The Persistence of Birther Humor
Donald Trump's recent embrace of the birther conspiracy has been a bonanza for political comedians. He even received a hearty thank you at the top of Conan's monologue last night. Though Trump is getting notoriety for bringing the controversy back into the spotlight after repeated and thorough debunkings last year, the birther issue never really went away. When not being discussed as a serious question for debate, it has persisted in the form of birther jokes. [Read More]
One-liners: Bill Cosby, Maz Jobrani, Russell Brand and more
Apparently Bill Cosby’s not a fan of Donald Trump’s hemming and hawing re: his potential presidential run. On Today, Cosby said Trump’s “full of it” and should “run or shut up.” [OK!] Danny McBride made an appearance on Conan to chat about his new mo... [Read More]
The Situation Runs Into Trouble at The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump
There were a lot of great jokes at last night's Roast of Donald Trump, but today, some of the most talked about bits are the ones that fell short of their intended targets. I'm referring of course to The Situation's set, which proved t... [Read More]
Whitney Cummings' Banned Trump Roast Joke (VIDEO)
HuffPo caught up with Cummings on the Trump roast red carpet and asked her what she really thought of the Donald as well as fellow-roaster and first-time comedian Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. But the juiciest tidbit she shared with us was the joke she wouldn't be telling that night -- a double-dig on Trump as well as Lisa Lampanelli that was a little too controversial for either Trump or the network's taste. Hear the banned joke in the video.. [Read More]
AFLAC fires Gilbert Gottfried over controversial Japan jokes
Over the weekend, Gilbert Gottfried tweeted several jokes centered around the devastation in Japan. This morning, the comedian found himself not only under fire for his seemingly insensitive tweets, but literally fired from his long-time gig as the v... [Read More]
Join Jeffrey Ross for a Pre-Roast Fireside Chat
Tomorrow night at 9:30/8:30c, before you tune-in to an all-new Tosh.0 and the premiere of The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, you can get your Roast juices flowing with a special Fireside Chat with Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross live on [Read More]
Whitney Cummings Is Already Roasting on Twitter
It used to be, you had to wait for the actual Roast to begin to start enjoying Roast jokes. But this is 2011, we live in the future, and these days, the Roasting starts on twitter a whole day before the actual event. And last night, Whitney Cummings ... [Read More]
Punchline Magazine to live tweet, blog Donald Trump roast tonight
The day is finally upon us. The folks at Comedy Central have dropped some video promos and have announced the official roasters for their Roast of Donald Trump, taping tonight in New York City. And we’ll be there! Roasters include Lisa Lampane... [Read More]
Lisa Lampanelli reveals her Donald Trump roast plan of attack
Two days ago, Comedy Central announced the list of folks who would be hurling insults toward Donald Trump during the taping of the network’s roast of the man, premiering March 15 at 10:30 pm EST. Whitney Cummings, Anthony Jeselnik, Lisa Lampane... [Read More]