The 12 most unforgettable sets from the Comedy Central Roasts
In light of the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, which debuted this Monday and it’s re-airing tonight, we decided to take a dive into the world of the Comedy Central Roasts. Since 1998 Comedy Central has aired an annual roast on its channel. The first five of the roast were held at the in... [Read More]
The best jokes from the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco
Well last night was the night we’ve been waiting for as Comedy Central set its sights on the one and only James Franco. The shows was a turning point for the network and it’s roasts for they managed to hook a whale. It wasn’t just the roast of another comedian, or a figure who embo... [Read More]
'Modern Family's Danny Zuker Explains How to Win a Twitter War
by Bradford Evans "It all comes down to picking the right opponent. Twitter wars are won and lost based on this most basic decision. There are two things to ask yourself: First, 'Can I beat this person?' Especially if this is your first war, you want to find someone you can outwit consistently in 14... [Read More]
Danny Zuker Thrashes Donald Trump on Twitter
Step aside Amanda Bynes, time for some quality humor and quality comebacks. Okay I mean one-sided quality comebacks. “Modern Family” writer Danny Zuker served a plate of Donald Trump’s own weird-hair-filled “Hypocrite du Fromage with a Lightweight Jus” to the business g... [Read More]
Just For Laughs Chicago 2013: Day 6 with Bill Maher bringing it all home
Bill Maher at the Chicago Theatre Just for Laughs didn’t end with a bang, but with a fiery Town Hall Meeting. The Chicago Theatre hosted what was essentially a two-hour long episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, only there were no guests, nor any panel, and not a new rule in sight. It was [...... [Read More]
Donald Trump sues Bill Maher for birther joke on Tonight Show with Jay Leno
In yet another move to further cement his position as the number one douchebag in the United States, Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher for something the comedian said on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno one month ago. Playing off Trump’s then-recent ann... [Read More]
Adam Carolla talks Trump, O’Reilly, DIY and his funniest fart joke ever
When Adam Carolla came calling last week, Donald Trump merely was embarrassing himself for attention with a $5 million challenge that was as unnecessary as it inevitably would remain unfulfilled. The Donald had yet to to reveal the depths to his rese... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert to Donald Trump, “I’ll give you $1 Million dollars if you let me dip my balls in your mouth” (video)
That’s the best headline you will read all day. We all know PT Barnum Donald Trump has become this blowhard-y caricature of himself as of late. These days, he’s less real estate mogul, turned mouthpiece for fringe Republicans and complete butt of joke for late night hosts. Yesterday when... [Read More]
Lisa Lampanelli Takes Heat for Spicy Comments
Lampanelli's recent comments focused on Dayana Mendoza, Lampanelli’s fellow reality show star on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice on NBC. Building on recent on-air kerfuffles, Lampanelli, billed as “Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean,” said during a recent radio interview, “I actually would love to see [Dayana] giving birth. She’s a spic! She’s going to do it fucking soon, anyway. She’ll be knocked up before the end of the week.” Dayana, a former Miss Universe from Venezuela, took a less fiery tone in ... [Read More]