Joel Hodgson Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Back ‘MST3K’
Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson wants to revamp his show for a new generation for the first time since its 1999 cancellation, and he’s turned to Kickstarter to make it happen. Hodgson launched “Bring Back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000” on Kickstarter today with a g... [Read More]
Daniel Tosh raises $25,000 for Andy Ritchie’s medical bills, doubles down betting it on football
Call him Tosh.50K? Daniel Tosh loves the Miami Dolphins, but he cares more about his friend and fellow comedian, betting against his favorite NFL team tonight to turn $25,000 in auction earnings into a $50,000 donation for Andy Ritchie's multiple brain surgeries. "That's Gambling 101. Never bet with... [Read More]
Help Nathan Barnatt Make an Action Movie Starring Self-Defense Expert Ray Amsley
Comedian Nathan Barnatt wants to make an epic action movie as Ray Amsley, but he needs your help. Called Rule Number One: Never Get Murdered Again, the short film will star Barnatt as his popular YouTube character and peg-legged self-defense pro Ray Amsley and Kung Fury’s David Sandberg as his... [Read More]
‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writer Wendy Molyneux Has Raised Over $16K to Watch the ‘Entourage’ Movie for Charity
The Entourage movie hits theaters next week, and there’s one woman out there who will be forced to watch the whole thing at least once for a good cause. On Tuesday, Bob’s Burgers writer Wendy Molyneux set up a GoFundMe drive with a goal of $10,000 to make her sit through the Entourage mo... [Read More]
Broken Lizard's 'Super Troopers 2' Indiegogo Campaign Just Reached Its $2M Goal
by Megh Wright Great news for Super Troopers fans: Super Troopers 2 is definitely happening. In just a little over one day, Broken Lizard's Indiegogo campaign to self-fund the sequel to their 2001 cult hit has already reached its $2 million goal with 30 days to spare, which guarantees that Super Tro... [Read More]
Broken Lizard TBS sitcom not happening, group goes for broke with “Super Troopers 2″ Indiegogo
No sooner had word surfaced that TBS was passing on Broken Lizard's Quality Time sitcom pilot, the quintet of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske had moved on to their even bigger passion project -- a sequel to their first big-screen breakthrough, Su... [Read More]
Help Broken Lizard Turn 'Super Troopers 2' Into a Reality
by Megh Wright Broken Lizard is turning to fans to get Super Troopers 2 on the big screen. The comedy group launched an Indiegogo campaign today to raise at least $2 million to self-fund the project by April 24th. "We finally have the chance to make Super Troopers 2," Jay Chandrasekhar said on the n... [Read More]
Help Fund the Official Patrice O'Neal Documentary 'Better Than You'
by Megh Wright There's a new documentary in the works about beloved standup Patrice O'Neal, and the producers behind the project have launched an Indiegogo campaign to turn it into a reality. Titled Better Than You, the documentary is an inside look at O'Neal's life and career and features interview... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman Protests the $500,000 Vagina Tax by Becoming a Man
by Megh Wright In an effort to put an end to the gender wage gap, Sarah Silverman recently teamed up with a great cause called the Equal Payback Project in the above video promo for their new crowdfunding push. Considering the project probably won't rake in its full $29,811,746,430,000 goal, Silverm... [Read More]
Help Jared Logan Get Hillary Clinton to Speak to His D&D Club
by Megh Wright Standup Jared Logan just launched a Kickstarter project for a great cause. Logan, who most recently appeared in his own Comedy Central Half Hour special as well as Splitsider's own A Night at Whiplash, unveiled his crowdfunding project today called "Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Adven... [Read More]