ Is “Begging” Him to Appear on Jon Stewart’s Farewell Episode
Last month, Page Six reported that a bunch of Jon Stewart’s conservative enemies — from Donald Trump to Sarah Palin to Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Jim Cramer — were asked to take part in a segment for Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show episode that would serve as “... [Read More]